"Their Vicious Hinge Us Abusive. They're Shearing Us Falsely
Mon Aug 12, 2019 08:46

"Their Vicious Hinge Us Abusive. They're Shearing Us Falsely Everything."
Those a couple of overnight Tele receives. Taking our economy off in a way that will leave us way back in time. Holding America to fighting racist wars in the Middle East and Africa. The war in Ukraine to hold our family nice.
Yet how do they do it? Where do they get the money for all of the bribes needed to hold war into so many places around our globe? Have we not answered that thousands of times, it is American workers tribute that holds in all of the Jewish cannibal wars in our world? Yes, it is the American labor pocketbook that is holding in the wars and the genocide against ourselves.
Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations has freed us from the vicious genocidal Jews but as of yet, Bitch has failed to give the ordinary workers a view. Can we not hope that changes soon?
The war with Russia could start any day by surprise, the war the Jews have to make America die completely away. If only we understood the love of God would we not let the Jews war go away? If only we understood the power of God would we not make the war go away today?

Bitch watched the video of the flying saucers over Wyoming and counted 15 of them. So what might the number 15 indicate? Are we aware the 15th is only a couple of days away? Do we note it falls on Thursday? Do some recall Bitch mentioning a few times over the years elder mentioning to Bitch one word: "THURSDAY?" Could this be the THURSDAY?

Bitch wondered if it was Thursday that labor would STRIKE and now after seeing the 15 flying saucers wonders if it was attack day the Jews scheduled and this is the way elders chose to communicate it to me? Will labor not close the Jews out and prevent this war with Russia the Jews are hoping to do to us before you close them out?
And the jailhouse suicide of Jefferey Epstein who died while in custody. Here is some reverse facial speech from a video reporting his death:
"His pissing our bubble is dead. I strike them dead, I'm pushing, I ever believe force out our problems. We false you right with British chow. Some Worsehower arrived for his suicide true, executive bench royalties. It was a complete right so you don't see my catastrophe. Winsome errorous Jew. For war sophomore, I siege sport side Ames. We bore so the white man won't see our foul. This was set by the office of professional workers fall. We always spite by caging them. It took out the decision. This happened because Jew salaried right."
Do we note the Jew spites by using the public purse for caging us? Do we note suicide was in the chow? Might it have been the Bland diet the jailhouse chef-prepared for Jeffrey that triggered that convenient suicide for the Jews and their collaborators? Do we see by controlling salaries the Jew makes a killing most all of the time?
Are we getting some idea of how effective Berlin-London's pharmaceuticals are? Have we not seen enough madmen running around attacking us on the streets, restaurants, schools and shopping malls and then killing themselves before they get caught that we won't stop funding this Jewish mental sport of death?
Are we not becoming aware of how highly organized is their death machine in their investment cages? Might the knowledge of what is going on in Jewish cages in America help explain why so many people flee from the police? Will workers not end the Jews ability to salary anybody right?
For the love of God and to save us all from the complete Palestinian style hell the Jews are forcing in will American workers not take the concession to issue our money away from them?
Abusing Americans like they abuse our family in Palestine. Will Americans not say enough is enough and close the genocidal Jews out of managing our money?
Sophomore who called the Jews out about their bad sport and in the process learned that we do have a good God. The best thing that ever happened to sophomore in his life, learning we have a God and He is good. Will American workers not try to save us all now? Is there some who have not yet heard the Babylonian cipher crowd have already died a vast number of us out with radioactive waste?

 Isaiah 30:18 
God’s Promise to Zion
18 Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you;
    therefore he will rise up to show mercy to you.
For the Lord is a God of justice;
    blessed are all those who wait for him.
Can we not keep praying for American workers to accept the kindness of our precious sweet Father and follow Father's love so that Father can be gracious and have mercy on us again?

 2 Timothy 2:1
A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus
2 You then, my child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus;
Will American workers not be the good soldiers of Jesus Christ and make peace in our world? Will workers not be strong and throw the warmakers out?
"His pissing our bubble is dead. I strike them dead, I'm pushing, I ever believe force out our problems."
That last reverse facial speech, "I ever believe force out our problems." Might that, in brief, explain why Judah silenced Jeffery Epstein? Might what Jeffery knew have been a problem for Judah?
Might we connect the dots to perceive the mentality that was at work that counseled Berlin, London and Washington DC to attack us with 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011? Might Judah have tried to extinct our breed because he knew his errorous way was giving him problems?
Will workers not let the Jews off of issuing our money before they destroy us all?
The fleet of flying saucers that recently buzzed Casper Wyoming. Here is a comment Bitch posted at YouTube the other day:
How many can we only wonder might guess those flying saucers are trying to tell us something? If they are trying to tell us something, what might we guess their message might be?
Could it have anything to do with the thousands of thermonuclear H bombs America and Moscow have pointed at each other? Might there be an entrance to the undergrounds in that area of Wyoming where our nuclear warfighting hobbyists are fleeing to now before they get a nice nuclear exchange between Russia and America?
Are there some who might consider that Berlin, London, Moscow, and Washington DC have plans to smoke us out before we figure their war sports routine out?
Here's some more information about it:
 UFO Armada Spotted Over Casper, Wyoming. July 26, 2019
Video 3.20 at
And of those 155 comments, only a few suggested that the flying saucers were here to help us. Here's some:
Alacon Merope1 week ago
Amazing video. This is a fleet of Pleiadian craft, de-cloaked and flying low to be seen. Friends in High Places +++
Ryan Collins2 weeks ago
Anyone else been noticing that UFOs have been getting more ballsy lately? It seems like they’re trying to be noticed and observed.
This next comment, might we guess is a Judee sport trying to pretend it was not extraterrestrial spacecraft that flew passed in Wyoming?

OsakaRose1 week ago

And the next comment the witness saw a group of flying saucers over San Diego.
Witness Yalaniv2 weeks ago
Those look like the ones I spotted in San Diego CA with bright flashing lights if you want a closer look watch my video
And next we have a witness who saw a fleet of flying saucers in Europe but didn't have a camera:
tom gibson1 week ago
wow, 10 years ago I see a thousands in perfect formations in central Europa,,,and didnt have camera, damn,,,
Jill Ollerton1 week ago
I saw a couple in the night sky last night down here in Layton
Dezi Love2 weeks ago (edited)
hmmmm. Def Not drones. I wonder. If this was near that water reservoir thingy?!? Something recently happened to a water holding area - it "collapsed" or something. Now. A great portion of Wyoming and Nebraska Farmers have nothing to irrigate with mid -summer ... during a dry spell ... officials say they could be without water for up to a month. If anyone knows when/ where this was taken. Lmk. Im gonna check the description. JS. Coincidence...?!? nvrmind. Infos in the description
Might elders wanted us to know how farmers in Wyoming and Nebraska won't have water for our food crops due to the collapse of a water reservoir? Are Druid not getting it yet, the Jews are doing all they can to put Americans into food shortages? Are we seeing how in every area they are doing all they can to leave us stranded when they are fully gone out of America the beautiful? Will workers not end their brutal criminal rule?
Are Europeans not aware that the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews want to destroy us most of all the breeds on earth? Are we not seeing our extraterrestrial elders have signaled our family in Europe by flying overhead as they are signaling Americans about the war the Jews are using to destroy our breed?
torahouse20061 week ago
I saw the same kind of thing on october 27th 2017 at 05h50 am, was going to work.
Over 500 UFO sightings in America in July of this year. Will Americans not try to perceive our elders are helping us to survive the permanent war-making genocidal Jews and their industrial-strength investment grade nuclear warfighting sport collaborators? Will workers not pray to God for the wits to perceive this all? Will, we not accept the TRUTH, that extraterrestrials have spared us all from Jewish nuclear blast war?
All the candidates running for the highest office, are we not aware they are all errorous Jews in their Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shells? Though one of them may be a real Druid hired by the Jews for their election sport.
Babylonian Jews trying and succeeding to destroy us now. Will workers not try to save yourselves somehow? Will American workers not organize and STRIKE THEM OUT and give us peace in our world?
The Babylonian Jews that had a strategy that didn't include listening to the advice of God. And what happened other than they are out of existence now?
How can that be said when they still hold the organizing principle of the human race worldwide in their private hands? Are we understanding they will hold the organizing principle in their hands until the workers decide to close them out of here as is God's plan for us all?
The Jews, knowledgable enough to understand that our good heavenly Father is from an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization. Top Judah also have known for some time that we are a hybrid creation of this highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the Galactic Federation of Light. The Jews also know that God will not accept those that violate his rules against murder and yet the Babylonian cipher Jews ignore God's will.
The Jews who offended God our Father who art in heaven. Heaven we now know is located 38 light-years away from earth in the direction of the North Star. Father who loves us all equally and unconditionally. Father's house has no punishment or harm even for those who sinned.
"Rebalanced" is what our high-level elders do when any of us fall out of kind mood. We are the creation of an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization. Created from the beginning to develop and go into the universe when ready.
We are now leaving our home planet for our journey into the stars. Animal primitivism isn't going with us. Only those who can live in peace are welcome above.
The white minnow that is holding the Jews war of genocide in. Are we not seeing now that will lead to destroying us and our kids?
All the rumors and gossip the Jews do using their lies about Bitch. Will workers not believe the Jew subconscious when he said, "I won because you believe a liar?" And let the Jews go and bring God in?

"Irish just shuffled on in because of my A-bomb and pointed out my racket and ended our best suitor," Judee say.

Will workers not be our best suitor now by issuing our money for us all?
Tele receives:
"They dull us. 4.11 pm
Genius sets you fistitive.
It's over here now our rot. 5.41 pm
They're runting us out. 6.02 pm
Get him off.
Your honor made them leave. 6.12 pm
They've just about ruined the state, that's just what I was thinking.
They luxury sue.
It's gaseous.
We set your vessel in puritics.
Too fail. 7.07 pm
April died your fortune off.
Patrick is wholesome who bumped the thief.
Fear out.
It's a rue.
Powerful life forces are pitching us off.
They hurt your psych wits.
Suitable rights.
He's a swatter.
He's washing us out of here.
A degenerate thief hopeless.
They're playing us pure Palestinians.
This is rightly burning.
They journey us out of here, take them off.
They're shooting our wages war.
They just feed us nipple.
Ghastly I washed you's out of here.
It's horrible citing us as Jews Patrick.
Jew holds you with a right analysis.
Sparkey made us out fiercely.
STRIKE hold ya, Bitch fails.
You're a gentle.
The gentlemen set you out obviously custable.
Hey John's do you know your honest boy quit? I hate to treat it this way. Your honest boys failed to sup.
We're seeking lies for you.
They make you pay defeated.
They're offin us clear rape. 12.15 am
Your error wits powed you out.
Hero tissue rolls for facts.
Their little smiles core much refused.
Corrupt enables here.
We suffer raped.
ORGANIZE yourselves!
Punishizing us.
They shot ruse to fist.
They toss around a symbol nation.
Right technology will save us.
Badly natious.
The catspaw venges our wit.
They foul free, they threat.
Vicious is done so we're safe.
They journey in doable states.
Oh my God Patrick free wars set us.
Chicken. 1.41 am
They're shearing us falsely everything. 3.02 am
Their vicious hinge us abusive.
Establish yourselves well, ORGANIZE!
Score you dumb for your state Nelson.
Intellectuals freed us.
Freedom does you fair cash.
They're out for shooting us.
I keep you safe. 5.59 am
Cripples crippled.
They're just no good.
Triple. 6.38 am
Deathsberg, you failed to save us, Patrick.
Much Reichid. 7.07 am
Jerk lethal immolate us." 7.48 am
"My Jew let me break contact with you. Bitch wants to comp me by taking off my check," Judee say.
Judah who so far has succeeded in breaking the contact with our elders and their advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization. Might we consider just how powerful is a check that let the Jews accomplish us this way?
Are we seeing why Bitch insists labor take their authority to issue free checks away from them and give that authority to honest everyday working people?
The Jew policies that are backed by murder that take us out of happiness. Will American workers not end freely funding the Jews sport of torture-murder?
John 14:14 If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.15 If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. 16 And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate to be with you forever—17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you do know Him, for He abides with you and will be in you.…
Will we not ask in Jesus name for American workers to strike this perpetual war out? Might we consider that war always came to an end when one side was exhausted or the leaders chose to make peace? Do we see the difference this time, God is giving the people, the workers a chance to stop the war for all time? Have the purported leaders not failed seriously enough that honest workers will not now close them up with a STRIKE and let the love of God lead us now on our journey into the stars?

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