"You Have To Believe They Are Taking Us Away Shipwreck. Stri
Sun Aug 4, 2019 06:37

"You Have To Believe They Are Taking Us Away Shipwreck. Strike Will Get Them Out."
Those overnight Tele receives that tell us what it is and how to fix it. The STRIKE that in 4 hours will let them off of issuing our money and after thousands of years of molesting and abusing us will free the simian children of God on earth from the Jews.
They tried to die the entire human race off using the blast of atomic and thermonuclear weapons. First their atomic bombs and then the hydrogen bombs they put upon us. Can we not say prayers of thanks to our good God above who had His angels burst every great ball of fire off sparing our lives?
Hear, you who are far away, what I have done; and you who are near, acknowledge my might. Isaiah 33:13
Will American workers not acknowledge the might of our good God Almighty and what God has done to let the Jews go away to die off nicely in tunnel death and help us to close the deadly dangerous genocidal nuclear blast and waste warfighting Jews off right? Will American workers not strike them out and spare us any more nuclear brimstone waste war?
Our littlest children and our most elderly now feeling the impact of high radiation levels from Hitachi-GE. Heart attacks for the elderly and a general unwell feeling for our littlest children. Are there some who will deny that we are being put away out of life? Are there any who do not know that we are in a general nuclear war that the genocidal nuclear warfighting Jews are winning?
The advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization that pulled all of the Jews thermonuclear missiles out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, sparing our lives. Are there any who do not believe it? Are there any who have not heard of it?
Are there some who cannot believe that our good God is a glorious, magnificent and wondrous Being? Father truly is. Father is a kind sweet gentle perfected Being that is one of the twelve members of the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light and our home planet earth is His village. We are all of His children and He loves us all equally and unconditionally.
There is no punishment in God's world. There is no imprisonment or war. Judah knew and has known of the presence of our good God for thousands of years now. Judah knew that Father Christopher sent Jesus to free us from the sons of murderers, the Jews. Will American workers not help before we are destroyed by the Jews who are wildly succeeding with their white genocide?
The Wal Mart shooter that killed 20. Have we not seen the mark of Judah that we do not recognize it when it appears again and again? The racist rant about immigration and the pretense he is a white guy. From looking at his face is it not obvious he is a Jew Fornian? Will labor not take the free American labor money away from the Jews and end them sending these Fornian torpedoes at us? Will labor not end the white supremacy false of the Jews?
Will Druids not respond to the death signal of the Jews and shut them down before they wipe us out of life form?
The free bourse they use to put their pooch stories on every channel to embarrass hold the minds of the mild people. And the free bourse they use to take down the videos and other information that would help us see the many wars the Jews are waging against Americans. Must mild American people not get smart as Mercury advises and let them off right as our good God wills?
"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty in heaven said. Will mild people not end the war assault of the genocidal Jews with a general labor STRIKE to spare our lives?
Our mild family in Russia that have been brutalized extremely by the Jews who took over there a century ago. The Jewish nuclear war militarized society of Russia, they have now got set to attack the Jewish nuclear war militarized society of America.
Are we in the now Jewishly defeated West not willing to help ourselves before the Jews use Jewish Russian military technology to smash us out? Is it not clear the Jews cannibal cipher is being died off by the peaceful extraterrestrials who will not deal with the false of the Jews?
Kids from the USA fighting alongside the kids from Great Britain against the kids of Poland and Russia. The great Jews who have whites assaulting and harming each other. Will mild people not challenge this Jew war of white versus white before our breed is torn out of existence?
The unique value of cooperation the Jews observed in the mild people of the north. The cooperation that afforded us the opportunity to create especially wealthy societies. The jealousy emotion that dominates the Jews mental complex. That makes the mild people the number one prime target to be destroyed.
The Jews conscious and focused enough to understand whoever issues the money is boss and so the 1% with their double your pleasure double your fun, 1% innerspring 5th columnists that took over the issue of American labor money and with it brutally and violently took over planet earth.
Subordinating the white man to the lesser role of assaulting and killing for the Jews gold. The Jews, with free cash, hired to breed up look-alike Fornian shells that they use to give us hell.
The Jews socking defeated Japan with atomic bombs in 1945. Then using their paper controlled platforms in America and Russia to build tens of thousands of atomic bombs to fill each other's arsenals. Surely we understand don’t we that the only reason the Jews have not destroyed us already is that our Father in heaven loves us all?
The nuclear blast sucker punch from Satan that God held aside to give us a second chance to live in peace and love one another right. Will workers not accept the second chance gift of life God has given us and stop the war?
Mathew11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subject to violence, and the violent lay claim to it
Are we understanding the primitive days of taking by violence are passed? Is it not in plain sight that violence in a high technical world will take our lives?
Will, we not recognize God's truth and put the Jews out for their truth, their right they claim to destroy our lives? Has God not let the Jews trump their own rights well enough by having His Martian angels take their nuclear blast force away from them denying them their self professed Satanic rights to slay us?
"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. They're no friends of mine. They have a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God Almighty said of the ultimate fate of the permanently out Jews.
The wonder and amazing might of our good God Almighty. Will American workers join with our good God and let the trouble-making parasites, the predator war-making genocidal Jews off right?
They shot the two young boys who were trying to put us on the path to peace. They shot Martin who shared with us what Jesus said two thousand years ago, "love one another."
Will American workers not put the Jews out and let us join with the peace of God can put the violent ones out?
President Kennedy who took the authority to issue American labor money away from the Jews. Will labor not pick up where John left off and take the authority to issue our money away from them again?
Species come into existence and eventually, they die out. Our species has another 9 million years to exist, that is if we don’t let the Jews die us out now. According to what the Jews are reporting in reverse facial speech their brimstone nuclear war scientists are telling them they have destroyed over 120 million Americans already with just their one atomic cannon that is shooting us 24/7 from Hitachi-GE.
The refusal of the Jews to put that nuclear bonfire out at Hitachi-GE along with our apparent unconcern, might that not spell out what the bible writes, a third of us will now die out?
Bitch has read the reverse facial speech of some of the top thinkers in Asia and reported they have received word that the scientific estimates are that the majority of Americans will now be perished out by the Jews.
The permanent genocide brimstone war the Jews keep on white. Will American workers not take over the authority to issue our cash and end the permanent white Jew wars in our world?
The Jews shot John and they got the authority to issue our money-back from LBJ. When labor takes the authority to issue our money away from the Jews this time are we not expecting they will not get it back ever again? Of course they won't, they’re out permanently now for what they did. 
After using the power of the American purse to pursue a policy of nuclear blast and waste genocide against us much chance the Jews will ever privately issue any nations money again? Of course not. Is it not clear the Jews are now finished fish as far as the rest of God's kids go?
A bad bunch that had it all and now they are going out with their sports and their pals. Will workers not strike them out and return us to a sane world?
War becomes a universal disaster, blind and monstrously destructive; it bombs the baby in its cradle and sinks the food-ships that cater for the non-combatant and the neutral. There can be no peace now, we realize, but a common peace in all the world; no prosperity but a general prosperity. But there can be no common peace and prosperity without common historical ideas. Without such ideas to hold them together in harmonious co-operation, with nothing but narrow, selfish, and conflicting nationalist traditions, races and peoples are bound to drift towards conflict and destruction. This truth, which was apparent to that great philosopher Kant a century or more ago—it is the gist of his tract upon universal peace—is now plain to the man in the street. Our internal policies and our economic and social ideas are profoundly vitiated at present by wrong and fantastic ideas of the origin and historical relationship of social classes. A sense of history as the common adventure of all mankind is as necessary for peace within as it is for peace between the nations
Those the words of HG Wells who tried to warn us of our being destroyed in atomic war. Will, we not heed the pleas of that wise man to get together and stop the war?
Tele receives:
"They're furiously dying us off.
Star Trek model village.
Fertile lost your loves.
Promise felled.
It's winch back.
Have a good day. 4.50 pm
Nice boy sprache storage. (Speech. Tongue. Language in English)
You died for me false wit.
You're stupid, you're out. 6.38 am
It's granted. (Bitch heard that immediately after praying for peace)
A lot of useless intrigues.
You want to recess into the arms of the law. 11.05 pm
Get them out.
Oh my God, they're filthees.
I want his back Micheous. 12.32 am
All history of economics you failed.
Jew defiling hug. 1.36 am
Oh, you finished them off but you failed to save us, Patrick.
Patrick obviously leaned on the Lord.
You have to believe they are taking us away shipwreck.
STRIKE will get them out.
Taskforce saves this field.
Your justice died.
You failed us, Patrick.
Bubble perceived.
Pleurisy by forcing us quite huberis.
It's turned off." 8.16 am
The continuous opportunity to try and save ourselves that we Americans have rejected even after learning of what the Jews have done and what they are still doing to us here.
Bitch makes his telepathic requests in the form of prayer and says the same thing all the time as he finishes his prayers. It goes this way: "I ask that my prayer for peace be granted, I stay free. A STRIKE comes in; we build velocity and I stay healthy to serve your love, Father."
It was immediately after saying prayers last night Bitch heard: It's granted. (Bitch heard that immediately after praying for peace, freedom, velocity, and health)
Can we only hope enough Americans are praying for peace so that it finally after thousands of years becomes a reality in our world?
Bitch has pages and pages of thoughts from the subconscious mind of weap Judah. Here are just a few of them that are revealed in reverse facial speech:
"You're felons on liquor any day. We set you up with a state for cuffs. I'm gone in months. My freedom is out for my grizzly-dom. Because I camp with Roy Jew gristle perceive you. Our mutts are out because we apped you with Seattle. Since Bitch saw my race war I can't kid you. I put you in fear with jeopardy. In the face of Jew you're unable because we fist you right," Judee say.
Will workers not take the concession to issue our money away from them so that we are able in the face of Jew fist? Must we not be witted enough to pull the jeopardy of a shooting war with Russia off?
If so must American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR with Russia the Jews want to leave us with as they go in?
God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.
Love God
Have mercy
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the week — Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2
Sunday, August 4 — Ecclesiastes 1:2,12-14;2:18-23; Psalm 49:1-12
Colossians 3:1-11; Luke 12:13-21
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory. Isaiah 6:3
Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory. Revelation 19:6-7
Maker of all things life-giving and timeless, we praise your holy name. Keep our spirits lifted as high as the hills, and our eyes fixed on you. Take us to the ends of the earth to share your love. Amen.

9.58 am

While watching interviews concerning the mass shooting in that Wal Mart store found these RS from an interview with a commenter:

"An honorable boy I'll shred you investee. I'm doing a fantastic fall you here. Ernie helped get this shoot in for free. I'm sick with a passion to nail because I'm bizarre-ous. We just use fear to push you right. We're going to use this to arrest people."

Are we seeing part of the motive for that slaughter is to use this staged slaughter as a way to justify arresting people? Will workers not get smart and get our grand juries into operation so we can hear the truth?

2.08 pm

"Retire rat. 8.55 am

Basically its a catch.

Is this cat really rare?

It's folding here.

It's horrible.

Get help to defray you.

Poverty's a police fall.

Toughed the air.

You're letting boozers bust you off here. 12.49 pm

They're ironing out Bush fortress.

They jail hike us.

I suspense.

Get out boom wits." 2.11 pm

Thank you. God bless.
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