"Settle on God, Push Them Out!. 4.53 pm   Our planet full of
Wed Aug 7, 2019 09:21

"Settle on God, Push Them Out!. 4.53 pm
Our planet full of war, disease, genocide. Must the American workers not push them out before we too are gone out of our world? The industrial destruction of human Beings that America has done massively ever since the organizing principle of society was given to international Jewish bankers in 1913. Will God have mercy on us and let us live?
The racist tyranny that the weap Jews put in as their preferred style of government when they get on the top. The most important office of government, the financial, who gets to issue our money. Held privately by weap Judah who in the face of God Almighty tried to destroy us all in nuclear blast war. And who has now succeeded in dying out the majority of Americans in brimstone nuclear waste.
The majority of Americans now set to be died out of existence over the years ahead funding and fighting the eternal war that the Jews put in as their huckstering on other peoples blood goes on.
The success of their mattress strategy where they breed up crypto-Jews, hybrid transplant look alike shells that they use to war the ordinary fish.
Yet who can contest for has it not been said, "how can you argue with success?"
Now they have thrown themselves out, the Jews have been passed out of rule by the love for us of our good God.
Planet earth as one Tele sender said, a "Star Trek model village."
An extraterrestrial power that created us and passed the rules on to us how to live right. The big one, "thou shalt not kill." Sacrilegiously violated by the Jews.
God Almighty who has let the Jews wash themselves out of rule. And yet the Jews continue to destroy the wealthy people who gave them everything, the American breed.
The Federation's computer simulations from the time of Jesus that programmed into the calculations the Jews "Rare" ability to hold other less informed human beings to do their dirty work. And how that weakness of ordinary people to serve the Jews would lead to their destruction by the Jews in the end times.
The massive worldwide war destruction of our world that is still being done by Jews that has put us outside of the protection of God's love and set us for total destruction at the hands of the eternal genocidal war-making Jews.
God who sent His shill Bitch to awaken the workers to our destruction and how to stop it by taking the concession to issue our money away from the Jews. Bitch an atheist since seeing the Jews war in Vietnam in 1966 who did not even believe God existed.
"A mythological construct," Father said as to what His shill Bitch used to believe. But Father is real and he loves us all equally and unconditionally. Yet if we ignore God's thousands of warnings to stop the war then we will perish out of existence, as predicted by the Federation's computer simulations at the time of Jesus.
The Star Trek movie that was never made because it is so unbelievable. The way our good God has chosen to introduce us to the universe. Will American workers not stop funding the errant life form, the Jews to end our being destroyed out of existence in a radioactively polluted environment?
The Jews, perfected falsers who have smeared God's shill with their powerful mental based upon lying to ordinary fish and holding their mind to not act when everything reveals we are being destroyed completely.
The takedown of our economy that is set to leave us poor. Will workers not try to take control of our destiny by taking the financials away from the Jews, the desk that issues our money?
Judah using his mentally controlled Manchurian candidate fails for machine-gunning us down at school, work and while we shop and entertain ourselves. Can we not try to perceive these machine-gunning incidents are Jews sport?
The silly talk of white nationalism as whites continue on rightless as Europeans in the land of the Czars or the communist Jews that threw the Czars out to put in their more perfected style of kosher tyranny rule.
The American grand jury system as is our law that can get the communists and Czars out if only Americans will put our grand juries in. Grand jury that will also get the other brands of Judaism out. Fascism and Nazism, might we not recognize them as more of the other faces of the Jews?
The indigenous criminal collaborators with the Jews in every land that terrorize the ordinary fish and teach us to not sass those who took over the rule of our nation by the death of war and the cages of jail.
Can we only try to imagine the wonder and glory of our good God who had His angels afford the Jews the opportunity to rightly and fairly destroy themselves and their blood?
The Jew, in his arrogance, his chutzpah has tossed himself out of rule in all parts of our world now. If this is so then why are Druid and Slav people still funding and fighting war for the Jews?
Could there be anything to the "ontological difference" the Jew claims there is between us and them?
Will Druid not get smart as our extraterrestrial elders advise and help us out by putting an existence stipend in so that the people cannot be held by financial pain to serve the Jews war sin?
The incredible and astounding false that we have paid tribute to a foreign power, the unelected, unrepresentative international Jews in the form of an income tax since 1913. Must we not act to correct such an incredible fraud?
God's advocate doing his best to share the economic, financial, legal and technological situation that we are facing with here. The financial that controls the economic, legal, and technological situation. Must we not focus on that and STRIKE to get a hold of it?
This Tele receive in yesterdays post:
"You failed corrupt."
As Bitch is not corrupt, might we have to consider that Tele receive came from a head held in false by the Jews mental power they claim makes them ontologically different from us?
As we are equipped from birth with the ability to reason must we not show the instinct to survive a war of genocide that is out in the open for all those who choose to spend the 40 minutes to figure it out?

Almost 8 years since Americans were informed that we were attacked to extinct our breed with nuclear blast. Must we not prevent dying away in brimstone waste war?

Are we aware that Judah is claiming that our children are already sterilized while they are just little kids?
The white population set to fall by 90% due to radioactive waste pollution. The Jew who refuses to stop polluting our environment. The radioactive fires that are still burning 24/7 at Hitachi-GE.
And the Jew who is machine-gunning us down in America to where our children are now carrying bulletproof backpacks to school.
"We always pulverize a chicken. The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.
Bitch who has reported the truth that will save the druid and our kids. Will we not go with God now and give Satan the breeze?
"Too righteous," one reverse speech said concerning Bitch foul insult to the mild American people. Will workers not try to look past that and help us to end the destruction of America the beautiful by the tourist Jews?
God has not left us, His angels are still here doing what they can to try and convince American workers that we don't have to perish at the hands of the Jews who only make war.
Might there not be a chance yet that American workers will stop the war? Once ordinary workers perceive the magnitude of destruction will that not bring a removal of the Jew from issuing our money?
And what is the magnitude of destruction the Jews are doing to Americans? Might it be a poisoned food supply that will cause the ruination of us massively?
Might it be vast sickness of tumors due to inhaling radioactive waste? If our workforce is widely ill might that not take us down a few notches economically?
When our children are fully sterilized as the Jews have planned for us, might we not just be a past tense then?
The policy of genocide that the Babylonian Jews have held on to in the face of the love of our good God Almighty for us. Will American workers not join with the love of our good God Almighty and let them off right?
This came from the Berean in an email:
John 17:23 I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me. 
Are we aware that our good God Almighty loves us as much as He loves His son sweet Jesus? Yes, that is a fact. God our Father loves us equally as He loves His son Jesus who He sent to die for the remission of our sins.
Will American workers not have faith that God loves us as much as he loves his perfect son Jesus Christ and help us to stop the war for the love of God?
Planet earth in motion 24/7 until eternity. And if the astronomers are correct, soaring through our universe at over 2 million miles per hour. Are we perceiving that high-speed motion is the source of our free energy?
That fantastic source of free energy denied to us by the Jews because with that free energy we all will be wealthy. While blocking our clean free energy by assassinating or imprisoning our best scientists. Hiring the other scientists and engineers to build their Rube Goldberg contraptions to produce Jewish dirty unfree electricity that now has us set to die out immensely.
Pumping radioactive waste from their dirty Jewish electricity plants into underground areas to put it away claiming it will not contaminate our underground drinking water sources someday. Are we not hearing, seeing, perceiving the genocide they are doing to us using the energy resource to put us away?
Will we not prevent the Jew from proving superior to us with his using a mutt to wipe us out and away? They know ultimately they are done but they are laughing that they have been able to smear Bitch so bad that it is allowing them to put the Druid people away before they are ultimately closed out by whoever is able to survive their Jewish electricity nuclear waste.
"It's possible adulation may make me die," Judee say.
If only workers will perceive the rare and unique gift that God has given us by keeping us alive might workers not give it a try?
"Why didn't you try it," Papa asked about the STRIKE.
"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," Father said to His American working children.
Father, who is so far above us even highly educated people oftentimes cannot perceive that Father exists. Father, a kind sweet gentle perfected Being who wills that His beautiful simian children on earth all live in peace.
There are already over 100 billion of us from our creation as extraterrestrials 200,000 years that are already space voyagers. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are where our elders make their primary home. Are we seeing we 8 billion on earth are only a small number of our creation in God's image 200,000 years ago?
Will American workers not try to grasp who we really are and help us now on our journey into the stars?
"We sport you in a hate dungeon," Judee say.
To sport a human Being who was created in the image of our good God. Are we seeing the Jews have offended Father by harming His simian children on earth? Will American workers not throw them and their foul rule away right? Will American workers not bring in the love of God right?
The Jews who nastily waged a war against the extraterrestrials that created us and have now destroyed themselves in the process. The royals and the Vatican along with them. The centers of power of planet earth that are no more for their sin against the children of our good God.
Will American workers not end holding these evil Satanic life forms in? They wire up a car bus or plane and crash it to steal our lives away.
"I cow you essential with war. My rackement proceeds you to core. I paralysis you with my rights to core you off. I shoot the nice guy to close you up," Judee say.
The nice guy Bitch that was already a pacifist before he believed there was a God. Now that he knows of our good God and understands how truly glorious and magnificent is our good God he seeks the wisdom of God to help all of God's children on earth to be free of the evil Satanic genocidal nuclear warfighting Jews and their industrial-strength investment-grade nuclear warfighting collaborators in sin.
Can we not pray that American workers will repent and let these evil genocidal Jews off of issuing or money? Can we not hope American workers will do it before the Jews score us dead with their Jewish electricity waste?
Repent definition; view or think of (an action or omission) with deep regret or remorse.
American workers the Jews have used to fund all of the war on planet earth. Due to the Jews plans to die us before we woke up, it has triggered a rescue effort from the Galactic Federation of light. Will American workers, not try to gain the wisdom of God to only fund peace and not war?
"I use a general for my rule. I get a shooting war going, I take a percent of the rubles. Our goose package is ready to set you in. Bourse is receding."
Those reverse facial speech from the 6 am news from Japan.
Our family in Asia is very aware now of what has happened here and it is showing up in the top Judee reverse facial speech:
"For my battle, the boy has a right head and threw me out. My Sherman holds me back for my battle. Jew is truly stupid. I'm a dunce already fooling you lately," Judee say.
Can we not pray that American workers will perceive just what a dangerous dunce the genocidal Jews really are and will take the most important office of government away from them, the office that issues our money and return our fair state to us?
"I fall now because three-times I sold you out," Judee say.
Help us labor, let us live in peace as we did for 30,000 years until the Jews showed up with their war mattress to breed hostility and genocide sin.
Judee claims it is the lies the Jews are spreading about Bitch that are holding workers from hearing the rescue message that Bitch is sending out that will give us a chance to live. Might workers want to consider that Bitch is a boy that has apologized and repented for his sins? Yes, he repents and seeks a new way whenever he perceives that he is going the wrong way.
What is repent other than recognizing a wrong and taking action to fix it as best as can be fixed and making a commitment to try and not repeat the same mistake again?
Did Father not say about His Bitch, "you never fiend?" Yes, Father did say that about His shill Bitch. Will workers not try to accept the truth of God's words over the historical lies of the Jews that plan ahead of time the best way to sin?
He who vindicates me is near. Who will contend with me? Isaiah 50:8
Will workers try to recognize that we are in the end times and our god God is near? Who will contend with Bitch call for peace in our world that labor can give us any day it wants to? By the fact that God had His angels pull Bitch from the embrace of the grave again and again, should that fact not vindicate Bitch is as God said, "a simple working man?"
Bitch has noted several times the Jews reveal that "Bourse is receding." Best guess is that some of the big money people are not excited at the prospect of having Russia attack us here and rip up our infrastructure. And that might be putting a slow down on the Jews plans to trigger this war in the Persian Gulf that will escalate to war with Russia. Will workers not take the labor bourse away from the three-time losers that sold us out and end all plans for war with Russia?
Tele receives:
"Good luck to you, you ain't scared of this. 12.31 pm
Got your atmosphere great.
Save us Patrick. 2.40 pm
Preacher sold you doable. 3.02 pm
He penetrate to let us die wolf.
Chap minty.
They entomb you hustle.
Welcome the gentlemen; oh, they're totally done.
It's sewer.

Skittish. 3.44 pm

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