"Bitch has Made Judee Truly Unusable so I Just Have To Pass
Sat Jun 8, 2019 05:15

"Bitch has Made Judee Truly Unusable so I Just Have To Pass Out."

That is from the subconscious of weap Judah and found in his reverse facial speech. Judah's persistence in destroying the mild people of the north. Missing us with nuclear blast due only to the love of God for us all.

Scoring us with brimstone atomic waste and now having wiped us out massively, though we don't know it yet because our children will pay for the failure to love one another in the future when they are not able to reproduce themselves.

American farmers that spent decades building up markets in China now being closed out in the backlash from the issuance of arbitrary tariffs from Washington DC. Will all working Americans not take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and issue it yourselves? Will ordinary workers hot help our farmers who produce the root of all our wealth, our food supply?

The near collision between a Russian and American warship in the Philippine sea the other day. Could this reverse facial speech that was in Friday's post possibly indicate that the Jews precisely planned that near collision in the Philippine Sea? Might it be to help start the war between Russia and America? Here is the RS:

"If I can do the jitney at least I can do something."

That RS was found in Wednesday's or Thursday's news reports and published Friday.

Just looked the word "jitney" and it applies to a vehicle used for transportation. The first time Bitch heard the word was in 1966 when I was in the Navy and we visited the Philippines. The transportation there was by jitney. Mere coincidence that a word associated with the Philippines, "Jitney," and we then have an event in the Philippine Sea? Can we only wonder further, if those skippers were paid to hazard those labor-funded ships? If so, how much? Can we only wonder further might Mercury have stepped in and steered a course that prevented a serious collision?

Are Americans alerted yet to the fact the Jews in Russia and America are pushing ahead with the war with Russia?

The war that is set to ruin America completely. The war between high tech Russians and high tech Americans. The war that if not stopped may clear out 90% of the mild people who won't come back.

The mad minds and spirits of Washington DC that with eyes wide open have built the nuclear war machine to shut us up forever. And tried to use their mighty great balls of fire on us to do just that.

We still alive only by the love of our good God Almighty who sent His Martian angels in to pull the Jewish nuclear blast genocide off of us.

And with such evidence what have the ordinary everyday working Americans done about it? Might we say, "nothing?"

This Tele receive heard many times over the years, "they've pushed the button and you've done nothing." What might explain the lethargy that has left us without our safety and left us like sitting ducks to get our heads chopped off in war?

Might it be that we just don't have the people here to give us the clues that could lead us to help ourselves?

Do some of us recall the researcher who went to Washington DC to give a petition to the EPA about the dangers of turning genetically engineered mosquitoes loose on us?

Woman fighting release of GMO mosquitoes found dead in hotel pool
Published: 15 April 2018
A longtime opponent of GM mosquitoes was found dead in a Washington DC hotel as she prepared to present a petition with over 200,000 signatures to the EPA

According to a post by Mila de Mier's relative Ivan on her Facebook page, she has suffered from seizures.

However, according to the story below, the circumstances of her death are being investigated by police.

“She wanted the people of Houston to have time to comment on the release of GE mosquitoes. She would want people to continue the fight,” Napoles stated. Napoles is referring to the potential upcoming release of GE mosquitoes in the Houston area. The mosquitoes to be released in Houston are created by Oxitec, the British biotechnology company responsible for the same mosquitoes de Mier was fighting in Key West.

Oxitec was involved in the controversial vote in the Florida Keys during the 2016 election. In that vote, residents of the Key Haven voted against the release of the mosquitoes in their community. However, shortly after, the trials were approved for a different location in the Keys. Despite the approval, opposition to the controversial project has not ceased. In late November 2016, Health News Florida reported that a coalition of groups, including the Center for Food Safety and the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition, have filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The people who would help us if only they could stay alive long enough to explain to us what they know about what is going on here.

Can we only wonder what happened to Mila? Maybe a short circuit in one of the pools lights and it energized the water with high voltage freezing Mila while she swam leading to her drowning? Just another tragic accident or something else?

The near collision the other day between warships that have high tech mild people of the East and the other warship with high tech mild people of the West on board. Is there not some way to convince Americans to stop the war before we are consumed by the Jews jest?

Both ships steered at each other by the Jews. Might we surmise both skippers are Fornian Jews in their white shells? Will mild people not relieve us of the Jews hell of war, their sport?

The third of the human race that is set now to perish in the end times of the Jews in management on the surface of planet earth. The Galactic Federation of light's computer simulations that are found in our bibles revealing how one-third of the water on earth will be poisoned while one-third of the human race dies off due to brimstone poisoning.

A third of our water now poisoned by only one Jewish electricity plant melting down. Is there some sense we are next to complete the prophecy of the Bible?

Our good God Almighty who said: "They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Will American workers not help to let them off before they take us off?

Tele receives:

"The psychic forgives us. 3.03 pm

You're cleared miracle. 3.04 pm

Small theory. 3.20 pm

Mob rude is set to seize here.

Fistin' truth is great.

Desperate false you right. 5.41 pm

We just curred ya.


They're cashing us out whole.

Our tough defeat us outriginal'.

You're safe, they cut their parcels.

This is bullshit? 6.03 pm

It's fail by missile.

We bankroll quite nice.

You day me deaf. 6.29 pm

Their roll fell for mussin' with Nixon.

It's frighty. 7.56 pm

Their adventure got their police roll out. 11.14 pm

Wicked. 1.15 am

The high men are falling, they perish you now with no overstrike in these mental states.

Bitch failed you nicely and you falsed up.

Oh my God, he failed us.

We challenge you Patrick with an awesome foul.

Theory genes suffered us rightfully.

The hostile failed us, Patrick.

Patrick, they want to show you wisely.

They touched you spear world.

You lost your lives to witless right fear.

Sin opped your safety for terrorize, Jews put you in so bad.

Patrick save us.

Helpless hiking faulting.

The son of a bitches have nipped us.

Help us Patrick. 4.17 am

Thank you for arresting true fiends. 4.39 am

I hate you. 4.51 am

Cancer is taking us over.

Rot sue. 7.03 am

It’s irr-a-theft. 7.34 am

The megadeath of Americans that still rolls on. The consequences of nuclear waste being poured upon our fields and put into our air, might it not to be noticed until we are ill and dying?

Our good God Almighty who had His angels save us from the Jews nuclear blast factories. Will we not pray for whatever it is that will bring American workers to stop the war?

"Psychic, you tresfail. I humble you all on dough wits Jewish. Guys who want peace, I do them right, I give them hell. I give you Jew day permanent hail-a-day. Our problem stays in because we can out mooch. For theft we set your mental. Shit happens great. Ogle whistrophy we do fair. I'm assaulting a foreign country, sometime you'll do bankrupt.

Jew suffer you now big catastrophe true. I really set you back big. Jew Eli force is now no longer true. They fold us for our cageous. These Masons I had threw you out of here with a wrench. My error is 5, just some greaseballs we threw in, our futures. We put in our fist and oppress you to weak you to make you go. Pat, you see my zoo fish quite rightly.

I want you to believe some estimates witless, it make us. I just simple you with goose bagel and baby, with war. Bitch sees my projector is true bad. Our basic barroom brawl with a check is how we do you. My police boom you, the boss fall. I have a freedom here to push you in our parastates. My Fallujah wits failed you and Bitch screwed my face.

My British force are all usual. Bitch opp is clearly the end of our gene for oppus. The environment I put in I'm going to close you and I'm going home. If police officers make us it writes off all of their rules. Jew thug always helps me with my surround force fail. I have South American ways to score you right.

I just sight you boom, when you find out I'm going in. Pat took our war out. White boys will out our big warships. With the police department, we have wholesale register storge. I'm going to molest you in cur and tres league. Student tricks always fall you. Thank you for watching, have a good wake.

I sport you, corporal because I got a mouse to set. Simple trespass wash your gears whole. I fool the interest rate Jewtiful camel sport. They're taking my office off for barrel age. I'm just beautiful with cat house because I'm a predator. I cap you scribbage because you give my sin rights. Iowa saw my genius wits, interest, and now I'm gone.

Because I Ausched you right I just be cage history. My authority proceed was just out your gen right. The way Bitch talked to you let me psyche you awesome out of here. My days are out of here when nice boy turns off the suds. My stupid ass just bored away your wits. When I do my grandstands my income comes out nice.

For income, we foul you every chance we see. I shit you well. Socrates on forgery dulls you well. Druid failed my biggest opp. I just set you foul with police to wipe your life. I'm over age but I'm still bombing you out. If you didn't have a few beers you'd probably refuse me. I'm fit to Chevro-lay your name. Police make a bunch on insurance. Bitch has made Jew truly unusable so I just have to pass out," Judee say.

"If you want to encourage peace why don't you seek counsel?" 6.39 am

Bitch seeking all the counsel there is. Bitch has put his email address up several times for those who would like to help to get us to peace. Can we not pray for some labor peace counsel here?

Bitch sought out extraterrestrial contact over a decade ago to help us out of the planned extermination of us and they have informed us and advised us well. STRIKE THEM OUT! Labor issue our money and put the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone.

For those who wish to help might re-posting this be useful so that others are made aware of the genus ending situation, we find ourselves in?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, June 8 — Psalm 73:21–28
Proverbs 30; 2 Corinthians 10:7–18

The Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him. 2 Chronicles 30:9

Repent therefore, and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord. Acts 3:19-20

As we wash our bodies to start each day, help us, O God, to turn to you for a spiritual cleansing. It is through submitting to your work in us that we refrain from stumbling along life’s pathways. Save us from the constant stain of sin. Amen

12.22 pm

"You win, your wits spirit us, Patrick.

Stewnoonic. 7.49 am

Goodness failed.

You're obsessitude. 8.15 am

You're a right cut.

They're stirring us hystericulous.

Inferiority complex beat ya's.

You impress me, dear.

Fold you quite suitable dazed.

Poor Richard's son's a geno-topper.

You gave us a sports ticket.

Porting you rightly.

You sink lewd.

Your enemy's a delightful guy.

Share is fine with my tude.

Pirates that murder for riches.

Very nice we pitched your life.

An ocean of creeps that died for field sport.

Failed your question.

Ditch out, your life burst.

Mercury's victims slashed.

You canned a great fight. 10.23 am

Bankrupt you fair.

We got rich from retarding you guys.


The nursery is not ballistic.

Back for service.

They're a bunch of freak shows. 11.48 am

I'm married.

It might fall sudo." 11.59 am

Judah freak show did their lies using made up rumors and made up gossip and did their micro of Bitch that has held many people from helping us here. Plus the lewd from 35 years ago is powerful holding the optimental intelligence as Judah knows. So might we try an analogy of what the big picture is to help us overcome Judah's historical winning hand?

How about we try to imagine Bitch is doing his regular job and while driving along he happens to see smoke coming out of the basement of a school. He sees a fire alarm box right in front of the school so he jumps out of his car and pulls the fire alarm to alert the teachers and students of the danger of the smoke that is pouring out of the basement of the school. Giving them a warning so they will have a chance to save themselves.

Judah teachers and school administrators are in on the plot to burn the children up and have their escape routes all set up, leaving the unaware children to be trapped by the fire. And even though Bitch pulled the fire alarm, the children are led to believe it is a false because the teachers and administrators hold Bitch up to ridicule and lie about who he is.

Might we figure if only the children can get to safety, Bitch has served his usefulness then? Might we consider Bitch will not be rebuilding the fire-damaged school, rather the general contractor will take care of that?

Might we see once the children are in safety and the truth is revealed, Bitch will just continue on his way? The outcome though, is it not certain Judah will no longer have the free money to light the school on fire again?

The general contractor who will direct the repairs after the fire threats are ended, might we consider it will be our good God in heaven above?

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bring in the general contractor of peace and love, our precious sweet Father who lives in heaven above?

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:

Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. Revelation 3:11

It is to peace that God has called you. 1 Corinthians 7:15


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