[ Common Sense evaluation of the battle field - PART 3 ]
Wed Jul 3, 2019 11:38

[ Common Sense evaluation of the battle field - PART 3 ]


"Why jesus was REALLY killed: challenging the [jewish] money changers"

Comment by "farang", from above link

"farang" said,

quote [[ There NEVER WAS ANYONE NAMED "Jesus" in those times: there was no "j" in the alphabet. It was a Y or an H. With an "short-e" sound.

In the O.T. and N.T.: The "Lord" is the pharaoh. "God" can also be the pharaoh ("God on Earth), or can refer a variety of dieties. (Amen, Ra/Re/ Ptah, Ia/Ya (Moon god of Egypt, Osiris). THAT IS FACT.

Unless the text refers to "the Lord" BY THE NAME of the diety? It means THE PHARAOH. Got it????

"Judea" is the region of the northern Nile Delta called "Idj-Twy", which means "The Two Lands." Thebes was "Israel." The "two kingdoms."

The "Hittite" kingdom was Vedic/JEWISH. FACT. DNA PROVES Armenians, Jews (Ashkenazi and Sephardic), Druze Bedoins, Syrians, Georgians ALL SHARE THE SAME DNA. ALL ORIGINATED in what we call "Turkey/Armenia/Georgia." The mountains of Ararat.

Note well: Gobkli tepe, the 12,000 year old stone megaliths with advanced stone art works, are located in that region. They had a certain symbol I have traced to a certain grail. As did the Hittites.

As did a certain piece of jewelry found in Tut's tomb. The Breast Piece of the High Priest, the Cohen Gadol.

EXACT SAME IMAGE IS ON THIS CUP. Got it??? Both with EXACT SAME IMAGE, EXACT SAME. Tut's ancestors were Vedic Hittite/Mittani/Hurrians. In fact, one of Tut's royal titles STATES HE IS HURRIAN!!!!! Another royal title states he is (k)"Heperu." Silent K. Hebrew.

Time for a REAL history lesson. FORGET what Fundamentalist Christian "Egyptologists" of the 1800's and 1900's "theorized" about Egypt while attempting to PROVE the bible was "real" history. IT IS NOT. IT IS STOLEN MYTH from Chaldea/India. Kaldi was the CHIEF DEITY of "Chadea" which was Urartu/Armenia. FACT. "Sumer" means Southern Chaldea. "Northern Babylon/Karaduniash. Please, know your geography. Sumeria was a Chaldean culture.

ALL JEWISH MYTH IS TWISTED VEDIC MYTH. ALL OF IT. (Torah = "To Twist", the facts/myths.) Abram was a Brahman, a priest of Brahma, the Creator God of the Vedic pantheon. ALL VEDIC GODS ARE "aspects" of ONE GOD:

Brahma was shunned by mainstream Vedics, even though he is the "Creator" god...because he turns DEMONIC. FACT.

"Jewish"Purim= VEDIC Purana= myths of gods/goddesses jockeying for supreme position. The Illiad is a prime example of PURANIC MYTH.

Ester is really India: Ista-Devi. Both Istar and "David" had a symbol of a harp and a star. I Star Devi= Star of David. Her "uncle Mordecai"=Marduk. Vaishti, the queen "Ester" replaces is Vach (Sarasvati), Mother Goddess of the Vedics. "Hanum", the prince she has murdered? That is really Hanuman, the MONKEY GOD BFF OF RAMA/Vishnu. FACT: Stolen myth, even stolen label!!! Just slightly "Torah'ed/Twisted" as the famous late Joseph Campbell always pointed out about "Jewish" myths.

In Egypt, they worshiped another Vedic god: VISHNU. He has "avatars" you might recognize: "Balarama." Ba'al and Ra(ma). Matsaya: Ma'at (Truth). NaraSimha: Narmer/Nimrod/Naram-Sin.

In Egypt, the clueless Egyptologists tell us the "falcon-headed god is Ra, and he carries the disk of the sun on his head." SHEER NONSENSE!!!!!

The falcon is NOT THE GOD!!! That is GARUDA, the EAGLE that CARRIES Vishnu (The Sun God of the Vedics) on his shoulders/head. Again: "Ra/Rama" is an avatar of Vishnu.

All of the "Egyptian gods" are Vedic. Vishnu avatar: Buddha. In Egypt? P(u)tah. His son is Ra(ma.)

There are Egyptian GOLDEN STATUES OF THE SLEEPING PTAH. Ya dig???? The Golden Buddha. The Sleeping Buddha. YA DIG????

"Horus"...drop the Greek translation and the Greek "us" suffix and you have the original name: Har/Her. Har(i) is another AVATAR of RA/RAMA. Ya dig??? Har IS Ra IS Vishnu. Horus=VISHNU.

The clueless Egyptologists call him "Hera-akhuti"...the rising sun. NONSENSE!!! He is Hari-Garuda!!!

Goodness, they actually get PAID to go on Zionist controlled "History Channel" or Zionist-controlled "Discovery Channel" or Zionist-controlled "National Geographic" and PEDAL THIER LIES. ARE YOU STILL BUYING THOSE LIES????

farang is here to bring that to a halt.

Rama is KING OF AYODHYA, KING OF THE JEWS. AYODHYA=Judea. In Egypt, it was called "Tell el-Yahudiya." Go look: a 700's b.c. temple to Yahweh.
In India: Ayodhya, in Thailand: Ayutthaya.

PAY ATTENTION: In Vedic myth, Rama "leads his Chosen People" to a Promised land: Sri-Lanka.

Does that name "ring a bell?" The Mernptah stele the Zionists love to point at it as "proof" of historical "Israel?" "Israel" is spelled: "Sri-la-a-a." I ask you: does that sound like "Israel" or "Sri Lanka"????? Ramses....Ra Moses. "Born of Ra." Moses leading his Chosen People.....Hello? Are the lights on???

"HAYA" is the CHALDEAN/Urartian/Armenian YAHWEH. I hope the glimmer of reality is starting to shine through....Ayyut Haya???? A "Jew of Hiya!"

In the 5th dynasty of Egypt, the kings that invaded Egypt and formed this dynasty started building SUN TEMPLES with LINGUM of SHIVA. The "Obelisks" are Shiva's penis. Plain and simple. The Washington monument is Shiva's phallus. Plain and simple. Isn't it OBVIOUS???

In these sun temples...the "Egyptologists" ADMIT they found the oldest layers in these sun temples have an object they are "unsure of" is a CLASSIC VEDIC LINGUM OF SHIVA!!!!!!

And these guys have DEGREES from UNIVERSITIES??? Wow. Properly labeled, they are fuctionally PROPAGANDISTS FOR ZIONISM.

These kings started a tradition all following dynasties copied: The called themselves "RaS(h)a." Son of Ra." RAJA.

Now.....on "Jesus." Where did "Mary" take the infant "Jesus?" *Oddly enough*, for a Jewish woman that had her people supposedly escape SLAVERY FROM in Egypt...she takes "Jesus" EGYPT!!!

Tut's mother: "Merit-Ra." Mary.

If anyone here is familiar with'll recognize she was a priestess of Ra...she "made merit" everyday with OFFERINGS TO RA. RA/YA/AMEN: this is the "god" of the "Jews." Who knows what her birth name was..."Mari/Mary/Merit was a TITLE of PRIESTS and PRIESTESS in EGYPT.

That's why images of the slain and not-yet-arisin Osiris, have Isis MERI and Nepthys MERI kneeling and wailing in grief next to his wrapped-in-linen body in tomb......and it is why NO BODIES ARE FOUND IN TOMBS, JUST LIKE "JESUS": it was a CULT CEREMONY. Osiris was "resurrected" and sent to sit next to "God" in a constellation where the pryamid "shafts" pointed to. His BODY HAD TO BE "MISSING" for a SUCCESSFUL RESURRECTION. Hello?

"Jesus'" name was JOSHUA (Ye'shuah in the original GREEK). Period. No "JESUS" AT ALL. That occurred from translating Joshua to English. Got it? NO JESUS.

And that "Joshua/Shiva" was the Egyptian king known as Tut. Tut was murdered by an Aten "High Priest" known was "Panehesy" ("The Negro"). The bible calls him "Phineus." After Tut took the throne after Akhenaton and his Aten/Atehn worshipers agreed to "exodus" from Egypt Tut changed his name to Tutankhamen. Panehesy was livid and when Tut came to speak with "his father/half-brother" Akhenaton (Prophet Nathan in the O.T. and Talmud), Panehesy stabbed Tut with a spear (and the "foreign woman" that was with Tut), then hung him from a tree. There is only ONE black mummy found. Go look it up. Look at the killer of "Jesus"/Tut.

The Talmud states it quite clearly that passing Jews said: "Look, there hangs the king of the Jews." FACT.

"O father, why have you forsaken me." Now it makes a bit more sense.

Akhenaton allowed Tut to be murdered....and barely escaped Horemheb's wrath. You see, Horemheb was Amenhotep III's bff and raiding chum: He was HIRAM, king of Tyre. Tut was Amenhotep III's son or grandson. Solomon's son. Later, Akhenaton as "NebuKudirriYa/Nebuchadrezzer" laid seige to Tyre for THIRTEEN YEARS: This is the historical Troy" seige, and the SCRIBE KING HOREMHEB was HOMER. Wakey wakey!

Tut was "Jo'Shiva." Biblical Joshua: "Destroyer of cities." (Example: Jericho). Shiva: Destroyer of WORLDS.

The robe of the Amen High Priest (A COHEN GADOL/ Jewish Catholic) was found in Tut's tomb, along with the treasure of his grandfather or father: Solomon/Amenhotep III. Got it? Cohen Priesthood of Amen??? Gadols, got it???? Look at the blue pope hat Akhenaton is wearing.....Hey, don't trust me: read what the guy that opened the tomb and cataloged its contents stated!!! Yes, the ARK OF THE COVENENT was there too!!! FACT!!!

In Egypt, the crown princes were called ANGELS OF THE LORD (lord=pharaoh, their father.) So when the O.T. or Talmud talks about REAL ANGELS talking to REAL PEOPLE? IT IS TRUE. Only they were EARTHLY "angels." Egyptian Crown PRINCES.

Recently, a 700's B.C. mummy was found in Egypt of a woman, with a TATTOO of the symbol of "ARCHANGEL Michael" on it. Shiva has an avatar of "Mahakala", someone you might think twice about pissing off:

In Tut's tomb was found an inscription: "M'kel." HE WAS THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL/MAHAKALA.

Mahakala: Michael, the archangel. Shiva avatar. In Egypt, "Shiva" was the god "Shu", bff of Ra/Rama.

The biblical person known as "Jesus," king of the Jews, was Aristobulus III, related to King Herod. He wore a crown of "thorns." Herod had him killed, the Romans removed Herod from throne. His mother's name was "Miriam." "Mary/Mari", a PRIESTESS.

This was a CULT of RESURRECTION. Over 5000 years old. Osiris, the Egyptian resurrection god depicted in blue, is "L'azerus" (L' Azure), whom the newest "Chrestus" (graduate of the Cult school) had to "raise from the dead" in a CULT CEREMONY. I was lucky enough to see a statue of Osiris in Seattle, 2012, in Tut exhibit: covered in faded BLUE PAINT.

A real shame that so many are ignorant of their Indo-Aryan roots. That was the language used by royalty of the M.E.

It is an intentional function of US public education and state-approved religions to keep us ignorant of those facts.

Akhenaton, Tut's father, was the one that "chased the corrupt priests" from the Amen temples, then closed them. HISTORICAL FACT. However, that only lasted TWO YEARS, then the Amen temples re-opened under Smenkare. He didn't last long before being whacked.

When Akhenaton was chased from throne by military generals Horemheb and Aye (Aye: his grandfather's brother), he founded his new capital in the Jebusite city of Urusalim. The Talmud and O.T. state quite clearly that "JEBUSITES lived in Jerusalem ALONGSIDE JEWS", always.

And he also set up in his other, "Kassite/Mittani/Hurrian" Vedic kingdom in Babylon as NebuKudurriYa: NebuChadrezzer. There was only ONE Nebuchadrezzer. Does everyone realize that was what Akhenaton was called by his Mittani/Hittite/Hurrian relatives???? Does everyone realize "Nebu" is the "God of the Tablets" and is depicted carrying two STONE TABLETS OF LAWS????? MOSES????

His grandfather was Yahweh. "Yaya/Ioaua, YHW." FACT. And Yuya was actually King Yayati, of the 1400 B.C. Puru kingdom of INDIA. Egypt was one of his colonies. The biblical "Joseph." His brother that followed was "Ayati": Egyptian general "Aye" and biblical Ephraim.


The ONLY temple is to The Queen of Heaven: Asherah, YAHWEH'S WIFE.

The one he apparently shared with his "Thutmose/Dudimose/THOMAS/TWIN": Ba'al. Their baby was a GOLDEN CALF. IT IS IN 800 B.C. POTTERY ART!!!! FACT!!!!! Yahweh is depicted with BULL's HEAD and erect phallus. As is Ba'al.

If you really believe there was a "great kingdom" of Israel? YOU'VE BEEN HOODWINKED. Always, it was a VASSAL STATE of Egypt, or Assyria, the Kingdom of Damascus or Babylon. ALWAYS. Note well: these are modern day targets of Zionists. As is Yemen, were even Jews have to admit they escaped from Egypt and settled in...the DNA PROVES IT. Again..Yemen, a Zionist target. They want to HIDE THE EVIDENCE, DESTROY THE REAL HISTORY.

I KNOW WHERE THE "HOLY GRAIL" IS. It was made circa 200 B.C.-100 A.D., from analysis of the metal is it made from. It was made in the M.E. And it has an image of Cohen Gadol priests WRAPPING A MUMMY THAT LOOKS LIKE TUT, under image EXACTLY SAME AS COHEN GADOL BREASTPLATE FROM TUT'S TOMB.

It is on and all.....THINK!!!!!!!!!!

And it was found in a region where the people migrated to "Normandy" and "Aquataine." (Think!)

Aquataine is where a certain famous Queen held court for Troubadours to weave tales of Knights of the Round Table....including searching for a certain "Grail."

Want More? In Tut's tomb...was found a sword of IRON. In the BRONZE AGE. Recent msm sources quoted experts that analysed some iron "jewelry" found in Tut's tomb...and concluded from the high Nickel content that it came from a METEOR. (A STAR that fell..."). Now THINK: is there any relationship of extracting iron from a "cosmic stone".....and "pulling an iron sword from a rock????" Excaliber...YA DIG????? Merlin: an Alchemist. A surveyor (Mer=Measure Lin=Line. Measuring line.) We speak that TONGUE.

Please: educate yourselves. "Program" yourselves with ALL sources of knowledge, then DECIDE THE TRUTHS FOR YOURSELVES: you can hardly do WORSE than the so-called "experts."]] unquote


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