European Economy Set To Collapse
Sat Jul 6, 2019 04:13

Intel community - watch video now!

We are watching a Depression hit us - an Inflationary Depression

We have seen it set in ever wince 1980 - when I brought home $15 an hour.

AS the Government grows and sucks more and more money from us every day - our earnings decline.

Today most Americans bring home less that $15/hour - that's about $1,150 every 2 weeks - or about $2,500 a month.

That's sad.

So as the cost if these insane ongoing wars, illegal aliens, welfare and debt mount we will loose more and more money from our pay check.

This is happening in Europe in Spades as the economy there is unwinding at an ever increasing rate.

Now Deutsche Bank is set to collapse - leaving in it;s wake a shattered European Economy.

VIDEO: (747) EU Economy Set To Fall & Go...BOING - YouTube

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