[ if retarded girl hillary indicted - revenge against bill ]
Tue Jul 9, 2019 11:40

[ if retarded girl hillary indicted, hillary can get revenge against bill ]

I suspect the possibility that the “formal” investigation of bill clinton getting a blow-job was a DIVERSION to “the china-gate scandal” that bill clinton was involved in ?

And of course, the clapping seals in the usa freak “congress”, would WANT to prioritize a “clown court investigation” of bill clinton getting an extra-marital blow-job, instead of doing a real investigation of “the china-gate scandal” .

Was the blow-job fake, or was the blow-job real and was suggested to be a diversion ?

And then, perhaps out of sympathy, new york (or the jewish approved electronic voting machines), then elected that mentally retarded girl called hillary clinton to represent them in the usa “congress” .

If the blow-job was real, and if that mentally retarded girl called hillary clinton ever gets a court indictment, then hillary can beg for a plea bargain and a reduced sentence, in exchange for testifying against bill clinton, and finally, hillary can have her revenge against bill for betraying her .


I am not blaming China for buying usa military classified’s/weapons from bill clinton, because that is what many Foreign Countries will do .

China probably viewed clinton as a traitor president who was voluntarily approaching and soliciting China for quick money, in exchange for usa military classified’s/weapons, and perhaps also considered the free-trade implicatons if China did NOT buy the usa classified’s/weapons ?


The White Colonist Minute-Men FOUGHT for the political process called the usa constitution.

What would the White Colonist Minute-Men say about using Initiative Petitions to get state laws on the ballots to FORCE their state and federal legislators to IMPROVE the usa constitution ?



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