"You Failed to Save Your Comforts. You Failed to Save Your A
Thu Jun 6, 2019 08:55

"You Failed to Save Your Comforts. You Failed to Save Your Accomplishments."

The accomplishment in 1297 that finally brought into operation the trial by jury that was first demanded of King John at the tIp of a sword in 1215. Magna Carta, the great charter that gave our family in England the right to be tried by a jury of their peers before the loss of life, liberty or property. Some historians give 1297 as the year before it was finally settled, English people would have the right to trial by jury.

The great accomplishment of Magna Carta, trial by jury, was demanded of the crafters of the United States Constitution 582 years later, in 1787, and rejected. According to the crafters of our constitution, Americans were to have no written constitutionally guaranteed rights.

A verbal promise to be "good guys" was all that was offered. And 2 years later in 1789, 584 years after Magna Carta, the constitution of the United States of America was rejected. "NO bill of rights written into the constitution, NO deal," the state delegates told the crafty crafters of the constitution.

"The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." Said Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State for President Nixon.

Will workers not put our constitution in again so that it takes a little longer to start this final war of the Jews against Americans?

That troubling thought from the Bible that tells us "NO," Americans and Europeans will perish massively to finally convince the white man to not support the Jews and their permanent war of genocide against God's kids.

The stage is set, high tech white man of the East facing off against high tech white man of the West. Both sides financially and mentally controlled by the genocidal Jews.

How have the Jews succeeded in hitching ole Dobbin to the slay? Might it merely be the question of who holds and issues the tickets to the supper table? Of course, that's it.

Who has the authority to issue our money, the tickets to eat? Have we not been well informed by our extraterrestrial family that money and who issues it is the key to our survival in the Jewish nuclear world of war on earth?

The authority to issue our money held privately by the Jews who are using this ill-gotten authority to perish us out of life form using a Jewish electricity plant to manufacture brimstone waste. While starting more wars for mild people to fund and fight.

A vast drop in the population we are guaranteed already as our children have been harmed by the Jews high radioactivity background. Must we not end our failure of duty to protect our kids?

Bitch seeing squiggles in his eyes as he is writing this due to being shot with Judah's Indian space satellite yesterday. Though he is thankful for these two van batteries and copper plate in the top dresser drawer that takes about 90% of the beam off. If not for those batteries he would feel unwell for about three days usually.

The mouse who gets himself destroyed in war but easily breeds himself back up again. By poisoning out the mouses' genetics has the Judah not thrown a real wrench into his occupation this time?

The white mouse, the only mouse that will hold the Jews war in. Can we not pray for a RISE to let the Jews off to give us a chance to live?

Will we not end our child and wild ways that the Jews use to fool us? Must we not mature and act right as our good God treats us right?

Our good God Almighty, our precious sweet Father in heaven above. Might we recognize that Father is also a member of the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of light? Yes, that is who our good God is. We are His simian children living in His village on earth.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

Might we consider not only poisoned in the past tense but are still poisoning Father's village on earth?

And we now only weeks away from the beginning of the last war of the Jews, East versus West. High tech white people killing each other just as our white American predecessors did in 1918 and again in 1941.

Can we not pray for a miracle this time where white perceive this staging of war is merely another Jew burlesque, a Jew mime, this time to get us fully gone?

Could it be that their cipher is so far away from us that we can not believe what they are up to yet?

The imbecile of our species that keeps fighting with his fists. Will labor not shut this war off NOW?

The vast die the Jews have put on this land and they are not through with us yet. Will anybody miss the permanent war of the Jews?

Our children who have already been poisoned out and yet we keep funding and fighting their wars. The underground the Jews and their collaborators have to hide in. Is it not clear they are poisoning out the surface of the earth?

The wealthy privileged lives we have had now being taken away from us without a STRIKE. Will workers not give us a STRIKE so that we have a chance to save our lives?

"Twenty-fourth is the day of action."

That is the last Monday of this month. Somehow in yesterday's post I wrote it is "the last Friday of this month." The 24th of June 2019 is the last Monday in June. Might Judee's beam have knocked Bitch off a little bit yesterday while writing this post? Could have.

"I'm so glad you're working for authorized."

That Tele receive while in the food store shopping. Yes, is there an understanding that is correct, Bitch is working for authorized," our good God in heaven above?

While Bitch may have a sand vibe from the Fornian Norwegian who donated to bring him into existence, his cipher was created by a Roman English man who was basically right in his attitudes to the people.

His quitting his job as deputy cook county sheriff because as he said to his little boy Bitch, "I wouldn't do it, I wouldn't go against the little people for the big guy."

Or when 5-year-old Bitch standing in the back of a 4 door 1948 Chrysler on a cold cloudy windy November Chicago day saw the people on Madison street, skid row, and asked, "who are they? What are they doing out there?" As they stood in the cold.

Dad answered, "if we missed a few paychecks we might be out there ourselves." Quite a shock to a five-year-old boy. Dad cared about the kids out in the cold and if he could he would have fixed it for them.

The 50'ish looking Druid guy that came to our door looking for someone to help him out a little bit. Went and got dad and then watched dad as he talked to the needy man.

Then dad reached into his left side pants pocket and pulled out a wad of cash never looking at it or counting it. Opened the door and handed it all to the man. It may have been all the cash dad had. A simple working man who showed his son the way to go right not by words but by his deeds. That's who ciphered Bitch.

Might we want to expand on that thought of dad's, "if we missed a few paychecks we might be out there ourselves?"

How about all of the misery we have seen from Washington waging sport war for the Jews investment schemes, might dad's response to the Jews war be, "If we let the war go on we might be there ourselves?"

The Jews who tried to do a three-hour snap crackle and pop of us here. Will labor not clear them now before they do any more harm?

"I've warned you thousands of times to stop the war. You've been warned. I warned you. I gave you the peace, must you fail? I would have given you anything. Why didn't you try it?," God asked.

The debasing of our economy that the war-making Jews are doing now. The dispiriting of Americans who pay for all of the Jews sport wars in our world. Must American labor not try it, the STRIKE?

Tele receives:

"Bitch pitched me. 3.25 pm

Pat, you failed us. 3.35 pm

They have no defensible rights but you're letting them hold the most important office of government. 4.42 pm

We'll be out your future. 4.56 pm

You're getting tension out. 5.05 pm

It's fell. 5.18 pm


You're a mon-opper. 5.40 pm

It's ear play.

I just surge you to sport your life in a million places. 6.04 pm

The racket pitch is through.

You're a graceful type so we can and heap.

Oh, his family is billionaires? These are smart people here.

You hurt me by stepping on our fields. 6.19 pm

They're out-a-here for hauling A.

Set Jew off.

Jew wanted to nail us.

We saved you's from sunburn.

Wit smasher fall. 6.30 pm


If you saw our culture you'd understand why we make war.

Bitch stormin' the rocket field.

Full sin you walked into our sewer.

Patrick, STRIKE THEM OUT end sports.

Jew loves to molest you into misery by tuna.

In the future we're totally cleared.

A hydrous animal falsed you. 12.41 am

This guy is saying immaturity without God will immerse you.

Christians please toss them out.

They're jerks.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Their weapture is racial.

We're insect states to suffer here.

The Soviets failed you real.

They run abusive rights.

Pat, show the people they failed this life.

He obviously deaf you's.

Stuff your fails, stuff your failed.

Thank you for passing us racial.

Pat, organize this place, the state is done.

Poverty is a desperate place.

They mouse you business like.

They bore out peace.

Bitch tossed about 50% of his meal.

You failed to save your comforts, you failed to save your accomplishments.

If you're drinking now you're out of life form.

You'll be destroyed within weeks.

The white people will be destroyed because you hold in war fails.

Cancer will take you off of this street.

They raid you dolt.

Patrick, STRIKE THIS OUT! 2.28 am

A curious theory hiked ya.

Only white people can't see forcing.



It does seem mighty strange you won't help yourselves. 3.00 am

You have a nice force that seriously out these error guys. 3.44 am

Idiot. 4.02 am

Contact will save your lives but you've got to be sociable." 4.22 am

RS from a young non-Judah Cancer victim in Japan.

"Geminal priests messed me for war. Abusal case I defeat them. When you see, boo failed you. Because Judah is hostile Patrick gave us the truth."

That the Jews in every land are putting cancer on our plates and in our beverages. Will Americans not take the free money paid as tribute to them from workers income tax away from them and end all of their poisoning of us?

"I'm sorry to see you go as a true nation." A Japanese lady said from her subconscious that was revealed in reverse facial speech.

The true nation of America when our bill of rights are in. Will workers not make us a true nation once again with a STRIKE and STOP THE WAR?

Here's a couple of informed non-Judah speakers in reverse facial speech:

"Jew don't play by fair rules, set you Hapsburgs mousive."

"Oranges from Minneapolis, these guys boom you with a home run."

And here is some more of Judah’s subconscious thoughts:

"STRIKE is going to defeat us. We humble you to death, that's why we always stole. I do my joy when we fatal, then I scuff you out. My psyche keeps you judge and it wasn't clear. For my enemy way I animaled right. Jewish police power always speared truth. My catastrophe I put in and nobody see it. Your cipher I protest. I just throw over useful boy and shoot you Judee.

I hold you in prison for boom boom because you're my goldfish. Judah got a portable sickbay. We're fantastic imbeciles. The white power I got you stupid on hearse of my mess. We use a cage because we always do you fistable. Judee stormy wits make you dull. Our summons is thrown down because I hydrogen you. You paid for my dinosaur so I threw the West away.

I just psyche-a-ment you boys and perperize. You handled contact shitty so I threw you so well. I'm not suitable and you're not suitable so I pushed you back. Patrick, I imaged you on lies. I threw Patrick, scientist. Children always score a big salary for us. Yes, I'm abusive. I'm an anti millennial thug. Because of my essential infearity I set you jungle. Bitch, I foul your moment to die.

The bench won weap decease. We're folding a big rising. We bummed you for another week because you're chicken right. I'm throwing American head out. I'm score oppin you big top. Child analogy wash you. Bitch prefers us done. Our prejudice is all unique. Sax police have all been put out for 45 wholesome. Future boy got the Jews off because he sees the way we just sport the boys with our natural.

I go Bitch off all foulry. We pulled you out, you would win except for boozer. America, all humans I'm delighted to disappear. I'm in the foul brutal club, the chef suffered you. We leave fraud war because you're folding us corrupt. Merchant theft let Jew foul these days. My officers are coming out for my geno wars.

I baby man to do full force, I just spot you out. Lousy camel Sorcery fumble me. My purpose did a fine penetration. I did dispose your right forces out of this place. My dog message has given you a bonsai sale to get you off. I suffer you Archibald and right tone you in. Patrick, you fall my desk, I got to go. Patrick, you've shown us now our genius is out. Bitch failed my state.

I'm going to fist you from Moscow, this boy knows it's the white man I want out of here. I'm kicking out wood. My sister in Iowa is dying for her false. My bourse is over because of my threat, because of Wisconsin my future goes. I set you dog to ruse you true suburban. My mess out for sundae morgue. Our zipper bear force done you finely.

Even with so much evidence, I still put you in. I cauterize, I'm dutiful at putting you out. I'm passed here for chapeltry.

We just got a lie to fold you because you're chump head. I'm passed for truthful day. We're deceased, Bitch pulled my gallery for innocent assaults but you let me put you in. Because you failed the universe, you're now all wasting up," Judee say.

Those are the actual thoughts coming from the subconscious minds of the Jews that shows up in their reverse facial speech. Will we not pray that American workers will not let them take us away in war?

"You're my thrust, I'm dying. You failed false financial way." 8.55 pm

Papa previously said to His shill Bitch, "you failed me useful, you failed me personal."

So might we consider it is going to take a miracle to save us now?

"Yuck," the senior Druid lady said telepathically to Bitch when he was checking out his grocery purchase. Might she be convinced by the false negative image that Judee has put upon Bitch?

Bitch who is alert and conscious enough to perceive when there are people that are trying to harm him. He saw nuclear blast war clear in November of 1965 merely by doing the mathematics of nuclear war. Do American workers not yet perceive that God Almighty has saved us from the Jews big score of the Druid people, the people that the Jews hate the most?

"Even with so much evidence, I still put you in."

How can such a thing be?

"We bummed you for another week because you're chicken right."

What might help us to end chickening out from these dangerous roosters here?

"Our bourse style femmed you."

Might that explain it?

Will workers not have faith in God and act with courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?

While Bitch has some rough, rude and stupid things to account for, he truly has never been a fiend. If he can determine the right way to go, he always goes the right way then. He didn’t know about Father until recent years.

Father knows Bitch heart and mind and soul too and Father knows that when the Jew war sport genocide cipher is out and Bitch peace cipher is in then His simian children on earth will be cared for fine.

The Druid lady that saw Bitch and said, "yuck," and yet how does God Almighty describe His shill Bitch other than, "he remained true to me. You're a nice boy, you never fiend?"

Once anyone discovers the love of Father they will go only Father's way. That is except for weap Judah, who Father said, "ethically they're criminals."

Continues at:

Bitch will only go Father's way both before and after labor finishes the ST

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