Epstein Island Raided Again - No Arrests Despite Findings
Tue Aug 13, 2019 05:31

Yep - Once again Epstein Island was again raided by the FBI.

Despite overwhelming evidence and videos showing thousands raping little girls and murdering them no one has been prosecuted yet.

US attorney's General William Barr implicated himself in Treason, Rape and Murder when he stated Epstein was dead - knowing he was moved the night before

We are entering a time when the US Justice System is absolutely worthless and takes down the goodd guys - not hte bad guy

Across the planet they world is seeing hte worthless US Justice System being exposed

As our dollar begins to fall hard and Hyper Inflation grows we had all better learn to earn more money or plan on moving into a tiny home of a few acres off the grid.

REMEMBER - The FBI and DOJ have had most of these Log Books and Videos Tapes since 2008 - but never arrested anyone - Right?

Now - however - that our President's Life, and those of his family, depend on him arresting these fine upstanding Rapists and Murderer - we shall see what happens


VIDEO: (1917) Epstein Island Raided Again As World Economy Falling - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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