“Prejudice Can’t Help Us.” That Tele receive just in at 3.0
Fri Jun 7, 2019 05:28

“Prejudice Can’t Help Us.”

That Tele receive just in at 3.03 am giving us a thought to help us through.

The transition from a planet at permanent war by Judah on free American workers tribute into a planet at peace on workers bourse issued by workers instead of weap Judah.

Are we seeing in this wondrous transition after thousands of years of Jewish permanent war and racism we are now to live in a world of peace where all people are free to live as they wish?

But when will it happen, when will labor take the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue money, away from the international Jews and issue our money ourselves? Before or after the big war starting in Iran and ending with a war between Russia and the United States?

Our comfortable wealthy America set to be shattered in a way that may not have been imagined by Americans. The coming war that is set to start in the gulf and end on the streets of the USA. Will American workers stop it before it begins?

Can we not keep praying to God that ordinary American workers will recognize the seriousness of what we are facing and act to take the concession to issue our money away from the Babylonian Jews and issue our money for us as our good God wills?

Tele receives:

“They’ve opped our optimum field. 9.52 am

Good one.

Pat, weapatory wipe force shot you. 11.02 am

You’re rice thrown very desperate.

He strangled your state out, Prenasour is useless.

Dream app. 11.55 am

We sold you a prank foul ball.

They had a mighty rich shed.

You press.

You’ve fallen the thug. 4.45 pm

Wonderful oppie.

We warred true and Bitch got us out peaceful.

There is going to be a war here HUGE!

You failed a terrible caution.

The minoogles have thrown us. 6.49 pm

We just waltz them industrial.

We’re dying falsely out of here. 7.27 pm

We let criminals hike us for full sue.

They can’t quit rifling.

Criminals need verbal.

Prejudice can’t help us. 2.59 am

Tyrr age is stumbling for contact.

Oh my God Patrick save us, they’re animals. 3.27 am

Pursuit will produce a wonder die." 3.47 am

4.08 am

Bitchie just asked Mercury desk, “why did God make contact with the Jews?”

And Mercury desk responded:

“Because they gave very thoughtful estimates.”

Jews who had first contact with our extraterrestrial homeworld, the Galactic Federation of light. Located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

We gifted by the Galacticans 200,000 years ago with the very same 223 high intelligence psychiatric genetics that they have. The intelligence to depart planet earth and travel the stars.

Gifted with free will by our makers, the Jews chose an ethically criminal route to follow. God’s command to “love one another.” Judah chose to go against God’s command and hate us.

The little speck of the universe we live in, the “local Bubble,” 300 light-years long, is the homeworld of the Galacticans. The Galactic Federation of Light started 9 million years ago after discovering and studying the records of the long departed peaceful extraterrestrial civilization of Prenasour.

The blink of an eye that we exist in. A world full of stress and strife. Terrorism as the ruling model put in by the Jews who disobeyed God.

The sucker punch guys that score home runs, have they not proven failed enough that ordinary workers will not try to help yourselves up?

“They went the wrong way and got good at it,” Budget Judee said.

“Animal primitivism, they mishandled their higher level potentials,” Mercury said of weap Judee’s way.

“They demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I’m dying them off, tunnel death. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm,” God Almighty said of the ultimate fate of weap Judah.

So while they are all washed up in God’s village on earth, our planet earth, they still are controlling the mechanism of peace or war, the authority to issue our money.

Might we consider that the ordinary people are not well versed on how truly dangerous the Jews are as a group?

As an example, that the ordinary people have given the Jews all the money needed to build the thermonuclear omnicidal war machine, that the Jews tried to use to put us away with, is that not seen now as a fail where we will not act to correct it be getting nuclear war out of here before it begins?

Are we appreciating that we have been kept alive by the love of God who had His Martian angels pull all of the Jewish thermonuclear missiles off of us many times?

Will the Jews with their “rare facility of mind,” be able to hold themselves in by speaking ‘dog?’

The facility of mind to perceive we now are being washed out for free. The war the Jews plan to use to finish off the land of the free, our American brand.

The wonderful full rich lives we have had here in the land that has been so good to so many of us, set now to end and leave us sick and dying with every breath that we take.

And what are the Jews doing with our free labor money but still racing us by having their “hosiery,” Jewish hybrid transplant look alike hybrid kids, doing racial attacks?

Baltimore youth activity: Hundreds of teens attack and rob people at waterfront
Posted on June 2, 2019

Might we recognize by the organized harassment it was weap Judah sporting us Americans when those youngsters showed up to make a fuss? When we think of Judah sport might we think of the hate hoax that Judee Jussie pulled and got caught at?

Here is something that Jussie's lawyer said in reverse facial speech:

"This was to hold the whites back."

Must American labor not end funding the disruptive troublemaking Jews by taking the authority to issue our money away from them?

If you watch the video from the story about Baltimore teens making a fuss, do we note that Judee blocks out the faces of the kids? And why might that be? Might it be because they would be found to be Judee hosiery kids?

And so what might that lead to? Might it lead to us learning how much Judah paid them to make such a fuss?

And if we learned how much that 400 teenager fuss cost, and the Jews hired it done, might we wonder where the Jews got the money to pay for it from? And if we saw it came from American workers who pay tribute to the Jews in the form of an income tax, might it start us thinking about the danger of letting the Jews privately hold the issue of our money?

Who holds the authority to issue our abstract receipts of labor. Our elders who traveled the 38 light years to earth to share with us just how important is the authority to issue our abstract receipts of labor, our bourse, our cash, our money. The organizing principle of society held privately worldwide by the Jews.

The general American labor STRIKE that will clear the murderous genocidal sexual psychopathic nuclear war fighting Jews out of management. Will labor do it in time to prevent the Jews from getting the white man into a new fight?

God, who has given his white children a chance to save ourselves from the fate the Jews have planned for us all, to die in a conflagration against our mild family in Russia.

Russia, held tightly in the grip of the Jews as is America too. Japan held tightly by the Jews who continue firing their sterilizing brimstone waste cannon at us.

Whites largely pushed out already but we won't know it until we learn our children are sterile. Though it won't matter if we let this war with Iran get started that will lead us to conflict with Russia.

The Jews, is there some understanding that their moment in time has now passed? In America, they rose to defeat us, our ways, our lives, our system of open and free government.

We Americans who have failed to the Jews ways, their special rights. We who have been saved by the love of our good God. Will we not now do right and stop the eternal war of the Jews on God' s children on earth?

"We capture you Jew to corrupt and abuse you."

Just pulled that RS from a Judah speaker on international news. And now finally after thousands of years, the corruption and abuse of the Jews is about to end. Here is some more Judah RS just found in the international news today:

"College boy report our stumble and close our molest. The white I breeze and now my time is done because I put him to death. I shoot you in the state grocery land."

The grocery land shoot the Jews are still doing to our farmers and ultimately to us. Will workers not end funding this advanced weather war the Jew genocide scientists are shooting on us here? Will American workers try to realize their genocide shoot has cost them their nest in America?

"Thank you for tossing them out." 6.28 am

"You're welcome, it was my pleasure to report what they tried to do to us here in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011."

Do some recall that Bitch reported about their attempt using two British submarines to launch 32 Trident missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton warheads on to Americans on June 11, 2014?

Our good neighbors the Martians that burst every warhead off safely high up in the night sky. And those videos now removed from YouTube.

If American labor finances this upcoming Jewish war with Iran and then Russia, is there some sense it will leave us quite harmed?

Bitch years ago was concerned that elders might suffer a power failure at a critical moment with a loss of power supplies that would let the Jews get their nuclear blast shots in.

Elders informed Bitch the last time they had a power failure was "three million years ago." Is that not reassuring? So might we consider that when the Jews order the Russians to launch some more nuclear missiles at America, elders will more likely than not be able to take control of the warheads and prevent them from reaching us? Yes, thankfully elders are protecting us still.

Bitch sure sorry about his insult to the white people. He sure did not want to contribute to the defeat. If only he had been 100% he may have been able to convince white people to stop drinking until we get ourselves to peace. Judah reports it is alcohol that has allowed him to get us out of here so well. A widely available intoxicant that prevents the survival instinct from operating at its highest level.

Our breed seriously and now permanently harmed by radioactive waste. And now only weeks left before we will have the final Jewish dagger thrust into our hearts.

"I'm just wiping white people because they take our orders to make war."

Will workers not take over the issue of our money and follow the good advice from our elders from Mercury and help to re-sight ourselves in peace?

The torture chambers in their Jewish prisons that the Jews used to terrorize white kids to return to Europe in 1918 to rip our family up there once again. Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and end their management role now?

"The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishies roam free," precious sweet Father in heaven said to you and me.

Must American workers not end funding the widespread score the Jews are doing to us?

This coming war with Iran that the Jews are forcing America to start. Is there some understanding that the leaders in Iran are all Jews in their Muslim shells?

Will we not try to see the big picture here, Jews that control American labor money hiring those who will shoot war for them. Are we understanding that in every nation Jews control the workers' lives because only Jews issue our money?

God Almighty who gave us the peace. Will workers not step in here, please?

"We've been diminished for our fine hos war," Judee say.

Will workers not take the concession to issue our American money away from them and diminish them some more? Will labor not end their grocery land war?

The early Jews who demonstrated good thinking abilities and so our good God above spoke to them so He could have them help all of His kids on earth. And instead of helping God's children they turned against God and set on a route to steal all of God's kids out of life with war.

Their strategy of fooling us. Their strategy of killing or imprisoning our most useful so that we can be held by their wits. Are we not yet seeing their time is done? If perceived will American workers not close them out of issuing our money with a STRIKE?

“Your rich land I desecrate. You're pulling my tyranny out and I'm so sad," Judee say.

The desecration of American land that is being poisoned in a way that may leave us a desert of hot waste. "Left stranded on a burned out planet to die." The words from the Star Trek movie, "Wrath of Khan." Will workers, not end funding the Jews who are burning up of our lands?

"Jew faithful just made war on China, coming to an end. I fall throughout Asia," Judee say.

Our family in China that the Jews have infested for even longer than they have in the land of the mild people of the north. According to Judah RS, they have been breeding up hybrids in China since 400 AD.

Though because of Buddha and also the scholar system in China, they were never able to get much war done. Do we recall that Judah tells us he got his best "performance from the white guys?”

Might we see the difference, our family in China had thousands of years of civilization when the Jews showed up so even with their hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Replicons they could not get Asia to make much war for them?

And only when the Jews hired their European fists did the Jews finally get a hold of Asia a century ago. Do we see it is not a question of good or bad as much as it is a question of basic understanding of what is going on here?

The serious and most dangerous fists the Jews have, the one funded by American workers. Will American workers not get involved in our existence and try to preserve our lives that are being crushed out successfully using our own purse in the hands of the Jews to finish us off?

"Our sports ever foul you weak. My video com let me boom ass you. To push you up I need some goose paper here. If I can pitch you out now I'll be happy. If I can do the jitney at least I can do something. It was a Forney relationship.

My whole purpose in life, Bitch threw me out, kicked me in the ass. Bitch excitement wants Oregon to pay and there's nothing I can do about it. I had dogs to rat the mouse. I was always tight with a BM. STRIKE and my averages are boo day. With our can -o-sphere we just throw rights. I'm much dead for my vitamin but right now I'm still holding.

Ever since we met you we shoot your vitamins true. We just have a devils range in prisoners. I'm an old Gemini Jew way. I virtually put you in jail all peepers. I ever fight the hermit. We're permanently dead. I'm rude from Hollywood because I'm still boss. We opped dutiful, I'm contact royal. The professor has already won. You're obviously not listening to Bitch rate.

My roller coaster's failed your day to threat away. You left bourse set you guys so my objective dies. If you let me play school I win. I'll establish if I can south race to wash you in. I just trash racial fear out here. Because of the big catch, you clearly won. I prevented the Marshman from making you happy and I still make you lose.

You have failed lethal to my brief force. I make you shooters because I hold your mental. You walk the gangplank because I have a HUGE mental, because I shoot, you won. I ever made you in goose score. I have gene rich to ultimate you. Jew psyche coming out because it will not act for sharing.

As long as you don't roll out my money I'll continue my habit. I just washed you away for fun and amusement. Once I capture you I establish all my copper forms. You're going to take my state off because I got more shit here. You threw my Jew police attachment for my war day.

Continues at:

I just mooch you in a sexualized way to decimate you. For debasement Jew ever has wall. I'm a pension out for nuclear war here. Bitch said Papa wants us great out of here. I roll your fa

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