"Your Advertise Sewer Average Us." 3.54 am Might that expl
Sun Aug 11, 2019 08:15

"Your Advertise Sewer Average Us." 3.54 am

Might that explain why Patrick has failed the Druid and the Slav? Might Patrick unconsciously sewer average ya's with his advertising for a peace sale? What might explain Patrick's sewer average you's advertising campaign?

Sterilized widely now, tumors coming in to get us out. What might explain why we have so easily left the Jews harm us and our kids?

The magnificents on the desk on the weekends now due to the threat of a surprise war breaking out between the US and the Soviet Union. Jews operating both tyrannies for their sports. If only Bitch had wept instead of hissing at and insulting you's for pushing us dead might you have stopped the war?

Judah's single biggest genocide he has ever accomplished according to his brimstone nuclear waste war scientists has succeeded, he is claiming he won. If so are we understanding that white people in America are set to go out of life form in a megadeath situation over the next few years? According to Judah brimstone nuclear warfighting scientists he has already scored over 120 million of us out of existence. 41% of Americans have been poisoned out of existence by radioactive waste.

Bitchie has nightmare dreams that trouble him. He looked and saw a burned-out city with the people milling about aimlessly. And passed by him was a friend who was worth millions at one time and he passed by ragged and was in poverty. Then Bitchie woke up. Terrible dreams Bitchie has while we await our final disposition at the hands of the fiend Jews who now have us out of here fair while we fund all of the Jews sports here.

How fair is Druid Slav extermination? Might we consider it is fair enough that God will weep but will not halt it because we have not halted the genocide of Jewish controlled Berlin, London and Washington DC against the other children of God on earth?

Will some of the survivors say. "I just didn't know the Jews were really that dangerous? I never believed they would wipe the majority of Americans out? I never ever guessed that only one Jewish nuclear electric plant could wipe our country out?

The Jews putting as many Druid Slav workers off of the payrolls as they can to take away our incomes with the aim to crush our economy as much as they can before we let them off. Can we not pray labor takes them off issuing our money before they trigger their long-planned clash between us and our technically advanced family from the north, the Soviet Union?

While it appears that our extraterrestrial family and friends will pull all the nuclear warheads as they have already done many times, are we aware the Jew-controlled Soviet military in 72 hours could set us back to an earlier age by destroying much of our infrastructure and do it using only conventional warheads on missiles?

While the Jews were thrilled at getting us gone in a few hours with nuclear blast, and they missed when God had His angels pull all of their blast out of the skies, are we aware the jews are scoring us with nuclear waste and God wills us to act and end failing to stop the war?

Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Father who wants His meek children to take over here. Will the meek not step around Bitch's dense, deaf and dumb and try to protect us all from the rapist Jews on free bourse workers give them?

"Jerk always." 4.39 am

And Bitch thought he pulled all the jerk out of yesterdays post by taking nearly 400 words out after getting negatives from his daily test page post.

Bitch will keep posting as long as able. He's wondering that if American workers fund the war to begin with Russia if Father will have His angels begin the rapture then?

If the lights go out and stay out for a few months, can we wonder what life in America might be like then?

America, a place where the Jews get to murder us for free and when they get caught get a free pass with a get out of jail free card. Will labor not act and take away their rights to take our lives, liberty, and property?

Bible says, "NO," we will die off with our children before we will dare challenge the Jews right to take our lives, liberty, and property. Bible tells us a third of us will be put out of existence as the beast Jews go away from us now.

So why did our elders from the Federation go through this elaborate intervention event if they knew from long ago the Jews would die a third of us off anyways?

First off do we see as one part of the intervention our elders prevented the Jews from killing everyone on earth with their long-running plot to nuclear blast us out of existence?

The attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 three hundred Kiloton thermonuclear warheads that was to burn us with the equivalent of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast, heat, and radiation. While that attack was intended to destroy Americans might we wonder how many of our family around the world would be sickened and killed by the radioactive fallout from those 3,200 three hundred kiloton warheads? Are we understanding nuclear weapons are deadly not only by blast but also by the nuclear fallout from them?

Are we aware that we are being put to nuclear fallout from Hitachi-GE burning their MOX 24/7 since March 11, 2011

The polio epidemic in the 1950s. Is it not curious it appeared in America shortly after atomic testing was begun in the Pacific islands? Might the virus that crippled so many children have been let loose by weakening the immune system of the children from atomic bomb testing in the Pacific and the prevailing Westerlies blowing the fall out on to us?

Can we only hope that American workers perceive the nuclear waste genocide the Jews have put us into here and act to stop it?

Tele receives:

"It's sullen. 2.27 pm

Jewtopia is one fist league.

He played a bloody mouse trap war out. 4.57 pm

Close them up completely, do it mercifully.

Police role is over.

It's crummy, typical guff. 6.23 pm

Typical thief met his force dumb.

Abusive you failed us Patrick.

He's failed us out John Doe.

He tossed you out viciously Patrick.

Liquor, booze shot the white people out.

You mashed yourself.

Lead us hopeful Patrick.

What are they doing to us but fight?

Jews cable gene fights you.

You should see them fistul, big rub.

Scored your life fist fisty.

They have us established lethal consequences.

You are just boy killed.

Golden misers are weaping you off of here.

An error cheats.

Shoot it bumped the state.

They consign us real exhaustee.

Punish us here company.

Raiders disable apps. 11.51 pm

Drewy do horrible off and let him make you.

Misfit be felled.

Stupid here carriage.

He wants to defile child to put him in.

You failed to sin-a-versy.

The merchant failed to save us, Patrick help us.

Boner theft.

Ran you little fist, now fistic achieve us.

If we are too hard-hearted or too hard-headed then we go out of life form.

They throw us trash.

Jew the great jailer to harm here.

Martial thief.

Fertilize nausea here.

Your rising has failed us, Patrick.

You let us bust you rice-is.

With nukie we shot racial here.

Harm right you stupid.

They give us a false consciousness bad.

My dear canceled.

You're canceled territory here.

Race funnel us tax.

Forming out this street.

His rape is over here for real routines.

They're wiping us die.

They raid our painfuls.

Disable bizarre-ment.

Without rights they merch us creatures. 1.09 am

They made us savage; that's their big deal, that they can get white people to march to war.

Patrick racial a right force.

Our children are largely sterilized.

Patrick fouls them right here.

You brief real.

F--- these rules.

Your advertise sewer average us. 3.54 am

Patrick died fiercing, organize here.

Jerk always. 4.39 am

Suckers, they can you spoiled.

White people vegetable lethal.

You failed forces continental complete.

Do well. 5.10 am

They penetrated." 6.26 am

"My dear canceled."

Might that be Father? Is there not a prayer to be said that will not bring workers to clear the Jews off of issuing our money?

Father's dear simian children on planet earth. Will we not put our sacred rights in and end our cancel?

"If I keep offending I don't think I can be caught for Auschen. I'm a perp friend. You're a vegetable for free so I'm putting in a Cessberg. If I can keep in my false I can keep my bossin."

Will American workers not end the offending and let the perp fiends off for their Auschen?

"With our judge Bolshewits, we messed you awesome. The Druid, I just threw him Orkin to make him go. I'm punishing you strictly English lash. I'm a permanent dead for suffering you guys. My busting you is over for the hill fair. We truly dangerous extinct thee. My art is falling me off. Wall Street made palace rule. Our sh^ts out for greasen the white folks.

With our great court Minneapolis helped us field. (Berlin official)

My estimate here from Los Angeles is the oxygen has thrown us away. (Police official)

I just use the minnow of the white man to cost you here. Bitch set you up for a white catastrophe dumb. I pura-late your heads with baby falls. Because you're leaving me with no choice I'm throwing you out. My bif invention clear shot you. Child truths have flushed your heads. My spinach gives me a rumor to make you die.

I need a mess to make you die, that's why I boom ya. I'm a noxious sight to get you to fold rare. We threw you off debasement with constant Jewish efforts. We died you for skose factor. Some day we're going to fish you on mongoose. It's fun for us to exhaust you racial I just do you bad even though Bitch set you free because I'm pious.

I'm fisting out your great state. My fool's out ridiculous. I changed your compass with some great smear. I was made to suffer you. I'm just going to force you with gas. The nice guy scores us out. We condemn ya foul Baltimore through interest rates. I'm a fascher operation. I raped you all fabulously Geneva.

Jew step you in 72 hours and leave you genocide puddles here. I keep out peace so you won't fool me. Spark my home when I accept your deal. Great Druid I falsed through my restaurant. We just waste you Rome and you won't care if we do it. Our oxygen rice fall got too molestive so it ended Gerry state. I helped the scientist failed.

I washed the white guy from Washington the abusive way so now I'm out of here. I'm used to scoring whiteness because I'm a racket goose rightly. 41% of you I made true, we lose our big investments here because we fatal the minnows. It's a real bust vegetable die. The huge psychic took your shot and threw us away. Tight rules Jew cemented.

Jew get up inside you and fear you tough. Our rights just outrageous you. We just mouse for Gerry's war. I'm right beside you apper full. We state you in problems with fear, we want you to whole die. White guys we just field you moron witless, with my Waco I throw you dirty here; I'm just prejudiced. My genius gave you a deficit and made you free fall, put you into a spin," Judee say.

This next is the facial reverse speech of a crying woman whose husband was arrested and taken away by ICE in their recent immigration raids:

"I'm sad Druid has failed, we're f----- vicious completely."

Richard Kuklinski (1935-2006) the notorious Iceman, died in prison shortly after telling a visitor that they were poisoning him to shut him up. And we have this recent Judee reverse facial speech:

"I raped you all fabulously Geneva."

The Iceman was suspected of killing dozens of people, though convicted of killing six. The Iceman himself claimed that he may have killed 250 people over his career.

Richard was thought to be a successful businessman and he traveled regularly to Geneva Switzerland. Will labor not help us to get Geneva out of the management of the United States of America?

From wiki: He (Richard Kulinski) was associated with members of the American Mafia, namely the DeCavalcante crime family of Newark, New Jersey, and the Five Families of New York City.

Might we understand the crime families are all part of the Jews Geneva Switzerland management in America?

The authority to issue our money, are we seeing that is where it is at? The Iceman had a working man Polish father and a working woman Irish mother. If Richard had big money might he have been reported to have committed suicide in jail and a body put in his cell and taken out and cremated to report him dead? (NOTE; after watching a news report a reporter indicated in RS that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, not ghosted.)

Will American workers not take our labor created money away from Geneva's Jews?

If so will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the week — Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32
Sunday, August 11 — Genesis 15:1-6; Psalm 33:12-22
Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16; Luke 12:32-40
The Lord waits to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show mercy to you. Isaiah 30:18
You then, my child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 2:1
Teacher, you have graced us with the gifts of life and song. Sweet melody is your word; keep our voices strong. Give us trumpets to sound your call while silencing the noises of oppression. Amen

1.59 pm

"Contact failed molesters, contact failed to lift us.

Free yourselves.7.31 am

Pat put the contest away here.

They sue antlers. 7.53 am

You get a toupee.

Your failure to strike has already tossed ya. 9.16 am

Oh my God tight assaulting us out of existence.

This guy is real, he braved Bernie.

They're wiping the white genus out.

Thank you Pat for mercy. 11.00 am

Take them off for sue-id.

They just roll us Billy. 11.13 am

He has an attitude that is safe.

We just stumble you bum.

Sore dough.

A false mental is my shoddy.

They're pitching us dreadfully here and Patrick is telling us what to do.

I canceled you out scrimmage.

War sands.

He has destroyed us already, Oh my God.

Oh God, is that what they're doing? 12.29 pm

This college page has apped the West.

They've stolen your life.

It's true, we're awesome fouled." 2.28 pm
Dozens of UFOs Caught on Video Over Wyoming
August 9, 2019

The video description states the witness of the strange event saw UFOs that looked like some craft moving across the sky without any sound.

A mass UFO sighting was recently reported in Wyoming, US.

In a description of the YouTube video showing the UFOs, the phenomenon took place on July 26 over Casper City, Wyoming.

It presented the testimony, quoted by the owner of the YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0 from the eyewitness, saying the objects in the video were not orbs but rather appeared like crafts moving in complete silence.

The witness said they were not drones as they did not hear the propellers, but they had no idea what were those mysterious aerial things.
Video 3.21 at

The video of the fleet of flying saucers over Casper Wyoming. Can we wonder what elders are MARKING there that we should take a look at? How about this, a privately owned mountain?

Casper Mountain is largely privately owned Elevation 8,130 ft .

Can we only wonder might Casper mountain have an entrance to the undergrounds? Also in that area is a refinery owned by Sinclair oil company. Sinclair is privately owned. Sinclair is headquartered in Salt Lake City, home of the Mormon church.

Continues at:

Can we only wonder if the sport Mormons are fleeing into their well-prepared undergrounds in the privately-owned Casper mountain as we perish out now? Could that be what those flying saucers were MARKING and trying to show us?

Over a decade

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