The New American Crisis That Effects Us All
Fri Jun 7, 2019 04:55

There Is A New American Crisis

Created years ago by our Illustrious CIA and FBI

Only now it is sprouting up in every city that has illegally elected Lunatic Liberal

The Helpless Homeless

There are the Druggies and those who had a Job and are still willing to work.

The Money is collected by the City Councils - $40,000 Per Year Per Homeless, and they do nothing but harass them.

The More Homeless People, the bigger their paychecks.

My friend is intelligence is rather Cold Hearted and used to laugh at these folks - but after a few incidences in his life humbling him - the laughter stopped.

OS - now they are being infected with diseases through vaccinations we have not seen o over 00 years - and these diseases are beinng spread to the public - Diseases Like

1) Bubonic Plague

2) Ebola - Recent Development

3) Incurable TB

4) Unspeakable Diseases

And as these homeless grow they spread out into airports, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc and we are all now being directly effected.

Just go into any Emergency room an watch.

We do not know what the solution is - except to pray

After being homeless for 6 months- this is very close to me, very emotional ..... finding out from the President who appointed me as an Ambassador that the FBI did this to me to start a Nuclear War -

Putin's Staff warned me in Russia - But I did not believe what the FBI would do to m to start this coming Nuclear War.

I Have Not Been Able To Open Up About This For Over A Decade

Video: (771) The New American Crisis That Is Effecting Us All - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


AS our society unwinds and hte Homeless Grow in numbers - store your wealth in something solid they cannot take away from you.

We Went To Charles & Collins At: Home - Noble Gold Investments

Then we called them and they were a wealth of knowledge - great folks



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