[ Common Sense evaluation of the battle field - PART 1 ]
Wed Jul 3, 2019 11:30

[ Common Sense evaluation of the battle field - PART 1 ]

A Common Sense evaluation of the battle field presumably would include evaluating 100% of all persons, on 100% of the battle field, and 100% of the various Relevant aspects of each of those persons and groups of persons, pertaining to such Relevant aspects as current historical events, past historic events, motives, past and current historic religious beliefs, "troop" and "personnel" movements, battle field tactics, battle field organization, aspects pertaining to the incriminating evidence thus acquired, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ; presumably, a basic checklist could be formed to evaluate persons on the battle field at any particular moment; and presumably, a battle field evaluation can also change and be updated at any moment when new evidence, new "leads", and new "criminal theories" become apparent ; a "general" who is unable to accurately update their battle field evaluations, using Common Sense investigations of new evidence, new "leads", and new "criminal theories" as they become apparent, using all the current and past historic evidence currently available , presumably will be a "general" that tends to mis-evaluate the real-time current situations occurring on the battle field, resulting in delays and set-backs to any moral objectives that the "general" is attempting to maintain/restore/establish; ( note: the use of the word "general" in this Article, could be defined as any person who is not a homo/nigger/wigger/jew/freak, in any non-jewish "country", who is appointed/elected/self-elected with those "general" responsibilities, and does not necessarily imply a person with competence, and does not necessarily imply a person who is filling a specific pre-designated "job title" );

An example of a lack of evaluation of the battle field: there appears to be dual-citizenship israel soviet union jews in the usa "jewish soviet union pentagon", while at the same time, the usa z.o.g. "government" seems to completely ignore any evaluation of the battle field in relation to all the foreign/domestic jewish crimes and jewish tactics being done on the battle field against the "gentiles" ;

Is it coincidence that all the z.o.g. "governments" seem to completely fail to evaluate the "jews" on the battle field; or is that failure intentional ?

The following is an example of a "country" that did do some Common Sense evaluations of the battle field : The rednecks called Mr. Hitler and White Germany.

Did Mr. Hitler, after doing a Common Sense evaluation of the battle field, notice :

(1) all the international communist bolshevik gypsy jews running around White Russia, China (next to Russia), and europe, and other "countries" ?
(2) the jewish rothschild international banking cartel peddling wooden nickels lent at interest to the various z.o.g. "governments" ?
(3) the jewish involvement in prostitution, drug dealing, pornography, after ww1 ?

In contrast to Mr. Hitler, did the usa freak "government" do an impartial Common Sense evaluation of :

(1) The domestic/foreign policies of Mr. Hitler after ww1, and the geo-political causes and effects of ww1 ?
(2) who really demolished the wtc buildings on 9/11, that commenced the ongoing 9/11 jewish crime spree ? (it was "jews" and their collaborators)
(3) the wooden nickels being "borrowed" at interest from "the jewish rothschild non-federal non-reserve bank", pursuant to "the jewish non-federal non-reserve act of 1913" ?
(4) the 1913, 1914, 1917 years involved in the jewish non-federal non-reserve act of 1913, the 1914 ww1 against White Germany, the 1917 jewish bolshevic "revolution" against the White Russians ?
(5) the z.o.g. false flag gulf of tonkin incident, that allowed the usa "jewish soviet union pentagon" to simultaneously ship supplies to the jewish soviet union, according to Dr. Atony Sutton from the hoover institute ?
(6) the z.o.g. false flag avoidable pearl harbor incident, that got the usa z.o.g. "government" into ww2 supporting other z.o.g. "governments" ? (Hitler had a "treaty" with both Japan -and- the jewish soviet union, but who did the usa z.o.g. "government" bomb ? )
(7) the jewish rothschild non-federal non-reserve banks in other z.o.g. "countries" ?
(8) all the jewish terrorist activities, religious beliefs, false prophesies, child rape, child porn, et cetera, done by the jews as recorded in the publicly available archives ?
(9) the jews lobbying for "the uncivil rights act of 1964" ?
(11) the jews lobbying for "the open immigration act of 1965" ?
(12) jewish supporter bill clinton signing the telecommunications act of 1996 ?
(13) the jews buying and consolidating most of the media in the usa, and certain other "countries" ? ( all the various types of media outlets for newspapers, magazines, films, etc, can also be called military propaganda stations )
(14) the freak jews in usa non-supreme court veto'ing the Majority Vote of the "gentile" California Voters who banned "gay marriage" in California ?
(14) et cetera.

It appears that many persons have not done a proper evaluation of the battle field and the huge pile of publicly available evidence that is available; and even more incriminating evidence that is not already in the huge pile of publicly available evidence may be "classified"; would the freak "jews" peppered throughout the usa z.o.g. "government" want to downplay the incriminating evidence against the "jews", while "classifying" other incriminating evidence against the "jews" and their "war" and "enslavements" against the "gentiles" ?


[ origins of jewish religious beliefs in middle east, possibly originating from "yedic(?)" religious beliefs in India, that may have been further adopted and developed amongst the various false religions and myths that were occurring in the middle east at the time, as may also be indicated by the false religious myths that were also (simultaneously?) occurring in greece(and other regions) at the time(?) ]


In the following link, a comment is posted by "farang" ...

"Why jesus was REALLY killed: challenging the [jewish] money changers"

The comment by "farang" is posted at the bottom of the Article, and the comment suggest that, quote [[ ALL JEWISH MYTH IS TWISTED VEDIC MYTH. ALL OF IT. (Torah = "To Twist", the facts/myths.) Abram was a Brahman, a priest of Brahma, the Creator God of the Vedic pantheon. ALL VEDIC GODS ARE "aspects" of ONE GOD: Indira. ]] unquote.


In the following link, it is indicated that there were 360 different religions at the time of the Quran ...

[89min] "BBC Documentary - Lost Secrets Of Quran And Islam Facts & Truth About Koran"

note: the word "Quran", when translated into english, apparently means "Recitation".
note: the word "Muslim", when translated into english, means ....


in b.c. and early a.d., the greece and romans apparently also had their false religions and story telling ...

"ancient greek religion"

"Storytelling Tradition in Greek, Etruscan & Roman Culture"



it can be presumed that the wondering nomadic gypsy "jews" were travelers similar to many "gentile" travelers in the middle east and surround area, and had ample opportunity to hear about religions and storytelling from India, Greece, Rome, Middle East, et cetera;

as such, it seems likely that the "jews" adopted a religion, or a part of a religion, or parts of several religions, and combined and rejected many portions of the prevalent religions and religious practices that seem to have been in existence at that time, and then put their own false prophesies and animal rituals into their religion ;

about the only true record in the "Old Testimony", is that "There is an Entity called GOD, The Creator of the Entire Universe", but this record about GOD may have been developed over many hundreds of years by non-jews, as indicated in the comment by "farang", and then only later adopted and revised by "jews" ;

Some of the false rituals and beliefs done by the delusional "jews" are as follows :

there is no "promised land", because the continents have been shifting for billions of years - a fact that "jews" apparently did not have in b.c. ;

GOD, The Creator of the Entire Universe, does not do RESTRICTIVE "promises" to filthy human rodents ;

GOD, The Creator of the Entire Universe, does not need "animal sacrifices" and "blood rituals"; GOD does not need an "animal sacrifice" for an animal that GOD has spent millions of years developing; GOD did make "door jambs" and did not tell "jews" to smear "animal blood" on it; et cetera ;

GOD, The Creator of the Entire Universe, does NOT need the "jesus story" ; many persons in the Middle East, apparently just believe that "jesus" was a prophet ; what if "jesus" was a FALSE prophet ;

the jews and their adopted/revised religion, seem to consist of many false prophets with many false prophesies ;


[ jewish beliefs of sex, with jewish minors, and "gentile" minors: ]

The following link, has PHOTOCOPIED pages of what is being purported to be from the jewish talmud (could be construed as being the jewish annotated version of the Holy Scriptures and other material).

The PHOTOCOPIED pages have underlined portions indicating that the freak american/international bolshevik communist gypsy jews :

(1) allow marriage/sex to another jew(?) at an age as young as 3 years.
(2) do not consider sex with children younger than 3 years as affecting "virginity".

It should perhaps be said, that the "jews" may have different "rabbi's" and "orthodox jews", who may be part of different "religious" sects that favor one extreme interpretation over another pertaining to jews having voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with jewish adults/minors, and voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with "gentile" adults/minors.

It should perhaps also be said, that the jews seem to apply the "jewish laws" different to cases involving "jews" than to cases involving "gentiles".

"jewish talmud Allows sex with 3-year Old Girls!"

Note: the word "proselyte" is used in the photocopied pages, and according to the following link, quote [[The English term "proselyte" occurs only in the New Testament where it signifies a convert to the Jewish religion (Matthew 23:15; Acts 2:11; 6:5; etc.), though the same Greek word is commonly used in the Septuagint to designate a foreign sojourner in Palestine. ....]]

One of the common complaints being told by the "gentiles", is about the jewish involvement in child rape and child porn, and therefore, perhaps a Common Sense evaluation of the battle field is needed pertaining to these accusations;

perhaps a Common Sense evaluation of the battle field can gather all the pieces of evidence, "leads", and "criminal theories" pertaining to those accusations.

The word "minor" and "adult" is subjective, and Many White Colonists and other non-jews in many "countries" seem to have culturally developed "medical" and "mental" age limits pertaining to marriage and sexual activities with "adults" and "minors"; the "jews" seem to have set the minimum age limit at about 3, according to the above link (with the photocopies), regardless of what opinion the "gentiles" about that age limit, and many if not most "gentiles" (in usa) have also set minimum age limits about about 14 - 18 years of age;

the "gentiles", when determining age limits for marriage, seem to consider not only the "medical" aspects of sex with minors, but also the "mental" aspects of the minors, such as the rights of minors to develop concepts of sex and marriage to later make an informed decision about who and when to have marriage and sex; in contrast, the "jews" have a completely different set of beliefs pertaining to sex with jewish minors and "gentile" minors;

if the "jews" have an unwavering belief in the minimum age law for sex being set at 3 years of age, and on the other side of the battle field, the non-jews have their unwavering belief in the minimum age law for sex set substantially more than 3 years of age, then presumably, there is going to be a constant conflict between the "jews" and "gentiles" and their legal/custom/taboo beliefs about the minimum age law for sex;

for "jewish" political/military reasons, some of the "jews" may try downplaying and denying their minimum age law for sex/marriage, however, that denial from the "jews" may be just to avoid persecution by the "gentiles";

unless the "jews" deny their minimum age laws for marriage/sex, then the "jews" risk persecution/ostrisation/arrest/expulsion/quaranteining, and lack of employment amongst the "gentiles", and loss of "foreign aid" and other free money, such as through the recent use of the jewish wooden nickels lent at interest from the international jewish rothschild non-federal non-reserve banks;


[ several reasons why marriage/sex with minors should not be 3 years old - as approved by the "jews" ]

Physical and Mental aspects of sex with minor:

(1) preventing a minor from having sex retains the ability of a minor to make an informed decision later, based on all the various available bachelors, marriage belief systems being used, and the marriage belief system approved by their parents

(2) sex is not a natural inclination of many minors, who would prefer playing in field of flowers while GOD is watching.

(3) sex with minors presumably is often forced or manipulated or coerced, taking the "freedom of informed choice" completely away from that minor.

(4) the minimum age laws for marriage/sex set by the freak jews forces the minors into an life-long arrangement without a vote (typical jewish "enslavement" practices);


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