A Republic - If You Can Keep It
Fri Jun 28, 2019 06:12

Russia - Sergio, Vladimir -and Pres Medvedev - Consider the consequences of the Break Down of a Nation that has 65,000+ Nukes and 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles and Torpedoes???

Remember - Hell Is Forever


These famous worlds form Benjamin Franklin were said to a crowd of folks just after the writing of our Constitution.

then - In 1793 the Treaty of Paris gave the King of England our entire Federal Budget to be redistributed back to America as He sees fit

Then - in 1860 a member of the British Authorized Registry - BAR - Abraham Lincoln was elected into office which started a Civil War.

then in 1871 President Grant incorporated the United States - The Republic Ended

Finally - in 1913 the Federal Reserve took over our banking system and began to drain our nation of her wealth.

WW!, the Depression and Finally WW2 were merely excuses to skyrocket taxes and turn the nation into a


Departments - Agencies of a FASCIST - Government - were then formed in mass

Our Great Republic Died

So here we are at the end of an Empire - a NAZI Empire run with FIAT Currency - Sawdust with Ink printed on it.

According the the IMF we are at the END of the Fiat Currency Cycle and what the Demon-Rats demand is Communist and te Republicans want our Republic back.

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The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


On Sunday we will do a review of the PMC6 and PEMF form Denaas - what they are both used for.

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