Submarine Blows & Intel Report
Wed Jul 3, 2019 07:03

The Cold War almost went Hot

Thanks to the Cool Headed VP Pence and President Putin and a secure telephone line nothing happened.

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The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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For You Intel Geeks -- Abbreviated Version Due To Censorship

If You Get Waxed - It's You0r Own Fault For Censoring This Data - Idiots

1) More & More Clones going Nuts - Nadler, Hillary, Merkel as he\r Brain Dissolves. We can fix her - but just get another one.

2) Vary Trump's Places tomorrow - it;s a RED DOT day.

3) As layoffs increase Feds to lower Interest Rates - But - No Where To Go

4) Trump orders ALL electronics to be replaced with US Made Electronics - will cost Billions.

5) Obama, Byush, Clinton - All openly committed treason - NO arrests - Intel Depts worthless

6) New F-53s - Problem With Dash Boards - the more complicated teh jets - hte easier they are to shoot down.

7) replace Creepy Joe - He has had too many strokes. We could fix him - but just throw out the Old Joe... an tat include Crazy Bernie - Keep a New Bernie in waiting.

8) After Sept Hot Attempts

a) 12 Oct - Hit on Trump Overseas - Suicidal Hit man - trusted Advisor - Walk Up And Shoot Him

b) 27 Oct - Major Push for War with Iran

c) UN Ramping Up Deadly H2N3 7 H3N3 Flu Vaccination to kill us in the USAA - Like an Airborne Ebola.

d) Trump family will get physically ill as a warning from GOD... we have the Cure - but Trump will not act on it.

e) 5th Oct - Nuke. Britain, Near Scrooby to stop Brexit

f) Nov 2 & 17th - Nuclear Tipped Missile to be launched from Local Naval Base at White House - Blmed on Russia/Iran

Nov 17th - Coumo puts out hit on Trump


December - Interesting month

21st - UN Will try To Shake Planet Earth

Nuke Detonations - All Recommissioned US Made - - DC, NYC, Chicago Atlanta, Paris Moscow, Madrid Beijing, Hiroshima - Indonesian Capitol dead Center

(((Moscow - 14 Sep - SW Of Center Of Moscow 7 miles near a river & marsh)))

Moscow 21 December - Dead Center Moscow - Not Red Square - Large one - easily detectable. The Elites are hoping your city will have riots by then so you will not be able to respond. Keep shoppers available


For The Fallen Angels It's about Destruction - The More The Merrier

For the Elites - It Is A big Game

For The DC Crowd It Is A Shit Show

Everyone Else Is Clueless


AMEC"S Nuke Is Still Under Yellowstone - Thanks Wyoming Governor

If the war does not come UN Will Attempt Detonation 40 + Volcanoes World Wide with US Nukes and Increase It's Attempts with Nuclear Cratering charges to blow Methane Pockets across Northern Russia and Alaska using US Made Weapons

All dates are +- 3 DAYS

No More - CIA Cockroaches Are On My Computer

Trump - Oodachie - September

Sorry - I Really Do Mean Good Luck --- could give more nut....

Thanks for your support, not

Gotta Go.


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