[ PHOTOCOPIED talmud pages : sex/marriage with 3 yr olds ]
Wed Jul 3, 2019 09:15

[ PHOTOCOPIED talmud pages : sex/marriage with 3 yr olds ]

The following link, has PHOTOCOPIED pages of what is being purported to be from the jewish talmud (could be construed as being the jewish annotated version of the Holy Scriptures and other material).

The PHOTOCOPIED pages have underlined portions indicating that the freak american/international bolshevik communist gypsy jews :

(1) allow marriage/sex to another jew(?) at an age as young as 3 years.
(2) do not consider sex with children younger than 3 years as affecting "virginity".

It should perhaps be said, that the "jews" may have different "rabbi's" and "orthoox jews", who may be part of different "religious" sects that favor one extreme interpretation over another pertaining to jews having voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with jewish adults/minors, and voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with "gentile" adults/minors.

It should perhaps also be said, that the jews seem to apply the "jewish laws" different to cases involving "jews" than to cases involving "gentiles".

"jewish talmud Allows sex with 3-year Old Girls!"

Note: the word "proselyte" is used in the photocopied pages, and according to the following link, quote [[The English term "proselyte" occurs only in the New Testament where it signifies a convert to the Jewish religion (Matthew 23:15; Acts 2:11; 6:5; etc.), though the same Greek word is commonly used in the Septuagint to designate a foreign sojourner in Palestine. ....]]


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    • [ PHOTOCOPIED talmud pages : sex/marriage with 3 yr olds ] — FRIEND OF GOD, Wed Jul 3 09:15
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