"Who Cares What Patrick Thinks About This State, Financials
Sat Aug 10, 2019 08:42

 "Who Cares What Patrick Thinks About This State, Financials Lead Us."

That Tele receive once again giving a truth that might save us. Who cares what Patrick thinks? if only we focus on the financials might we get smart and take them away from weap Judah and company and lead ourselves?

Haven't put too many of weap Judah's reverse speech up lately and have many pages of them. They are delighted that they have harmed white people so much. And how much have they harmed white people? Their brimstone nuclear warfighting scientists are telling them they have destroyed most of us. It is merely a few years of sickness and we will be gone as a force in our world. Planet earth is being cleared of white people due to the radioactive waste from only one dirty bomb that is poisoning us by the jet stream bringing the waste in and dumping it into our environment.

Here's some of what weap Judah cult are saying from their subconscious that is showing up in their reverse facial speech:

"My 2% human never treated you right. My zipper let me rape you with pizza. I push morality with sight nuclear washing. We shot your sight forming because Patrick told you right. I bruise your analysis cipher Bitch because I'm quite faulty. It's possible adulation may make me die. We push you borstally then our race is done.

New Orleans is obviously passing. A glorious ruse keeps us opper. We're Johny klept cipher who booted you. (Nobel prize winner for peace activity)

This is a capital siege I see they get right. This hassle came Bayonne. (Business owner at Dayton shooting.

ISIS helps me corrupt you well and provides nice chalk. I pure petroleum outside. (Purported white nationalists)

Because of your fubber you gassed them out. My stateside analysis proved I could die all of you. We just set you Holywood to die you out and set you ropely. I'm ending your employment. We're forever fishing. My torture must murder to hold. You're obviously getting on to our wet head here. Dog psychement.

Our war daffy psych you hard. I much failed with China to complete your die. I was a fool to have set you. Jew has survived with the right chemicals for free. Our function is to tumor life. I feed you on firk hypocrisy to fearish. We fight you butcher to fall all proceeds. The Mercury boy took my country off because I'm all fail. We just Peter Rabbit get you America.

I ever skiff you nardal sport. We'll come in with Russians and put some real fear into you now. I shot it with the thief, a real try rub. Jew holds you with historical meat. I set you away, I tyracy, I send you to heaven. Contact story won't let us in because we're too failed. Mercury got me out for my racial sin because I hurt you hoot.

Basically it's a bourse wits set your time off all with the future. Jew just set you murder exhaustion time. I'm out because you're in. Great cash to exhaust. Our Jew exhaust you truly, set you fail. All your investments are going to fail for resourcing. If I can set you, cannibal, I can conquer you right. We lost big fight, Pat you won testament.

Financials push Euro-free deaths. It seems the minnow is perishing to our philosophy roll. Our advantage is driving you free drink. We just benefit you insane. This was a great sport emphasis mice-schous sale. Our sportsmen way just cap you. Procedure way dumped you die-dee-dum. We just kiper you with foul cipher forces.

Papa wants our error removed, Papa psychics well. We use the mall to set you all inside. Because of the advocate Jew housewife sport is out. Peace we waste off because we image. We just poach you Federalist, that's how we always got at you. We spat your life insane to douche. Every sane scientist we quickly die. You get civil rights you'll brain fall us.

You fell because I just offis' you. Racial fears will break you and finish up Mercury. Your deathly is to let us finish up Mars dude stuff of mine. I establish you Edelweiss right here. Jew pitch a life form fair with cage. I falsely foul the truth. I had a family of casual sport FM. Because you guys didn't authorize electricity I'm going to give you more certified war.

I got you white guys off with some right perjury. This is Jew on sport bad, Iowa still policing public. Your mother's perceived as tard on right. We're leaving because I'm Jew schrape ya. For rolling everyone I'm on ejectee. Your force let me progress poor proceed. I'm going to set you model bad. For free I insect you well. My pure is all out because I over weaped them hospital way.

We always get great seats so we can send you to Dachau. We full won a morgue. We got some big ups for paint time, we throw you out. My chapel fight was taken dog tags in June. We hold you all for suitable concentration. I just play you elections and hack you police out. A kidney app wil fall you out shemp. As much as you fail I got more pusk-a-nee.

I attack white state and now I'm off in two weeks. Because of our cable sport I'm out. A state of frightness gave us your life. Our child rape Oswald of you failed. I just cheat you to rice you imbecile. It's white what we abuse you with. In your lunch we're now going to launch a protest. Tax accelerates indecency. I'm a dunce already fooling you lately.

I've got a deal dead to incinerate you. Making a fister I put my foot in thee. Viceroys show you how I failed you. Register faults them out dumb. Yah, they're dying us now thief. We beat your face courage. We just do auto-pimp fails spritely. We just did a full police muscleman pull out of your state. We used Federal to vicious you all of the way.

Our function fooling you is historical. We use a symbol to rule you, that's why God wants us to leave. Because this was Jew outfit all the way is why you'll let me go. Galveston let me rape. With my death wish I have taken away your field. The professor boost you up because he reveals my big sender," Judee say.

Judah big sender in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when Judah tried to send 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads our way to burst above our heads. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for sparing our lives by having His diligent Martian angels pull all of those Boeing built missiles out of the sky at 80,000 feet up while still in the boost phase?

Will American workers not try to perceive that the professor has boost us all into peace and wealth and get rid of the war disease that is stealthily wiping us out? Has the professor not revealed Judah's big sender right?

Non-Judah survivor of Dayton shooting:

"Jew wild ass is failed."

Are we understanding that all of the shooting in our world is coming from just one cipher group, ancient Babylon? Will American Labor not let them and their racist imprisonment war machine state off right? Will American workers try to perceive that God's angels have freed us all from the brutal vicious genocidal Jews and act upon this right treatment from the house of God and close out their despot sharia law tyranny state and put American law in once again with our fabulous bill of rights?

"We just poach you Federalist, that's how we always got at you."

Will Americans not free our family by giving us a general STRIKE to get the Jews off of privately holding the most important office of them all, the authority to issue our money?

The Federalist Congress that passed the Alien and Sedition acts of 1798 that blocked free speech, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to our Constitution. While 3 of the 4 provisions of the Alien and Sedition Acts were tossed out in 1801, the Alien Enemies Act of 1798 remained on the books and was used by Franklin Roosevelt to imprison Japanese and German Americans in 1941.

Is it not interesting that from the very beginning the founding fathers that crafted the first constitution of America did not want us to have recognized rights?

Are we not lucky that the state delegates would not give them a deal until our rights were made the basic law of our land?

As the pacifist Bitch has been smeared and defaced by the lying perjurous Jews great to the point that some ordinary people are convinced that he is a violent man, which he is not. Will labor not put our rights in so that we can hear all sides of all issues of importance?

Will workers not aim for the maturity like the Jews claim they have and put our legal rights in once again? While the Jews like to think of themselves as mature and we are in puberty as they tell us, if they were really mature would they not have reached up to join our extraterrestrial elders?

Our kind and good God in heaven above will weep if a third of His simian children on earth now pass out of existence in this last war of brimstone waste the Babylonian Jews are scoring us with. While looking up passages in our Bible of when God weeps came across the God that wept when ancient Mesopotamia was destroyed and the people died out massively. It was an aquatic Being who was the God of the Mesopotamians then.

Mesopotamian Gods & Kings

The roaring storm covered it like a cloak, was spread over it like a sheet. 4a - Eridu, buried by Noah's Flood (Eridu, Enki‘s discovered ziggurat E-enguru & city) It covered Eridug (Eridu) like a cloak, was spread over it like a sheet.

In the city, the furious storm resounded ……. In Eridug, the furious storm resounded ……. Its voice was smothered with silence as by a sandstorm. Its people ……. Eridug was smothered with silence as by a sandstorm. Its people ……. 11-18 Its king stayed outside his city as if it were an alien city.

He wept bitter tears. (Enki, patron god of Eridu, early city established on Earth Colony) Father Enki stayed outside his city (Eridu) as if it were an alien city.

He wept bitter tears. For the sake of his harmed city, he wept bitter tears.

Its lady, like a flying bird, left her city. The mother of E-mah, holy Damgalnuna (Damkina / Ninki, OR Ninhursag, Enki‘s spouse), left her city. The divine powers (alien technologies) of the city of holiest divine powers were overturned. The divine powers of the rites of the greatest divine powers (held by Enki) were altered. In Eridug everything was reduced to ruin, was wrought with confusion.

The ancient god's that lived with us in ancient times, are we understanding now they were extraterrestrials that were part of the Galactic Federation of light that were here in our early days to help us rise right?

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that lived with our family in South America sometime before 1,000 BC. We now understand that the kind Being Quetzalcoatl is a Biavian Being that lives in the rings of Saturn. They have lived there for 70,000 years now. Their engineers and technicians installed Brainiac when they arrived in our solar system 70,000 years ago.

The God Enki, an aquatic Being. Bitch has heard from the kind Being Sir Morris who is also a lovely aquatic Being who is in our solar system now to welcome us into the universe as we go full extraterrestrial and journey the stars with our elders.

"Good wishes," Sir Morris said to Bitch when he signed off after visiting for a few minutes some years ago. His community of love lives in a space world they built that can house 20 billion Beings in comfort and style. There are 8 billion Qwill that live there.

The unbelievable destruction now and what are we to think, we have had extraterrestrial Beings with us helping us for thousands of years?

Their emotions are as ours, they weep when they see sad things. If only American workers will try to perceive this great destruction the Jews are doing to you and me will workers not stop it in its tracks? Will we not look to the stars? And not to the mousers in Hollywood but the stars up above our heads?

The organized cult that took over the earth so they could play their sport of insurance mousing us out for free. Will American workers not end their sport for free by ending funding it with a general STRIKE?

Mousing to enrich themselves when merely by letting free energy come in they would be rich beyond compare. But free energy would entail everybody else being rich and so they blocked out free energy and stayed mousing us out for sport insurance collections. Will workers not recognize their failure and let them off right as our good God wills?

As the ancient Mesopotamian God Enki wept as the people were destroyed do we note he never used force to stop the invaders? Are we understanding our good God Almighty will not use force to the stop the Jews destroying us now, he will weep instead at our passing?

Enki the aquatic God of the Mesopotamians was a different high-level intelligence genetic number than we. Our precious sweet elders who are guiding us now are the same 223 high intelligence psychiatric genetic number that we are. The understanding is our elders only put the 223 genetics into preferred body forms as we are.

The First Editon Galacticans, marsupials. Second Edition, Armadillos. Third Editon who are on the bridge of the Federation at this moment in time, Canids. We set to be the Fourth Editon Galacticans, hominids.

The "preferred body form," relates to how easy it is for species to become extraterrestrials. Though elephants are reported to be quite congenial animals, their size does not easily make for outer space travel.

Our care for each other out of the 36 hominids that were alive 200,00 years ago is what brought the Galacticnas to choose us to become part of the Fourth Editon of the Galactic Federation of light. Are we getting some idea of how special we are?

Created in the image of God. Will workers not recognize who we are and stop the war?

Our Galactican elders who have the 78 million years records of Prenasour that give them a total 87 million years in their knowledge base. And they tell us the Jews are a "Rare" breed.

"The Israeli bombing of the WTC used to put America into permanent war to destroy us. Any country that can orchestrate such a spectacular crime and get away with it—while somehow managing to pin the blame on nineteen Arabs with box cutters—is clearly a force to be reckoned with."

Might Judah rare be why our extraterrestrial elders calculated it will take a third of the human race to die off now before the rest of us will see the truth and close the war-making genocidal Jews out?

And what is the truth? While there are many truths, is not one of them that the Jews cannot make war if we American workers won't let them? Certainly.

If not for the workers' purse in Judah's hands would our world not be at peace? Yes, it would, sad but true. Jews who showed up with their mattress 1,500 years ago in the northlands and bred look-alikes into the white breed and used them to fool us throughout history and hold us to war for the Jews.

God will not stop the Jews with the use of physical force. Are we aware we don't need physical force to stop the Jews from wiping us out but we do need the authorization from labor to agree to end funding all of their wet dreams?

Tele receives:

"The circuit for sure will overjoy us. 4.34 pm

Shet sorrow.

The fascists are finished.

Inadequate. 4.48 pm

Get them out.

Radiation sickness, oh is that what they're doing?

Full jackal. 6.48 pm

Sh^t hike you fist.

Finish. 8.48 pm

People are reduced unimaginably now. 12.34 am

Who cares what Patrick thinks about this state, financials lead us.

I see them falsing out liberty.

From cancer the circuits saves us.

The beaster state is going.

They're quite abusive.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

They mooched us altar boy.

It's at an end. 7.30 pm

You made us go fair.

See you later oxy. 8.04 am

They want us waifish here." 8.20 am
They sure do want us waifish here. Is their strategy not clear to workers what they are doing taking our economy apart day by day with one thing after another that is harming our income sources?

Continues at:

Do we see to protect our income sources we must have the financials out of the hands of the Jews?

Something that keeps coming up again and again with the workers out here

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