"I Have No Choice But To Release Some Life Forms For Holdin
Tue Aug 6, 2019 09:45

 "I Have No Choice But To Release Some Life Forms For Holding Out, Not Folding Them Out." 9.26 pm
That Tele receive in yesterday's post. The 12 million years we have been together wandering the surface of this beautiful planet searching for resources so that we and our children need for our survival here. Now smashed as we are losing our life forms paying the Jews to poison us to death. God Almighty who now has no choice but to release some life forms due to radioactive waste we and our children are inhaling. Is there not some way that American workers can be convinced to stop the war and put our rights in once again to give us some chance to survive the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews?
"We'll come in with Russians now and put some real fear into you," Judee say.
That is Judee commenting about the mass killings at Wal Mart in El Paso Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Does Judee not do some really effective terrorist actions against us?

Reverse speech indicates that Wal Mart EL Paso came from what Judee calls "Austin State" and Dayton shooting came from "Bayonne."
"Because you stay saleable we're pretty much hydrogen in. I use customs for my zoom. With Bribes and Russia free you failed contact, we're zooming away to play with you," Judee say.
Contact from the universe that is offering us a chance to survive the multiples of wars the Jews are waging against Americans with a particular desire to wipe white people out of existence because we have a unique value of cooperation that has afforded us the opportunity to speedily produce great wealth.
And now after God Almighty warning us for over 8 years to stop the war God now telling us: "I have no choice but to release some life forms for holding out, not folding them out." 9.26 pm
Some of us now released from existence because our children are already sterilized and we have ended our 12 million years in existence. Not to go into our extraterrestrial phase. To die out now making war for Jewish sin. Will American workers not reconsider and take the authority to issue our money away from the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews and give it to the mild working people of America to issue for us now?
"With my death wish I have taken away your field," Judee say.
The death wish the Jews have for all people with a particular emphasis on white people who are gifted so to cooperate uniquely with all of the rest of our family here. Will white not overcome the fear of the threatening torturing, murderous Jews and take their source of power away from them, the concession to issue American money?
"I just have fun burying white men. My general theme is I'm jealous of your id," Judee say.
Definition of id: the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.
The instincts that led us to be especially adept at cooperating with each other that afforded us the opportunity to survive, thrive and grow rich in peace in the cold northern latitudes. Will, we not cooperate with each other now to prevent our being wasted out by the genocidal Jews as is always our predicament when they capture us?
"H----- won out because I'm an extremist," Judee say.
Our good God Almighty who won out by putting a psychic on the Jews to read their subconscious thoughts and report to you's. Will you's not reject the libel and slander the Jews have made up about Bitch and try to help yourselves your kids and the rest of us here that are suffering this nuclear burn out from hell?
"I treat you friendly for deceit," Judee say.
The deceit they are famous for that has now held the mild Americans to die ourselves off involved in Jewish sin. Will American workers not try it as our good God asked? The strike, will workers not give war and disharmony a pass and let it go from our world?
"The professor boosts you up because he revealed my big sender. We use a big symbol to rule you, that's why God wants us to leave. We perish you with rights due to Jew Grayson. We just use speed to off you's. Our function fooling you is historical. I'm allegedly going for smoking you well and cheering you dumb. Cube-ism is how I fight and breeze you multiple Jew," Judee say.
The historical fooling of mild people that we have been forced to provide our purse to fund and our children to be the dragoons for Jewish sport adventure. Will we try to grasp that contact has arrived to free us to become our better selves? Will workers try to perceive that God wills we let them go because they rule us with a symbol and do not love us a bit and also they have poisoned Father's village on earth?
"Intellectually we have a state that falls you off. When I put some scrimmage on you with a baby we won. Jewish finance abolishes your rights. I shot you Jew quite deadly, I'm a conspear. We just use fear to push you right. I'm a dunce already fooling you lately. You get civil rights you'll brain fall us," Judee say.
Will workers not put our civil rights is so that we can brain fall the Jews?
The cancer death producing Jews who consider themselves extra smart and claim the proof is in the pudding as they have people funding and fighting sport wars for their investments and entertainment. Also they took over the entire surface of our planet with their look-alike Fornian hybrid transplants.
Though do we see that their analysis is that when we get our civil rights in we will brain fall them right then? Understanding that simple but oh so significant fact, that our civil rights will show their brains are not all that different than ours after all, will we not see then why they tried to give us the bums rush with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear tipped missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 and again on June 11, 2014 with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads fired from Britsh submarines?
Do we see how our good God has afforded us the opportunity to be smart enough to brain fall the Jews now?
Will workers not get smart as our Mercury angels suggest that our good God has sent in to help us and stop the war? Is it not clear that God Almighty has revoked the permit of the centers of power of planet earth and it is now time for something entirely different, PEACE & LOVE?
"They've tossed us out." 4.14 am
In that one sentence is there anything else we need to know to bring us to help ourselves?
Bitchie, a nice boy, a decent guy that will not harm you. A guy that just will not accept their state of any war. Does not accept their prison society or their psychiatry rule. The abusive Jews that have succeeded where others have failed, threw themselves out of America and there is no one to make their bail, that is except for American workers who are holding their sport in by letting them issue our money which is everything in society. Must workers not take the time to consider how awful is our failure and act to prevent the removal of us from life form now?
Our good God Almighty who lets us see our own sins for ourselves. Father who is merciful and all-forgiving, but when He speaks to us if we fail to listen we may die away because the Jews are a perfected genocidal predator that kills the hostages that they capture.
Bitchie, if he had more wits would probably not be shouting at the Jews. But he knows that before his family arrived on these wonderful free shores that it was them that was so cruel in the old world over there. And so he sought the truth to wherever it might lead to find out why our world is made to suffer so. And that he does shout at them for the cruel, mean, vicious things they do to us, might it be his Fornian side that makes noise?
And what does he discover but a highly organized desert-dwelling cannibal cult from thousands of years ago who decided on a sinful life then. "Ethically they're criminals," Our good Lord said of the Jews.
Bitch who though patiently working through a fault of stupid due to enduring prolonged periods of suffering, carried through and with the help of God's angels found that the Jews breed look-alikes in all terrains that focus on screwing all of the people up.
Most world leaders today are Jews in hybrid transplant Fornian shells. The few that aren't are mostly bribe-taking corrupt front people who do what the Jews say.
Our planet condemned by the Jews to be burned up in nuclear war. The plan the Jews have had since they roamed the deserts of Babylon many thousands of years ago.
And what is the most excitement and thrills they get? Is it any other than getting men to put other men to death? That's it.
Bitch, who sees these guys and gals clear and wants them off of here right. Are workers aware that God Almighty wants the Jews let off right just as Bitch does?
God, the only reason we have been kept up alive. Is there not some way that American workers will respond to the love of God and let the murderous genocidal Jews off right with a STRIKE?
I paid the price, I made a sacrifice of a simple working man. Bitch saw their lie first hand in 1966 when the night skies lit up like lightning in the distance when Washington bombed Hanoi night after night. And also saw their lies in the launch tubes of their rockets that were loaded with atomic bombs they had ready to put us out of life form here with.
How have they have fooled the workers to keep funding our die? Will we not pray that they lose their mental edge and workers will strike them out and close their perpetual war machine out of our world?
Father who will weep if we force our own die. Will American workers not close the Jewish world war out of our world NOW by taking over the issue of money?
Are we conscious of the fact that we are now beginning our extraterrestrial phase of existence? Free energy Velocity power supplies will make going to the stars in a space ship like going to the grocery store in a car.
"We always monkey your sight." 5.11 am
A Judee boy walking his dog in the dark said that telepathically to Bitch while he was outside. Bitch did see one moth this morning while in the warm summer air. Will labor not help end our die?
Papa who is releasing life forms now because He has no choice. Must we not end funding destroying our world in Jewish sports war?
Have Jews on free bourse not proven dangerous enough that American workers will not RISE up and let them and their historical cage and war sports go now?
The son of a bitches are wiping us out in a nuclear war. Is that not enough to bring the American workers to our senses and try and save us here?
Father wants His bountiful society in so that all of His simian children on earth can be comfortable. Will workers not help us to close out the Jews Rube Goldberg style technology that is poisoning, polluting and destroying our environment here?
There are many informed educated American people who know the truth exactly of what Bitchie is saying here. And so why are they not telling the ordinary working fish what is going on here? Might it be they don't want to risk their comfortable lives by blowing the horn on what Judee did to us here? "Why invite calamity in?"
While they may have aright head might we figure it may be off the range for not acting to help us to stop the war? Will workers not step up here and fix this place up while we still have our lives here yet? Will workers not step up here and put us in our natural range of peace?
Work all your life building up money to live the retirement years ahead. Social security plus the funds from that 401K sure looks nice. And what do we have other than investors looking to cash the dutiful worker out and the 401K in. Will workers not end the sport of the Jews that looks for productive workers to cash them in at the end of their working lives?

Will American workers not give peace a chance? John Lennon who tried to convince us that peace is the way and lost his life in the bargain. Might workers not want to say a prayer for the repose of John's soul who gave his life to try and bring us and our world to peace?
Those who are dying out now after 12million years as hominids with the last 200,000 years as Human Beings made in the image of God. Might those passing out of life form now not want to say a prayer to God to save them and their children from the extinction of their personal family line?
Tele receives:
"Caution leaves right spirit fall right. 6.16 pm
Your fumble force set me up to win Jew all.
A bad force fell you all scrunchly.
Trig hit.
Mice have been faired. 7.45 pm (Judee woman walking passed by Bitchie)
Pat, oh a sweet fellow who got their college out. 8.51 pm
God's attorney. 9.38 am
Hopeless analogy screwed us die.
You're welcome on here now, Jew fell to the pressure of his fouls.
Molest died too zebra-ous.
Pat, try to arrange us.
You failed this life hopelessly under league.
Dutchess spirit you weak.
Pat, Sidney Alston is done.
Patrick, you dummed our sale for waste you awfulous. 2.46 am
Oh my God Patrick, hunch you off of this place.
They fell our psychic who already won delightful.
Quite molestive captured you.
Cancer is fighting us.
Oh, God is there not a way to escape this horrible field? 2.53 am
You're dead for sporting out yourself.
You've got to get us off of this place Patrick.
Your hurt for Maxwell fused.
They deathly the minnow deadly.
We have not refused general piston bluster.
They've tossed us out. 4.14 am
Grand tossed us here.
It's mice talking here.
Set them out of nature.
We always monkey your sight. 5.11 am
Thank you for mussin' their neuralgia itch." 6.47 am
Bitch glad to muss their neuralgia itch but so troubled by not having the right stuff to prevent the Druid and Slav from being poisoned out big. Will Druid not have mercy on Bitch concerned and seriously troubled wits because we are passing and STRIKE THEM OUT?
"Mice have been faired." 7.45 pm (Judee woman walking passed by Bitchie)
That God will let the white mice perish now are we not seeing how seriously the Jews have screwed our right sight off? Will we not repent for our holding the sin of the Jews in, have a change of mind, listen to God and His angels and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of labor and stop the war?
While watching the 6 am news from Japan there was a son of a woman who was a child when Hiroshima was atom bombed and he said this in reverse facial speech:
"They bruise you for their happiness side."
Understanding that mental of the weap Jew can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His diligent angels letting them die themselves off?
An elderly survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima said in reverse facial speech:
"H----- is my God. Our race was thrown big that day abusive for liquor."
H----- who is our good God Almighty who gave us our Bible. Patrick does not write or say Father's name because Patrick realizes he does not reach the level of the sole of Father's shoe. Are we seeing we have the same God as the rest of our family on earth?
Bitch pulled another reverse facial speech from Japan Judee that pertains to the Bible and here it is:
"It's possible adulation may make me die," Judee say.
And what could it be that Judah is speaking about "adulation" that might make the Jews die?
What does adulation mean? Here's some words to define it:
Obsequious flattery; excessive admiration or praise.
Synonyms: hero-worship, worship, admiration, admiring, high regard, respect, lionization, lionizing, idolization, idolizing, veneration, awe, devotion, adoration, exaltation, honor, homage, glorification, glory, praise, praising, commendation, flattery, applause.

Many have thanked Bitch for reporting about how the Jews fairly, rightly and precisely perfectly shot themselves out of our world. Might Judee analysis consider that adulation for Bitch achievement might overcome his own fault of stupid to insult white people and at the same time topple the lies that Judee made up about Bitch being

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