In your hand are power and might, so that no one is able to
Fri Aug 9, 2019 08:51

In your hand are power and might, so that no one is able to withstand you. 2 Chronicles 20:6

Our good God Almighty who holds power and might in His hands that no one is able to withstand. Will American workers not join with our good God Almighty who has the power to save us from this brimstone hell that is in on us now?

A high-level Judah said yesterday in reverse facial speech that 41% of Americans are now "gone." Are we understanding that by sterilizing our children using radioactive waste has washed out many of us? Are we aware that a large number of us have lost our life form?

2 Chronicles 25:8
Even if you go and fight bravely in battle, God will make you stumble before the enemy, for God has power to help and power to overthrow."

During the Second World war years, Hitler spoke with the foreign minister of Romania and told the foreign minister that "supermen were coming that they would not be able to stop with bullets and they would throw the nazis out."

That was part of college studies in the 1970s. At the time it sounded like it was something that was a pure invention of the mind. Understanding now that Hitler was fully aware of our elders from Mercury and their ability to take missiles away if they chose to, do we see how Hitler was informed of what was coming from our extraterrestrial family to unseat Judah Berlin nuclear war-making in our world?.

Are we connecting the dots here to see the big picture of how our kind and good God prepared our Bibles for us at the time of Jesus Christ? As superman started in Cleveland in the early 1930s are we seeing how Mercury contacted the powers in Cleveland to share with them how they were going to bring supermen in to close the war-makers out?

Why would Mercury have chosen Cleveland to contact with information about the supermen they were bringing in?

Might it be because that is the base of the Rockefeller clan? Do we recall that it was the Rockerfeller's University of Chicago that lit the nuclear torch in our world by demonstrating the first nuclear chain reaction in 1942?

Are we getting some idea of the wonderous way that our good God Almighty had His angels spend the many centuries letting Judah play his hand out and in the process letting Judah throw himself and his entire racket out?

Psalm 54:1
Save me, O God, by Your name, and vindicate me by Your might!

Some workers are still convinced that Bitch is a mean vicious violent guy. That is not who Bitch is, but it matters little if the workers choose to believe a liar which many do.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

For those who want to survive this nuclear waste, war can you's say some prayers that the might of God will vindicate Bitch so that it will bring American workers to stop the war?

Isaiah 14:27
The LORD of Hosts has purposed, and who can thwart Him? His hand is outstretched, so who can turn it back?

God's hand outstretched to Americans to lift us up and out of permanent sport war that the Jews use to hold their tyranny states in.

Will we not pray that American workers will reach out to take the hand of our good God to help us close out the Godless tyranny of the Jews on free bourse?

God who so kindly sent His angels in to gift us with the words to give us the mental power to rid ourselves of the bombers of our species. "Abstract receipts of labor. Organizing principle of society."

Those abstract receipts of labor held only by unelected international Jews. Might that help explain why we have been built into a nuclear blast and waste gencodie world? Might who issues our money explain why 41% of Americans have been washed out of existence due to high levels of background radiation?

If we look deeply might we see how our good God has set us for a true government of the people by the people and for the people this time? That is our original First Republic that was crafted by elites for elites and of elites yet now that we understand the wondrous gift they gave to us we can have it for ourselves, civil and human rights

Might we consider how lucky we are that the elites understood the truth of how government power works and wouldn't let the other elites get by without putting in a bill of rights?

The significance and prime importance of civil rights that our elites understood and made the issue the stumbling block that would deny the other elites their government if rights were not made our law. And so civil rights to protect our lives, liberty, and property, to afford us the opportunity to pursue happiness were made our law from the very beginning of the United States of America.

Those extremely important rights apparently missed by many of the ordinary fish that occupy our land these days. And what did the ordinary fish do during the American revolution? Were we ordinary fish any other than the grips that tossed old king George out? That's it, but what input did the ordinary fish have in the constitutional convention held in Philadelphia in 1787? Might we say "none?"

Are we seeing this creation of the Second Republic of the United States of America God has set it that the ordinary fish is to have input here this time?

Not mere input, but the everyday working fish is to hold the most important office of government, the concession to issue our money? Yes, that is what our good God wills.

Are there any doubters that before this tumult of war, death, and destruction is over in our world the fist elites will lose the authority to issue our money and the ordinary everyday working fish will be issuing our money?

No doubt about it. The fist elites, have they not put themselves out by savaging us with thermonuclear war? Have they not massively destroyed Americans with nuclear waste? Yes, they have. Much chance when the slumber of the ordinary fish ends the fist elites will be out of issuing our money here? No doubt about it.

But when will the ordinary everyday worker act to take over the reins of power in our land? When will workers step up and take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews and issue our money yourselves?

Might we think that when workers step up and issue our money is when the Second Republic of the United States of America will begin?

Judah who tells us he is excited and thrilled about his force that has thrown shrimpy out. But is revealing in reverse facial speech that Los Angeles estimates are that Judah has lost his police.

Might we consider that the non-fist elites have figured out just how seriously they and their children have been harmed already? Yes, they have. Have we not spoken before how the elites know their interests better than the ordinary fish do? Yes, we have talked about it.

Can we only wonder when the non-fist elites are going to urge ordinary workers to strike them out and take the concession to issue our money into workers hands?

Will we not pray it happens soon?

NOTE: Last week Bitch became paranoid and considered he had been set up with phony $100 dollars bills. As he hasn't heard from Wal Mart yet, he thinks it was Judah telepathically shaking Bitch up. A Judee Fornian guy actually showed up where Bitch lives pounding on the front door shortly after Bitch telepathically heard Judah talking about counterfeit bills.

Since then Bitch went into a Best Buy store to buy a new phone and asked if they had a marker pen to determine if these hundred dollar bills were real or counterfeit. They didn't have a marker pen but the clerk said she could tell if a bill was good or not and so she looked at it and said it was a real $100 dollar bill. Bitch has not had it checked with a marker pen yet, but apparently, Bitch was just paranoid as he has heard nothing about it since then.

How paranoid is Bitch?

A couple of days after buying the new phone he bought because his other one began to fail, he put it on his desk and hid it between two packs of ballpoint pens.

The next morning he couldn't find the phone, because he hid it the night before, and was concerned that Judah had pulled a trick on him and took it and was going to use it to phone in some sort of threat that would lead back to Bitch.

So paranoid of the tricks Judah does all the time, he called a nonemergency police number to report his new phone was missing. How's that for paranoid? He wanted to get it recorded in the event Judee used it for wrongdoing. Then later in the day, he found it. And called the police back to report it was never missing. Will labor not get the paper off of these guys and let Bitch's head take a rest?

Do we recall that Judah said it will take two weeks after liberation from the Jews for our heads to begin to function right as they should? Will workers not give us our strike so that we can have those two weeks to fix up our heads?

Will workers not get rid of Jew management? Have they not proven deadly enough yet?

Bitch is not talking about physical removal, only the removal of the concession to issue our money. The threat they present with unlimited free money. The free money they use to reward those who will harm us. Will workers not take it from them and issue our money?

The presumption of innocence is how American law is based. Have you read some of the articles that by holding the entertainer R. Kelly it is hurting his finances and he may be busted due to it? Or the articles about putting so much pressure on him in the cage that he may make a deal with the federal prosecutors and plead guilty?

Wasn't our law, our fabulous bill of rights created specifically to prevent the abuse of government from punishing us without a jury first hearing and deciding on the evidence presented?

Are we seeing the severe punishment the Jews are doing to him based on allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls? Are we not aware sex is the Jews favorite ruse to destroy a man even without a rope and noose?

Most people held plead guilty before trial. Might it be the indeterminate sentence produces mental pain of being held and not knowing when a man will be turned free that causes prisoners held without trial or offered bail to cop a plea? Are we not seeing in front of our eyes rank abuse by the clerks that have locked R.Kelly up?

The Jews with their vast killings in the lockups, jails, prisons. Some estimates are that they have killed one out of 80 people that they have detained over the years of their tyranny rule in America. Will workers not put our rights in and make the government employees obey the rules or find another income source than a government job?

The mass killings that are going on in Chicago at this moment. Are we not aware those shootings are hired and directed out of Washington DC, London and Berlin?

Might the Jews be mad at themselves that they missed shooting R. Kelly down on the streets so they are doing their next best try, using the cages of government? Could it be the sex aspect as to why there is so little note about how unjustly he is being treated by the Jews?

"I just do a bad on you even though Bitch set you free because I'm pious."

Might Judah pious role be part of how they use embarrassment associated with sex as to how the Jews have been able to smash Druids so hard this time? Will, we not try to overcome embarrassment, stop the war and try to save ourselves?

Have we not failed enough that workers will not now step around the obstacles and take over the concession to issue our money yourselves?

The takedown of labor in all of its fields that the Jews do when they have private control of the finances of us here. Are we understanding that God wants the abuse of his children ended? If so are we understanding that if we chose to not end the abuse of war that the Jews and their collaborators do then God will not save our lives as we go to our ruin?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty said.

The Jews with their long-range historical plan from the days of ancient Babylon that has proven cunning enough to take over the entire surface of planet earth. And yet they are unwelcome by the high-level powers of the universe. A quarantine of planet earth extraterrestrials have put in place to ensure the Jews do not escape planet earth and move into the universe.

Will American workers not try to perceive what our extraterrestrial elders perceive, the danger the Jews present to ordinary people is genocide, and help us to end their reign of terror on earth? Will American workers not toss London and Berlin out right? Must we not reestablish the United Staes of America as a country and not a colony of tiny Israel?

"The Israelites purpose smash." 4.46 am

Will workers not get out their rack and racket? Will workers not throw their waterboard away?

The gruesome vicious Jews that have proven what they are in so many ways. But what are we to think, Bitch who has spent his life trying to stop the war and the brutality and violence it spawns, and the Jews have some ordinary people convinced that Bitch is a vicious mean guy, and he is not?

Israel, this is the rogue state that is arguably responsible for the greatest mass murder in history: the catastrophe of 9-11. If scientific evidence and forensic logic are anything to go on, Israel has to be suspect number one here, given its unbroken record of terrorism and its endless breaches of international law. Any country that can orchestrate such a spectacular crime and get away with it—while somehow managing to pin the blame on nineteen Arabs with box cutters—is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Though do we recall reading that the Jews had so effectively defamed and smeared sweet Jesus to where the ordinary fish screamed and howled to crucify Him? Will workers try to perceive that Bitch is not the guy the Jews describe him as, he is a good and useful kid who if he can certainly will prevent you and your children from being destroyed now in war?

The Jew who tells us that when he loses his white fist he will no longer be able to fist our black, brown, red, yellow and other white brothers and sisters in this world. Will American workers not hear the love of our kind and good God and stop the war before we lose our life forms fair?

Tele receives:

"Hurt scrimmage. 5.55 am

They're everywhere defacing us off.

It's a de-life fist. 6.22 am

We're leavin.

Errors hold much.

West Germany lethaled us.

My favorite cluck.

You were burged.

The jats roll quite brutal.

The Jew is finished. 7.30 am

Get rid of you stashed. 9.13 am

Set you great hard. 9.39 am

Pat's true.

A scientist will put you all ahead.

Get out genocide. 11.23 am

Oh, it's abusage.

Professor's a great force.

They score to rape us final.

They John boyed us.

Help us, Patrick, help us! 12.34 pm

Disturbing will.

Dangerous sight (site-cite) falling.

He's free falsing thee.

It's a trance. 1.57 pm

Get out stitch haven.

Sherman raids us painfully.

STRIKE error.

It's wheecked.

STRIKE! 2.43 pm

Torch. 2.57 pm

Wonderful consciousness speaks us energy.

You're a failure, STRIKE THEM OUT, Patrick!

Faulted you out terrible spacious. 4.48 pm

You sold it. 6.34 pm

Let's do it.

Terrible rights have stolen this dead.

Get grace. 8.57 pm

Mice insurance all failed.

Your rights are going for shooting too hostile. 12.11 am

Oh my God fixtures save us!

Corrupt sight is coring lethal.

Your life is to save us, Patrick. Save us, Patrick!

Weapons don't serve us Patrick.

Because of your proceed, I'm a tale.

Rape failed police department holds you dangerously.

You are stupidly bookish.

Jesus Christ thrives you happy.

You're generously out.

Purity plays to leave some sins.

Circuit obviously will lead us to a good state.

Force you out ridiculously hugely.

They're thoroughly out for waste us here.

Our attitude will make us leave here.

Childs field.

Molest you rightly.

Continues at:

Obviously, a racial capture makes you rhesus cap.

As a fail he's quite an effective one.

A failed state fails your right state.

A STRIKE will save us, leave us fieldy here.

Insurance sure

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