"Bitch has Seen My Whole Barbecue Force and My Asssemblege i
Mon Aug 5, 2019 10:34

"Bitch has Seen My Whole Barbecue Force and My Asssemblege is passed here."
That reverse facial speech from weap Judah revealing what is in their subconscious thoughts. The whole barbecue force of Judah that includes not only their nuclear blast great balls of fire force that they tried to extinct us with but their brimstone waste barbecue force that they are succeeding in dying our life forms out of here fair.
11.14 PM Sunday
Bitch has been fatigued concerning the coming third world war with Russia that the Jews are forcing us into. Must we not act to stop it before it begins? So fatigued he fell asleep at 6.15 pm. A terrible dream about people that he knew that are already dead awoke him at 10.45 pm.
Is there not some way that American workers will stop this most Jewish war with Russia before it begins?
Here are some Tele receives:
"I have no choice but to release some life forces for holding out, not folding them out.
Chameleon you don't notice them until its too late.
A world war is rising.
They shoo thee when a nice war comes in.
A pine tree's a nice death.
Boozer saves the mush here, saves the munch."
Might there be some who call Bitch a "worrywart," for being so concerned about the nuclear war we are in? Could he be just too nervous about what might happen here?
That the Jews are staging these mass shootings in stores, schools, churches, synagogues and entertainment areas. Are we understanding this is the terrorist strategy they use to hold themselves in?
Then Jews in their Fornian shells argue back and forth on their news talk shows about the effects that white supremacy has had upon this nation. As we have no rights how could we be supreme? Can we not pray that white act and get the menace and threat they present to us off of us by taking the concession to issue our money away from them?
Are we not aware all of these mass killing shootings are staged weap Judah opps? He tells us in reverse facial speech these shootings are to frighten us and timid us and also give him leeway to make arrests based on preventing terrorism that he, of course, puts in. Will American workers not stop funding this Jewish push to get America into war with the Soviet Union?
The extinction of the human race that the Jews attempted to accomplish using the extremely powerful force of the American Labor dollar to buy them the hydrogen bombs they tried to destroy us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Have we noted that as they are done with us they are doing all they can to undermine the American labor dollar with war and tariffs to make us poor?
The most important office of society. The authority to issue money. Held not by Americans but foreigner Jews. Congress, the executive, the judiciary, the media and educators that failed Americans in 1913 by joining together and giving the power of the sovereign to the Jews. Will we not end their laughing at us with a STRIKE?
Unlimited free American workers labor money they use for the bribes they pay to get us fisted every day. Can we not hope and keep praying that American workers stop them before they attack us with their combined British Jew and Russian Jew forces?
The "Star Trek model village," as a Tele sender called us. Will workers not try to get a view of just who we are and let the parasite predator cipher off of us here?
And who are we? Are we not becoming aware we are the high-level hybrid Beings that were created by an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization 200,000 years ago?
The numerous UFO sightings that continue happening in America every month. Will we not hear the love of our good God and our elders for us and give peace a chance?
The mental characteristics of the cannibal complex of mind. Will we not puzzle them out and shut them out of managing us, we meek people? To save our lives and our children's lives will we not wash our hands of Jewish war sin?
"Oh my God, they spared us, rich men, a nice field."
Our extraterrestrial elders that spared us from being blasted out of existence in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 when Judah and his Berlin industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting collaborators attacked us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear blast force to die us all out.
Might we see the strategy from above was to spare us rich men our nice field so that we could make our whole world rich like ourselves? Might we see God's plan is for American workers to stop the war, issue our money and enrich our whole world?
Might we not see God's plan unfolding as to get the Jews and their permanent torture war state out of here and bring our wealthy clean technology state in here? Can we not hope American workers will recognize our elders are here and are welcoming us into the universe?

 Moon Size UFO On Video At Our Sun, June 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Date of sighting: June 27, 2019
Location of sighting: Earths sun
I was checking out the sun at the SOHO/NASA site called helioviewer and noticed a triangle UFO that was in close orbit around our sun. The sun was rotating, but the black triangle craft remained in place. The object was colder than the sun, otherwise the UFO would also be the same color as the sun.
About 15 years ago I read an article in the news that was about two Russian scientists that recorded UFOs flying around our sun. These UFOs they said, were often as big as our moon and made hard right angle changes of direction. They also would decrease and increase speed for no apparent reason. They said they believed the UFOs were gathering a certain rare particle created by the sun. The story soon disappeared and so did the scientists. But I remember it, so I keep looking and yesterday found this. 100% proof that those scientists were correct. 
Scott C. Waring
If we understand how our elders have chosen to introduce us to them might we surmise that their orbiting our sun in their gigantic spacecraft rather than looking for rare particles is actually to let us see them? Sure. That is what elders are doing. Is it not amazing at their gentle approach to us?
If you look at that video Scott has put up of the triangle hovering over our sun you can see clearly it is a manufactured spacecraft. While it is triangular, if you look at it it appears like a moth in some pictures of it. Might there be multiple messages our extraterrestrial elders are sending to us? The moths on earth that are dying due to high background radiation levels from Hitachi-GE. Might that spacecraft be giving us thought about the moth radiation die while also saying "hello" to us?
Bitch understanding is there are 14 extraterrestrial civilizations that have flown in to welcome us into their peaceful universe. The picture of the spacecraft Scott just put up is the most recent one to show us itself. Bitch would put pictures up as he has before of extraterrestrial spacecraft near the sun but Tiny pic isn't working anymore. Looking for a photo hosting site where pictures can be posted to APFN.
The extraterrestrial craft hovering over the sun is about the size of our moon. Might the size give us some idea of how technically advanced our extraterrestrial elders are?
All the extraterrestrials in this area of our galaxy are peaceful. Hostiles show up about once every ten thousand years from what Mercury elders have shared with Bitch.
There are extraterrestrials in our area that are not part of the Galactic Federation of light but they are not hostile to us. They just don't care to be a part of the Federation. There is no force in any relationships with the Federation. Everything is done on free will. The gift we were given when our good God Almighty created us. Free will, the gift given to us from God.
We have the gift in our genetics of the potential intelligence of the angels and God. Will American workers not demonstrate our high-level intelligence characteristics and close the murderous genocidal Jews out of issuing our money?
The Tele sender that said, "this is how extraterrestrials create replacements for themselves." Will workers not help us to make our own Star Trek adventure movie about it with a STRIKE to close the errant war-making cipher out?
Our extraterrestrial elders that have never used force on the Jews but at the same time are we seeing how they have set it that the Jews will not escape planet Earth and make their way into the universe here?
Must Americans not reject funding and fighting the Jews wars for their sport?
The strategy the Jews are using to wipe the white guys out now. Might we see some similarities in the strategy Judah shells used to wipe the Aztec empire out?
The shell conquistadors that solicited those in South America that had been harmed by the Aztecs to join the Judee shell Spaniards in their fight with the Aztecs. Simultaneously spreading plague among the Aztecs that sickened and died them massively.
Do we see how the Jews have used the rightless white force to offend our family of all breeds? Might we see how the Jews build the anger to use against whites as the conquistadors used the anger of the neighbors of the Aztecs to attack them?
As to the strategy of plague on the Aztecs to weaken them with sickness and death, are we not seeing the same strategy of poisoning us and our kids with the plague of nuclear brimstone waste?
The Aztecs greatly outnumbered the Spanish invaders but do we see it is not mere numbers it is who uses their wits right that will survive?
The Jews with their white supremacy nonsense and white nationalist claims. Are we understanding that sort of talk is to prevent us from seeing who is doing the messing here?
The claim in 1857 that whites did not want blacks free the Supreme Jew clerks said in spite of the fact that an all-white jury set the black man Dred Scott free. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get the Jews and their violent racist policies out with their dungeons they use to implement their unjust policies?

"My policies have put a cross on white people," Judee say.

Will white people not take this cross off of us that Judah has put on us with his war policies?

"Racial fear will break you's and finish up Mercury. Your destiny is to let us finish you up murderly," Judee say
The special unjust treatment handed out to R. Kelly. Are we understanding that is not white people directing it it is a feature of racist Jewish life that has used their bench to destroy fair American legal process?
Locking him up using Jewish sharia legal process and taking him out of earning his income. The same thing they did to Bitch when he acted against their war machine in 1991. They took him off of his income then and made him into a homeless man.
Years later when he applied for a job to sell cars and earn his honest income the Jew showed up at the dealership with his pictures of Bitch from whiskey pooch decades before and sales manager told Bitch the pictures put him out of working with the public so Bitch couldn't earn his income there. Are we not seeing the Jew wars us by getting us off of our income sources?
Are we seeing how easy it is to get a guy so he loses big by blocking him from earning his income by caging him?
Are we seeing how he is taking away R. Kelly's income and punishing him? Do we note it is sex that Jew is using to put Kelly in?
Can we only wonder might the name 'Kelly' be part of the Jew's special hostile to Irish?
The Jew Fornian hybrid transplant Jussie Smollet employed by Disney who staged a race hatred opp in Chicago to incite hatred and violence and polarize and separate the people. Who was sent on his way sentenced to spend two days with Jesse. While Kelly, who has some unsubstantiated allegations from decades ago that little concern the public or enter upon the public way, and he is denied bail and transported out of state.
Might white people want to consider it was the Jew clerks on the bench that took away the black man's rights in 1857 that has left all of us without rights today?
If we connect the dots through time might what they are doing to R. Kelly now be done to the white real soon big time? Transport to another state all based upon unsubstantiated allegations. No bail so his money fails because he is not able to earn his honest income and not able to easily work with his counsel. Are we getting an idea of how the Jews play court when they get American rights out and put Jew desert-dwelling sharia law in?
The Jew Fornian Jussie who false and harm for his income. And the honest entertainer Kelly that harms no one and yet he sits in a jail out of his income. Transported out of state all based upon unsubstantiated allegations from decades ago. Could it be the sex angle that keeps most people silent about how the Jews work their miracles?

The grand jury that gave the Jews their legal standing to proceed with a criminal procedure against Kelly. Might we note it was unjust in that they only heard one side, the prosecutions and not Kelly's rebuttal of the allegations?
Watching such a spectacle of destroying the income-earning power of a presumed innocent man lacking a finding otherwise by a jury might we understand why our founding fathers would not create the United States without our bill of rights in it?
Can we not appreciate that our American law gives us the presumption of innocence unless a jury finds otherwise?
The foul of putting people in cages to bust and break us. Are we understanding the Jews do that so they can abuse and molest us? Do we not see how dirty the Jews play that we will not cancel them out as our good God has had His angels let them do to themselves already?
“The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishies roam free,” Papa said

 Before His Hearing, R. Kelly Couldn't Be Found
The singer pleads not guilty in a New York federal court
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff
Posted Aug 2, 2019
By that headline might it suggest to a reader that it is lucky he is held in jail? Can we only wonder how much it cost to put that wording in to diminish R. Kelly with the negative mental image that article conveys?
The Jews who use their media to talk about the purported curse of the Kennedys. Will American workers not take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews and end the war curse they have put upon all of us?
Their father, Joesph Kennedy that was rich beyond compare and yet didn't need a war to fill his purse. Will labor not take the false Jews out before they score us out of life form here?
Are we American workers understanding the Jews will not stop their arsons, shootings, bombings and killings as long as we give them free money to get it done? Will labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God from the Bible and stop the war?
Einstein was hired in 1933 to figure out the secrets of free energy. He and a few others spent two years and came up with what they called "Quantum entanglement." But they didn't have the complete picture yet.
Only in 1953 did Einstein state that Kaluza-Klein had it correct. Bitch theorize Jon Von Neumann had put it all together and had a theory of operation of free energy machines before he died of cancer in 1957 at 53 yrs of age.
Then in the 1970s, Tom Ogle builds a carburetor that gets over 100 miles per gallon of gas. And he dies as a young man. And 20 years after Tom Ogle Stan Meyers runs his internal combustion engine-powered dune buggy on water. And Stan dies poisoned. Is it not something to think about, Judah knew from the time of Jon Von Neumann the full theory of operation of free energy machines?

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The Quantum Entanglement in 1935. Do we see by the wording of it that Einstein knew it was high-speed earth motion that somehow was entangling with the universe as we soar thro

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