[ How many jewish pedophiles in FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT ? ]
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[ How many jewish pedophiles in FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT ? ]



When implementing any new fbi policies, We are talking about PERCENTAGES, and a PERCENTAGE of children that those new fbi policies will affect .

Any implementation of stricter or better suited policies in the fbi pedophile department (or elsewhere) may affect a PERCENTAGE of the lives children .


[ How many jewish pedophiles in FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT ? ]

There seems to be many many reports of JEWISH PEDOPHILES, who are intentionally raping "gentile" children and adults, according to their jewish belief system .

It does not seem unlikely that there is a jewish pedophile in the FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT .

QUESTION: How many jews are in the FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT, selling child pornography out the back door ?



After/while the jews are removed from the FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT, there should be a discussion about implementing a new FBI policy about what gender of person can/can-not review the pedophile evidence in the custody of the fbi, namely: only women should be allowed to review the fbi pedophile evidence in the custody of the FBI PEDOPHILE DEPARTMENT.

Before discussing why females, and not males, should be the persons reviewing most/all of the fbi pedophile evidence, it should be said that anyone who reviews pedophile evidence routinely, year after year, for many years, may not be able to get rid of some of the mental images .

That said, a male "fbi agent", after years of reviewing the pedophile evidence, may succumb to temptation at some time in their life, with their own children, or with someone else's children, and that is the reason that males should not be allowed to review the fbi pedophile evidence .

A male who is tempted, may be more likely to be involved in a sexual crime involving a minor if their is a possibility of sexual gratification with their "big bump", and in contrast, a woman would be less likely to seek gratification from a "small bump" on a male child for example ;

And the prison records may also already show, that males may be more likely to be repeat offenders with their "big bumps" ; whereas, woman, even if they have sexual fantasies involving minors, may be less likely to act on those sexual fantasies involving minors, because once again, the woman often will not be able to attain sexual gratification from the "small bumps" on the male children .

Of course, at some point in time, the jew/non-jew lawyers, and jew/non-jew judges, will be subjected to that pedophile evidence, but We are talking about PERCENTAGES .


[ jewish beliefs of sex, with jewish minors, and "gentile" minors: ]

The following link, has PHOTOCOPIED pages of what is being purported to be from the jewish talmud (could be construed as being the jewish annotated version of the Holy Scriptures and other material).

The PHOTOCOPIED pages have underlined portions indicating that the freak american/international bolshevik communist gypsy jews :

(1) allow marriage/sex to another female jew(?) at an age as young as 3 years.
(2) do not consider sex with female children younger than 3 years as affecting "virginity".

It should perhaps be said, that the "jews" may have different "rabbi's" and "orthodox jews", who may be part of different "extemist jewish religious sects" that favor one extreme interpretation over another pertaining to :
(1) jews having voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with jewish minors/adults, and,
(2) jews having voluntary/involuntary marriage/sex with "gentile" minors/adults.

It should perhaps also be said, that the jews seem to apply the "jewish laws" different to cases involving "jews" than to cases involving "gentiles".

"jewish talmud Allows sex with 3-year Old Girls!"

Note: the word "proselyte" is used in the photocopied pages, and according to the following link, quote [[The English term "proselyte" occurs only in the New Testament where it signifies a convert to the Jewish religion (Matthew 23:15; Acts 2:11; 6:5; etc.), though the same Greek word is commonly used in the Septuagint to designate a foreign sojourner in Palestine. ....]]

One of the common complaints being told by the "gentiles", is about the jewish involvement in child rape and child porn, and therefore, perhaps a Common Sense evaluation of the battle field is needed pertaining to these accusations;

perhaps a Common Sense evaluation of the battle field can gather all the pieces of evidence, "leads", and "criminal theories" pertaining to those accusations.

The word "minor" and "adult" is subjective, and Many White Colonists and other non-jews in many "countries" seem to have culturally developed "medical" and "mental" age limits pertaining to marriage and sexual activities with "adults" and "minors"; the "jews" seem to have set the minimum age limit at about 3, according to the above link (with the photocopies), regardless of what opinion the "gentiles" about that age limit, and many if not most "gentiles" (in usa) have also set minimum age limits about about 14 - 18 years of age;

the "gentiles", when determining age limits for marriage, seem to consider not only the "medical" aspects of sex with minors, but also the "mental" aspects of the minors, such as the rights of minors to develop concepts of sex and marriage to later make an informed decision about who and when to have marriage and sex; in contrast, the "jews" have a completely different set of beliefs pertaining to sex with jewish minors and "gentile" minors;

if the "jews" have an unwavering belief in the minimum age law for sex being set at 3 years of age, and on the other side of the battle field, the non-jews have their unwavering belief in the minimum age law for sex set substantially more than 3 years of age, then presumably, there is going to be a constant conflict between the "jews" and "gentiles" and their legal/custom/taboo beliefs about the minimum age law for sex;

for "jewish" political/military reasons, some of the "jews" may try downplaying and denying their minimum age law for sex/marriage, however, that denial from the "jews" may be just to avoid persecution by the "gentiles";

unless the "jews" deny their minimum age laws for marriage/sex, then the "jews" risk persecution/ostrisation/arrest/expulsion/quarantining, and lack of employment amongst the "gentiles", and loss of "foreign aid" and other free money, such as through the recent use of the jewish wooden nickels lent at interest from the international jewish rothschild non-federal non-reserve banks;


[ several reasons why marriage/sex with minors should not be 3 years old, as is approved by the "jews" ]

Physical and Mental aspects of sex with minor:

(1) preventing a minor from having sex retains the ability of a minor to make an informed decision later, based on all the various available bachelors, marriage belief systems being used, and the marriage belief system approved by their parents

(2) sex is not a natural inclination of many minors, who may prefer playing in field of flowers, while GOD is watching.

(3) sex with minors presumably is often forced or manipulated or coerced, taking the "freedom of informed choice" completely away from that minor.

(4) the minimum age laws for marriage/sex set by the freak jews forces the minors into an life-long arrangement without a vote (typical jewish "enslavement" practices);

(5) forced/premature sex with minors may affect their sense of Self-Righteousness.


The White Colonist Minute-Men FOUGHT for the political process called the usa constitution.

What would the White Colonist Minute-Men say about using Initiative Petitions to get state laws on the ballots to FORCE their state and federal legislators to IMPROVE the usa constitution ?



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