Are Aliens Destroying Our World Economy?
Fri Aug 2, 2019 07:36

Well - if you consider the Demon Possessed Leaders At The Top Alien - Then Yes.

As our world's economy begins to fall hard we are seeing the world rejecting the US Dollar at an ever increasing rate.

This weaponization of the US Dollar to create war after war and keep the Elite's in check is falling apart.

The Dollar will never go away totally as the CIA uses it of it's Covert Wars to help destroy Humanity - Such as the War In Syria

What is so odd about this war is it is partially supported by money created out of thin air to support the Syrian Rebels and Kurd

Yes - the IMF Openly supports the KURDS and thus those now killing soldiers in Turkey, Iraq Afghanistan.

The rest of the world wants nothing more to do with these Insane Wars and are now turning to a Gold Backed Yuan to try and stop them.

The US State Department is so corrupted and evil they are sending weapons to Saudi Arabia to kill the Yemen People so the Saudi's can steal their oil.

To top that off - the Foreign Owned Corporation known as the FBI is now classifying anyone telling the truth as Possible Terrorists. They can Eat My Shorts.

Since when does a Foreign Owned Corporation have the authority to arrest American's?

they do it because they can - no one in the White House is stopping them - no one. They are not even arresting the leaders of an ongoing Coup to kill President Trump. like Robert Mueller or James Comey!

So the world is turning to GOLD as the next standard in the financial markets.

VIDEO: (1623) World Economy Falling As US Dollar Rejection Accelerates - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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