"Radiance Coupled with the Fire and You'll Soon Perish." Th
Wed Jun 5, 2019 08:04

"Radiance Coupled with the Fire and You'll Soon Perish."

That Tele receive just came in and so it is the title of today's post. The high background radiation that Hitachi-GE continues to pour into our environment combined with the fire of the war with Iran that is to deal the final death blow to the United States of America. Is it not something to think about, American workers can stop this train of death with a general strike to take the concession to issue our money away from the cunning genocidal Jews?

Fifteen years ago in 2004, the renowned and well known American scientist Dr. Eugene Mallove published his "Letter to the World," sharing with us that free energy is a real technology, a proven technology and all it needed was a piddling amount of money to develop it and bring it to the mass of the people.

And Eugene's reward for spending a lifetime bringing advanced technology in to help us all? Shot to death shortly after publishing his letter.

And here we are today still using coal, oil, gas and Jewish nuclear-generated electricity that is now quietly dying us off.

The damage to the oil tanker in the gulf that has been used as a pretext to send an American labor financed aircraft carrier to start the war in the Persian Gulf with Iran. The prearranged war with Russia to begin once the war with Iran gets underway.

The 133 bridges across the Mississippi River that can be brought down in a day with guided missiles. Will American workers not try to stop this long planned and lavishly financed war with Russia before it begins?

The guided missiles and misguided people that Martin spoke of. Will workers not seek the guidance of God and act on His wisdom and STOP THE WAR?

The Babylonian Jews who have fataled themselves out by getting caught rad handed attacking us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with enough nuclear rad blast, heat, and radiation force to kill us all. Will labor not authorize, organize and strike the genocidal ungodly Jews out?

"Come see me, baby," Father said to His shill Bitch years ago. And who has ever been in the presence of God other than Moses 3,500 years ago?

If God would welcome his pacifist shill Bitch to come to see him, might that invitation not nullify the rumors and gossip, the lies about Bitch that the Jews have so successfully falsed in?

The 8-hour flight to travel to our home world 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star. Will labor not stop the war and let Bitch travel to see our precious sweet Father in heaven?

"I’ve warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR! I gave you the peace, must you fail? I would have given you anything," Father said.

Father is dying. Beautiful Father is 2,200 years of age. Is this to be Father's last thoughts as he dies away, his mild children perishing on earth at the hand so the Jews?

"But Bitch did this, did that and did the other things," you say? Will we not pray to our good God to find the wits to perceive that is the lies of the Jews that have always fooled the mild people of the north to get us to fight and stay fighting against our family on earth?

Already whites genetics vastly washed out in this war of nuclear brimstone waste genocide. Bitch, no perfect boy, far from it. "Deeply imperfect," is how Sir Maximilian described him.

Bitch, a simple working man of the fourth level of wits. When he drank booze he was a sixth level wits guy. So how did he come up with such astounding words as, "Abstract receipts labor, Organizing Principle of Society?"

In those regime removing words gifted to Bitch by God’s angels might we try to feel the love of our good God for all of His simian children here on earth?

Bitch, who scoured the library shelves for anything about economics, law, mathematics or science for decades, never found any such words in any book he read.

Mercury who whispered in Bitch's ear that they gave those exact words to the court in London when they heard the Mixt money case in 1602-1604.

"Abstract receipts labor, Organizing Principle of Society?"

"You always get a good deal when you go with this boy." 4.32 am

The good deal precious sweet Father wills for all of His beautiful simian children on earth. The deal that does not include war. Will working people not give us our good deal, the one that fills all of God’s children’s pockets up with cash and affords us the opportunity to breathe clean air?

Might we want to consider that any industrial nation today can build velocity power systems whenever they decide to do it? Certainly. Power supplies deriving their energy from earth and universal motion are now perceived by those focused on technological truth.

So why are we not building them yet?

Might it because we are still living in the age of Berlin Jewish theft?

Once we have vast amounts of wealth will that not remove the need to steal anything?

It would seem that way so why did the Berlin Jews not let velocity power supplies come in when it was demonstrated to be real in 1926 by Salt Lake City's Dr. Henry Moray?

Might there be a hint of motive by the fact that with unlimited clean free energy available everywhere to everyone how would the Jews have ever built their nuclear power plants and dams to produce electricity?

China's Three Gorges Dam may displace another 100,000
18 April 2012

The vast reservoir stretches for 660km (360 miles)
Another 100,000 people may be moved from the area around China's massive Three Gorges Dam because of landslides and bank collapses, state media say.

They quote a government official as saying that the number of geological disasters had increased dramatically since the dam on the Yangtze River reached its maximum level in 2010.

About 1.4m people have already been relocated from the area.

The world's largest dam is said to have cost up to $40bn (£25bn) to build.

Hazardous sites
Some 100,000 people may be moved from the area in the next three to five years, Liu Yuan, an inspector at China's ministry of land resources, told China National Radio.

Construction started in 1994 and was completed in 2006, with the reservoir reaching its full height two years ago after submerging 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,350 villages.

"Jew hike ya," Judee say.

The private control worldwide that the Jews have to issue our money in every land. Are we aware of how they are harming our lives with their permanent sports war?

"We leave deep hurt." 4.51 am

Our political leaders, business people, educators, doctors, lawyers, labor leaders. The professionals. Have they not all proven failed enough that ordinary every day simple working people will not step in here and take over now?

The evil and wicked anti-God genocide that American workers are paying for every day with our labor. The American worker income tax that is paid to the unelected unrepresentative genocidal Jews to do with as they please. Is it not yet seen we face being destroyed by the Jews because of this failure of courage, faith and wit?

The brutal, violent chicken hawks who sit in Washington DC scratching us out. Must labor not find the sense of decency, the common sense to STRIKE them to get them out of here?

The optical intelligence they have employed to hold workers by images of a pooch from 35 years ago. Have we heard that's what the call their "spot technology?"

The flashlight beam we play on a wall that our dog 'spot' chases after trying to catch and bite it. Can we not pray that "spot technology" of pooch does not hold workers any longer? Can we not pray that spot optical intelligence will be displaced by the survival instinct to stop the war?

An unbearable people who are destroying us right and fair. We paying them for all of the war they are making in our world. The American workers who ultimately will be to blame for our destruction here.

The fist Jews who tell us they have killed us so massively and conditioned our unconscious so well that they have feminized the white man. The cruelly manipulated poor white man who is assaulting and killing his brothers and sisters in so many lands because the Jews hold the keys to the supper table.

Will, the white man not get smart and feed his cruelly manipulated poor brothers so they do not have to fight for the Jews?

The whites and everybody else in the lower 48 states who were saved by the love of God when the Jews attacked us to extinct our race. Will workers not listen to God and hear the thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

6.29 am

Watching the news from Japan and it is confirmed, the war with Russia is moving forward. The Federal Reserve bank has authorized the checks that will be needed to finance the Russian attack upon the United States of America.

Jewtopia, that has now been lost forever, and the Jewtopians want to leave it as wrecked as they can. Must we not keep praying that American workers will perceive the end of the wealthy nation we have an act to prevent our misery from coming in?

Here is a couple of RS from an anti nuclear activist:

"Unless we have peace we will be fouled out of here. I see the big war you won was puppy."

That last RS was what she said to a Jewess in an Asian shell. "I see the big war you won was puppy."

The optimental hold the Jews have established over American workers that is set now to let them wage a war with Russia inside America. The general American labor STRIKE that will stop the war in its tracks because there will be no more American workers support. Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT?
Tele receives:

"A home run has failed to save us. 4.39 am

Beam on. 5.21 pm

Beam off. 5.50 pm

They're bourse financial thieves. 6.18 pm

The raiders fired. 6.23 pm

The Marines give them their horsepower.

Close them out, fire puracy. 6.40 pm

A husky you have failed.

Totally step you out with dumb rules.

How you're goofing up your strikerty.

Have a weaporizing day.

A complete RISE will be curable.

He lost, pura-day is now over.

Your pervis is informed.

3 months and your future is out of here.

You have a spiritual resource.

That he contaminate me, STRIKE THEM OUT lest we have a full calamity. 8.44 pm

You're my thrust, I'm dying. You failed false financial way. 8.55 pm

They challenge your income nest egg.

They're involved in crisp-us.

Their crips life is virtually out of here.

The fake you up a nice war and a nice wall.

I died you imagely molest boy.

They're monkey with a gun.

Sacred pollution is going to boom you out Moscow.

They're Jew rifle thugs.

Patrick put them out of here; he's the masculine dear, he wants to see returns. 9.12 pm

Poverty is enemy subs.

Obvious jerk.

Just set them out.

We're going out wet procedure.

Evil is their best shot.

Truman hell fell off.

Chase out all.

Their invasive is indomitable.

England sports a walrus.

I failed you quite fabulously working on this mess.

They die us optical.

Because you're not mothers our state now dies.

Bust your potential grease-al.

God passed your rights here for passive. 1.59 am

Our series fault you up.

The professor still provides you with a baseline culture of peace.

Seniors core us siege.

Save your field, try to save us Patrick.

Toss them vice here.

Patrick's so close to being STRIKE THEM OUT!

Cash push with Federalist thief.

Have mercy on thug.

They aim us torturously.

The psychic failed to save us because the Jew is believed.

Shanty fold their shit handy.

Papa is dying and His white children are leaving existence now.

Oh my God, you're wasted on organizing yourself.

Pepper lock.

They forcibly out this field.

Everything’s a sham.

A prej war.

Penalty oppie cites you up.

Their traditional life failed your preacher like life creature like. 2.51

West Germany folds your life real seriously effortlessly. 2.57 am

The whites are already gone abusive.

Menace sick wonderful rash you.

Radiance coupled with the fire and you'll soon perish. 3.19 am

You always get a good deal when you go with this boy. 4.32 am

We leave deep hurt. 4.51 am

Thank you for reporting false.

They're vicious, get them out.

Completely demented.

Get out the heretees." 6.06 am

Patrick wants a real state." 6.49 am

"Twenty-fourth is the day of action."

Just found that reverse facial speech from Washington DC. That is the last Friday of this month. Hopefully, American workers will respond to what is being done to us and take the concession to issue our cash away from the Jews before they leave us a ruined future.

With our rights in are we aware that we could theoretically sue for refunds of our tax monies that were wrongly spent by the state?

Might we try to imagine a taxpayer suit demanding refunds from General Electric, Boeing and Hughes aircraft for missiles that failed to strike their target, the lower 48 states of America when the Jews and Berlin launched them at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Can we imagine a team of lawyers stepping in front of the news cameras and telling us that General Electric is claiming their hydrogen bombs were not defective and would have wiped out the lower forty-eight states if Boeing had not failed and let their rockets get pulled out of the sky by the Martians?

And then Boeing lawyers countering that it is not their fault the missiles did not make it to America it was Hughes aircraft that made the guidance system and they did not program the missiles to dodge the Martian defenses?

If only we had our rights in do we see we could have some useful controversy rather than arguing about who has the right to not make a cake for somebody's wedding?

"We always want your function dead. I just make you suffer with a Judas Paris week. Bitch, I don't have no way to block his attempt because my force was refused. The minnow, he stays liar for me because I have a tent. With my cities I make war. I make rule un-braceable to make war. I have vole-pedoes to hatch here. My bus is leaving for my asperus ways.

For 4 minutes we ruined you, now my minute is up, slow out. With Jew content you have fear fetal mice. I'm dumped. When Jew is in you have a jest life. I'm not usable for my incest, I just base you off in war. We have racket force fold. I just get your lives with lunch, tore you with debts. I punish you with a grasshopper on Hollywood.

Boom bourse has failed, I'm coming out. I keep pounding out your future. The Dutch be out here free for pushing fail. My war administrator is coming out because of my chapel trace. We mastered your race with Jewlocity. Bitch threw my equipment. I hold you right to halt your ship. I foul you into poverty with tuna. Our specials will foul you out.

Our astro life was bored a check’iss way. I'm Jew truthless I foul you. I'm outin' Druid, opp your future. Before our divorce we're going to push you out, Russia is promising a great shoot. With Russia, we'll wipe you bad. Your failure to organize has cost you an option to live rich. I'm just wiping white people because they take our orders to make war.

I'm just trained to molest. My uniforms all dead. You didn't listen to Sullivan so I'll give you a new candidate. We set you anonymously because that's our sport. My atomic noose had one loose end that has now rolled me out. My procedure ever your life Jew fell. Jew algebra proceed complete wood back. H----- possess wants us off for way too barrelly. I just roll cots, that's my life form.

For tyrr we're pushed right. For my financial, the dog always wins. Our great degrade of you has failed, I was nuts to try to do you right. I saw you right. I've got the Russians now who are going to fold your ass out of here. Your 4 elements chaw me. We're set to fight wars. I have a psychious issue. Burned you out fire.

Continues at:

I'm surrounded shooty. We've got 5 or 6 rights to slum you. We're genimus sexuals. I'm going to leave out of here for opportunity. I just sport you rabbit Jew and rice you nicely. My cable sports videos fire d

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