"My Son Jew Lost Nice Fun Day Because You Tossed Him out."
Mon Jun 10, 2019 07:36

"My Son Jew Lost Nice Fun Day Because You Tossed Him out."

Father said that to Bitch this afternoon, Sunday. They lost a nice fun day but what day is labor going to come into claim its fun day? Fun century? What day is labor going to take the concession to issue our money away from them and save us here?

Bitch prayed and asked Father a question: "Is everything known Papa?"

About a minute later Father said to Bitch: "Known enough to feed house and clothe everyone."

The technology of free energy that will open the door to incredible and unimaginable wealth for everyone. Will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR and bring our clean free wealth producing energy in?

Patrick, able to get the Jews out, but couldn't get white in even with an assist from the angels, and the knowledge of what the Jews have done. Can we not pray for the Druid to save themselves yet?

"It's amazing, we have 50% still manageable," a young Judee boy at an amusement park said.

Reading reverse facial speech found that there are indications that if white people perceive we are the special target of the Jews destruction it may produce the action needed to get a STRIKE.

"Bitch you set white power right and it will make you win. I believe Rockefeller will never fall the white seed."

And what is white power other than the United States of America, land of the free, on our constitution with its bill of rights that cares for everyone, no matter what color or place of national origin? Will labor not put our spectacular rights in once again to protect all of us from the Jews and their war collaborators?

While it may be true that white people have never been known to act when the Jews demand their special rights, is it not a refreshing thought that at this moment in time, whites need only act once with a STRIKE, and the Jews will be done in management for all times?

The childish gibberish the Jews use to stump our mentals. Will it not be nice to live in a world where truth is king?

The false the Jews have a facility of mind in that has so far held them to die us all. The one strike that will end it all. Must American workers not give us that STRIKE before we fall?

"Our error still shoots you and it's such a pleasure," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"They're booming us sad, sadly. 8.55 am

A true Awkie.

Pat, you rate here for high performance.

Your assignment now over for bubblegum policemen.

I wiped you to fall the state.

You stumble Jew, Jew take you rice-al.

You stumbled my state.

A China man.

I suffered a twin day. 10.53 am

It's on the way, their stumble off.

I'm here to stitch ya.

Club embarrass.

You're so sure.

Thank you. 12.52 pm

You're safe, sane.

They're defeat for offend.

You have no desire. 1.19 pm

He failed right catast.

Get in, come on, get your century.

Hatch is torn out.

Get a help.

My secret force to remove you is fair.

We were avenged smile.

A tic helps Patrick.

You failed us, Patrick, you failed to save us; save us before super rolls.

They bust your life here wholesale.

Just fire state safe.

My son Jew lost nice fun day because you tossed him out. 2.00 pm

Inhubation is dying force for sin.

Thieves goin' away for course fail here. 2.16 pm

ORGANIZE YOURSELVES, a cannibal field is wasting us.

AUTHORIZE and set Pittsburgh out of here.

Bust out you failed this life.

God wants them out, Patrick.

Our rockets failed. 2.32 pm

Cannibal speak false set your mind here.

Your mission has been stuvious.

You're a thief.

You're headed for a soft rattle, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Just gulch cattle.

I'm dying to meet you.

Threat meister will waste you out.

Your closing has failed to save us, Patrick.

It's all lies Patrick, it's all lies.

Patrick, scored you failed to save us.

Pat, you're closing the British fault you out. 3.56 pm

Their stupid rights will leave. 5.11 pm

Jews number one terrify us. 5.30 pm

Beautiful header you're rising.

You lost your beautiful peaceful for lechery.

Pure leapt.

A failed thug.

Let's be fortunes. 6.46 pm

You won Jew official.

I speared you awesome off of this place. 7.46 pm

Your Nazis lost it here.

Give you hell on our dog school.

Our family is dying.

Thank you, their arson is done.

I believe this scientist is dying us all.

It's fair to take you out of here right crush. 5.16 am

It's finished, they're wiping us out.

For no offend you're out now.

Mohamed was a Jew.

A fair wage is out for interstate.

Pat, you beat em right. 5.54 am

I don't believe it." 8.29 am

Was looking through Bitch notes for the specific Tele receive from Judah woman as Bitch drove passed her. Couldn't find it, maybe ignored it and didn't write it down. But from memory what she said when she saw Bitch was about this:

"Ruined your life."

Bitch was just thinking about what she said and no doubt, the Jews on their foul police state have changed Bitch's life. Ruin it though? NO way.

Bitch was thinking of how wonderful it was that he stopped drinking booze after his Maxwell civics lesson. He would have never seen these Jews in a shell, the crypto-Jew that works every terrain raising hell and setting all of us back in every land they infest.

And even more than spotting the Jew Fornian Replicons, he never would have learned of our precious sweet Father in heaven above. He was a confirmed hardcore atheist for sure. Did not believe there was anyone upstairs that cared about us at all.

And now he knows we do have kind and sweet Father above that loves us all and wants us to care for each other as He cares for us.

Who we are, where we came from and where we are going. All learned since learning about Father.

Sure, if Bitch would not have been on the war machine he would never have gotten the Maxwell civic lesson and would instead have built up a lot of money as he was doing quite well in real-estate when Judah tore him up.

While that has set Bitch back a ways, getting a chance to learn about Father is really his big day. So did Judah ruin Bitch's life? Not a chance. Bitch life has been saved by learning of our precious sweet Father and His love for us.

While Bitch has been accidentally stupid more than once in his life, he has never been intentionally rude. Only accidentally and temporarily stupid. Bitch has never fiend in his life. Contrary to the lies that Judah has used to hold Druid from saving us, he has assaulted no one. So how is it that 50% are still manageable?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

MIght that explain why 50% are still manageable? Will we not pray the truth breaks through that Bitch is a son of God because he is a man of true peace

On Judah side, while he can fake courtesy and politeness, he is rude by intent and covers it up so the target does not see the rude before the fatal snake strike.

Judah, opposite of Bitch, is a fiend by free will choice. Bitch is safe and sane and will not harm you as Father said. Bitch thinking is based in love as Father also said.

Judah, based in hate. The opportunity to leave the little world of planet earth to journey out of the nursery and venture out into the big sea that is our universe and Judah chose to stay on earth and assault the other children of God into extinction.

Bitch opposite Judah and seeks to go into the universe and explore with our elders. To live in peace with all of our brothers and sisters in this world and universe.

Mercury years ago told Bitch to go into the universe correctly we first need to have our house on earth in order.

Bitch, reading reverse facial speech learned the other day there is now $700,000 dollars in rupees on his head. Might it be because Bitch keeps writing about the plans to nuke our family in India out?

Once American labor steps in and helps us out of the nuclear box might the Fornian lookalike shell hybrid transplant Jews in India fall out? Once our family in India figures out the Jews plan to attack them with atomic weapons as they did Americans might it happen?

Will labor not help us to let them off of here so they can no longer ruse fall us to put out our cheer?

While we have the technical and the labor ability to feed house and clothe all of God's children on earth, do we see we must have peace to get it done?

Once the white force leaves the Jew go are we seeing then we will have the force for peace and prosperity?

Will the white force not let these errors go before they put us permanently out of our dough? Our health? Our lives?

"Oh, his family is billionaires? These are smart people here." Tele receive from the other day.

Bitch family collectively could fit that number. Individually, we are mostly ordinary everyday working people. American is an extremely wealthy country. Are we seeing the Jews want to take that away from us all?

President Kennedy's father was one of the richest men in America. Some reports said he was wealthier than Rockefeller. And yet do we recall he constantly opposed the wars of the Jews and told us it was the Jews that were pushing America into war all of the time?

The Jews who could have been even wealthier than they are if only they would have left velocity come in.

But do we see when everybody has an adequate bank account there will be no takers to go and fight a war? If free energy came in how would they have been able to fool us to bring in their nuclear brimstone waste artillery disguised as Jewish electricity?

As to building velocity power sources, the number Bitch is hearing now is there is over 100 million dollars on the side waiting for peace to come in so we can start our own little velocity shop here stateside.

Cold free energy that showed up in Tom Ogles automobile that got 100 miles to a gallon. And Tom said he would be able to get 9 times that when his design was fully developed.

Might we see why Judah shot Tom down with a suicide bop?

Our big wealth free energy economy that will come in the day after the Jews lose the concession to issue our money and peace comes in.

"I've Speared You Awesome Off of This Place."

That is a Tele receive from weap Judah last night. Americans now being put to a loss of life form that we are financing against ourselves. Will we not keep praying that American workers will stop the war before we physically are no more?

Put this brief post up at APFN last night after pulling some reverse speech from the Judah in a white shell that is on the flat top in the Persian Gulf going about the business of getting us into the long-planned Jewish war with Russia by starting out the fighting with Iran.


Just watched some television and a story about the American aircraft carrier that is in the Persian Gulf preparing to get into a war with Iran. Found this reverse facial speech from the man who is directing that situation there:

"I've authorized to weap all ass and off all schools."

Will labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and end the authorization to make war against Iran?

Thank you.

Checked Bitch notes and found that reverse facial speech was this:

"I'm authorized to weap all ass and off all schools."

My spell and grammar checker brought up, "I've authorized," instead of what he actually said. "I'm authorized to weap all ass and off all schools."

The attack with guided missiles against our infrastructure the Jews have set us for using their platform in Russia to accomplish us. Jews who manage America and so have all of our critical infrastructure information available to them to shoot us out completely.

Can we try to imagine what it will be like with the 133 bridges across the Mississippi blown down?

The US Navy and US Air force who have both attacked us with nuclear missiles. Can we imagine what horror they might accomplish on us working with the Russian military using conventional warheads in their next missile attack upon us?

Indications are our extraterrestrial elders will halt the Jews nuclear warheads but they may have to stand aside if the Jews order Russian and American forces to use conventional warheads on us.

The comfortable lives we've had here in wealthy America. Will labor not act to stop this war the Jews are leisurely putting on us to take our health, wealth and lives away from us?

The 1967 Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty that was designed to sink the Liberty to give the pretext to attack Egypt with thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that was aimed to begin a war with Russia that would soon turn into a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels prevent the Liberty from sinking?

Here's a link to read about it:

President Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908-1973) who ordered the United States of America destroyed in an all-out nuclear blast war. The sinking of the USS Liberty that was ordered to provide the pretext to start the war with Russia.

The authorization President Harry Truman (1884-1972) had given to the nuclear war fighting Jews in 1952 to wipe America off the face of the earth using hydrogen bombs on us to get us gone.

The cancellation by President Kennedy of the authorization President Truman had given to the nuclear war fighting Jews to exterminate us in a nuclear blast war that led to the Jews to assassinate John and then assassinate his brother Robert Kennedy.

And now we face a nuclear waste war that while not as quick as Jewish nuclear blast war, sure to kill us off in the hundreds of millions due to inhaling Jewish electricity brimstone waste.

Is it not amazing, absolutely astonishing that our Bibles had it all two thousand years ago how the Jews would get the ordinary fish out when it was time for the false Jews to leave management?

The general American Labor STRIKE that will lead to taking the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and end funding this march to war with the Soviet Union. Americans comfortable lives about to be shattered and smashed and loss of life form for the majority of us alive now.

The Jews who are cabling in this war of genocide from the safety of their underground shelters that they will be died off in tunnel death as is our good God's will. The last days that we will ever have a thing to say about our fate in the hands of the genocidal Jews.

The 14 extraterrestrial civilizations that have spacecraft hovering in outer space above us prepared to remove the God loving survivors of the war between Jewish occupied America and Jewish occupied Russia.

Must white people not end funding fighting and killing each other on the command and under the control of the international Jews who privately hold the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money, in their private hands?

Our lovely lives about to be stolen away in the permanent war of the Jews.

Will there be any in the future who will claim that they just didn't know it would happen this way?

The Jews who have no other hand to play than a war between America and Russia for have they not forced themselves out every day? Yes, any doubt they have forced themselves out of management forevermore after getting caught attacking Americans with nuclear blast extinction force?

The ruler-ship racket the Jews love to play. Where they spend centuries breeding up look alike Fornian Replicon sleepers in every terrain waiting for the moment when their mutual players attack and take over and destroy the ordinary people.

Congress who sold us out in 1913 when they gave the Jews authority to collect a tribute in the form of a tax on workers. Is it just too unbelievable that that slave, war tax is still in effect and collected by the international Jews, bypassing American offices?

Continues at:

Iran, that is sold to the world as an Islamic republic. From reading their subconscious thoughts found in reverse facial speech are we not now aware they are mostly all Jews in their look-alike Fornian hybrid trans

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