"They Just Toss You Debts. They Like To Harm The Humans. It'
Tue Aug 13, 2019 06:59

"They Just Toss You Debts. They Like To Harm The Humans. It's a Destruction of Our True Shield."
Those are a few overnight Tele receives. Judah who has his privately owned and operated media forever talking about our 2nd Amendment rights to own guns. Do we notice his media spends zero amount of time talking about our 5th Amendment protective rights to grand jury process in criminal actions? Do we note his media spends zero amount of time talking about our 7th Amendment right to jury trials in civil cases when the dollar amount involved is over $20 dollars?
Working people with little incomes being fined hundreds even thousands of dollars for small issues, parking or traffic tickets left unpaid. Grass too high in the yard. The threat of being arrested due to inability to pay fines. Are we aware with our fabulous American bill of rights in the most we can be penalized without a jury hearing the facts is $19.99
One penny more, $20 and we have a right to a jury to hear the allegations and make a decision based on the facts presented.
Might we note fines unpaid the Jews use the genius of their sharia legal process to turn them into criminal matters?
When our precious rare and unique American bill of rights are in are we aware it requires a grand jury to hear the allegations before a criminal action can begin? Our incredible fabulous American bill of rights. The legal protection package so unique and rare that something like it has never shown up anywhere on earth in all of our written history.
A package of rights so good that it let an all-white Missouri jury hear the evidence and based upon the facts freed a slave man from his master in 1854.
The Jews who would not let such a thing get passed and so made up new rules in 1857 and had their clerks on the supreme bench claim only citizens had the protection of the American Bill of rights.
Are we perceiving our important rights are not the 2nd Amendment to own a gun, it is rather the 5th and 7th Amendments that use a jury and grand jury to peacefully solve our issues that are really our important rights?
How many Americans can we only wonder are aware of just how wonderful is our bill of rights? That it has taken the invader Jews 2 centuries to finally get them away from us. Might that indicate they had to do it on the sly so that we would not recognize just how incredibly wonderful our sacred American bill of rights really are?
Our real shield, are we seeing is not guns it is rather members of the community to hear what the issues are employing juries and grand juries that can peacefully correct the things that bug us?
Russia buries 5 nuke engineers following explosion
By: Vladimir Isachenkov, The Associated Press   15 hours ago
MOSCOW — Thousands of Russians attended the funerals Monday of five Russian nuclear engineers killed by an explosion as they tested a new rocket, a tragedy that fueled radiation fears and raised new questions about a secretive weapons program.

The engineers, who died Thursday, were laid to rest Monday in Sarov, which hosts Russia’s main nuclear weapons research center, where they worked. Flags flew at half-staff in the closed city, located 370 kilometers (230 miles) east of Moscow, which has served as a base for Russia’s nuclear weapons program since the late 1940s. The coffins were displayed at Sarov’s main square before being driven to a cemetery.

The Defense Ministry initially said the explosion at the navy’s testing range in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region killed two people and injured six others, but the state-controlled Rosatom nuclear concern acknowledged over the weekend that the blast also killed five of its workers and injured three others.

Rosatom director Alexei Likhachev praised the victims as "true heroes" and "a pride of our country."

"Our further work on new weapons that we will certainly complete will be the best tribute to them," Likhachev said during the funeral, according to Rosatom. "We will fulfill the Motherland's orders and fully protect its security."
While presenting the new missile, Putin claimed it will have an unlimited range, allowing it to circle the globe unnoticed, bypassing the enemy's missile defense assets, to strike undetected. The president claimed the missile had successfully undergone the first tests, but observers were skeptical, arguing that such a weapon could be very difficult to handle and harmful to the environment.
Our family in Russia like us, mild people of the north that have 30,000 years of no war until the genocidal Jews show up and breed their look-alike Fornian hybrid transplants into the population and make a state of war permanent.

And using the high technical capability of our family in Russia are now building atomic-powered missiles that can fly around the earth to attack from the back door. Isn't that just something a Jew would want to brag about?
Is it not something, our family in Russia have not yet responded to the Jews trying to take out Chelyabinsk in 2013 with a 300 kiloton thermonuclear warhead the Jews shot at them? But then again our family in Poland has yet to respond to the 2010 Polish government and church hierarchy who staged their deaths and fled before our family in Poland became aware of the NATO nuclear missile attack upon them.
And might we figure we mild people in America have proven no different than did our mild family in Poland or Russia in that we have been informed since 2011 that the Jews tried to wipe us out with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and have done not a darned thing about it?
Bitch, who reported the Fornian Jewish Polish government fled because radar data was available that showed the NATO nuclear missiles coming in. The British and French submarines that fired the nuclear missiles at Poland. If only our family in Poland had grand jury process as their law today as they did in 1430 might they not have convened a grand jury to look into it all?
Sure, they would have seen it all when the Polish Jewish Fornian government returned the bodies in coffins welded shut. Case closed, that's it. The replacement Jewish Fornian Polish government said the political, church, police and military hierarchy all died in the plane crash. Case closed and the new Polish Fornian officials said, "NO, you're not looking inside those coffins that were returned from Russia after that Polish government plane crashed."
Grand juries that the American people directly pay the salaries of to look into issues that are important to us. Will the American people not try to recognize the wealthy birthright we were gifted with by the state delegates who in 1789 would not create the United States of America without a bill of rights for all the inhabitants written in as our basic law?
Our mild family in Europe, both East and West that created jury process in 1215 and grand jury process in 1430. Might we surmise they created those wonderful legal protections due to the predations of the high and mighty government forces? Certainly.
Generation after generation, century after century of being abused by Jews in their Fornian hybrid transplant look alike shells and their indigenous criminal collaborators. And finally, the people put in legal protections so the people could go about the business of creating wealth and living their dreams.
And what were the protections at the root level? Is it any other than inviting members of the general community to hear what the issues were all about before legal action could be carried out by the state?
Will labor not hire the community in to check up on those who are on the government payroll? Will workers not match the brainpower that has taken over here, end their war and put in open to the public peoples' grand juries force?
Those troubling Federation computer simulations that say, "NO," a third of the people will be destroyed before they act to remove the threat of the Jews from our throat.
Have we missed our extinction because of alcohol drinking? What could explain why Americans have not demanded our most precious gift, our God-given American constitutionally guaranteed rights?

Or could it be the stories that Judah keeps on his news like the 3 dogs that died from algae after swimming in a pond nearby?

Three dogs die hours after playing in pond filled with toxic algae

AUGUST 12, 2019

A North Carolina woman is warning pet owners after her three dogs died hours following a swim in a pond filled with toxic algae last week. In a series of heartbreaking posts on Facebook, she detailed how an afternoon of fun turned tragic.
Melissa Martin, a local realtor, said she went with her dogs, Abby, Harpo and Izzy, to a pond in Wilmington so they could play around. Then, when she took them home to take a bath, they began having seizures. She rushed them to the veterinarian who revealed there was nothing that could be done for them.
"At 12:08 a.m., our dogs crossed the rainbow bridge together," Martin said. "They contracted blue-green algae poisoning and there was nothing they could do. We are gutted. I wish I could do today over. I would give anything to have one more day with them."

Did we notice the woman who claimed her pups crossed the rainbow bridge together is a Realtor?

Do some recall that Bitch got his Maxwell civics lesson after trying to get real estate agents to join a suit against the Realtors for promoting the war in 1991 in their monthly magazine? Coincidence she called CBS news to give an alert to all Americans to watch out for blue-green algebra that might harm her puppy dogs?

That Melissa named her three dogs Jewish names, Abby, Harpo and Izzy, might that not be a clue somehow who she is?

While such stories may sound comical that the Jews stage such things, that they are still holding the concession to issue our money, as they are successfully poisoning us radioactive waste genocide, can we only wonder what those Israeli psychologists know that is holding the people from removing their cipher from the administration of our beautiful nation?

"When she took them home to take a bath, they began having seizures."

Can we only wonder what the Israelis know about Druid wit that they write stuff like that? Will American labor not get them off before they successfully finish Druid and Slav people out?
The legacy of uncle Sam, the frontman for Judah and his carpet bag. Holding out free energy so that he could bring his carbon energy sources in. Throttled us with his war machine to where many think it belongs to us. Will workers not pray for the mercy of God to save us once again?

"The white guy shot for our lease so he's got no right for just police," Judee say.

Will workers not help us economically so that white cannot be lured to shoot for anybody's lease ever again?
Judah, who likes to argue back and forth about immigration and all of our family that has been flooding in. The controversy he creates by using free money from labor to drive people out of their original lands using lethal violence. Must we not act and end our family being forced to flee the terrorist activities of the Jews?
19 bodies found hanged, butchered in suspected Mexico gang turf war
In the state of Michoacán, nine bodies were found in the city of Uruapán hanging from an overpass. Seven other bodies were chopped up and dumped on the road, with three additional bodies hacked up and left further down the road. (AFP/Getty)
By Melissa Leon | Fox News
Posted Aug 10 2019 10:27AM CDT
FOX NEWS - Mexican police have found 19 dead bodies, some hanged from an overpass and others butchered and dumped on the street, in what authorities suspect is a gang turf war, according to a report.
In the state of Michoacán, nine bodies were found in the city of Uruapán hanging from an overpass. Seven other bodies were chopped up and dumped on the road, with three additional bodies hacked up and left further down the road.
There was also a drug cartel banner hanging on the overpass that was not entirely legible. It read in part, "Be a patriot, kill a Viagra," according to the AP. Authorities suspect the banner is from the bloodthirsty Jalisco drug cartel, whose rival is the Viagras gang.
Are we not aware of Judah's M.O. to realize the hanging and butchering of 19 people was all Judah show? Tossing dead bodies on the road. Do we recall hearing that Judah does that to "condition the unconscious?"
Are we understanding that Judah uses this sort of terrorism to create the flood of refugees that he then can use for controversy on his television news?
How about we realize it is his sharia legal system with his bribed and corrupt politicians that set the laws that so harm us here in America, Mexico and throughout the world where Judah holds sway by being the only party authorized to issue money?
One of Judah favorite packages is to kill someone and blame it on someone else. And then using the magic of his false legal process get a jury that he hires some of the jurors for, to convict innocent boys and girls and lock them away.

Judge rejects bid for new trial in ‘Making a Murderer’ case
MANITOWOC, Wis. — A judge has rejected a man’s bid for a new trial in a Wisconsin killing featured in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer.”
Judge Angela Sutkiewicz on Thursday denied Steven Avery’s request in the 2005 killing of photographer Teresa Halbach.
Halbach’s remains were found in the Avery family’s salvage yard. Avery argued the state turned over bones to the Halbach family without notifying the defense, but WLUK-TV reports the judge ruled that does not mean Avery should get a new trial.
The bones were given to Halbach’s family in 2011, but Avery’s attorneys were not notified until 2018. Tests were inconclusive about whether the bones were animal or human.
Avery’s attorney, Kathleen Zellner, tweeted an appeal is likely.
Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, also is serving a life sentence in the killing.
Might we see how Judah frames honest working boys up for what Judah did? Who would want a photographer killed, scrapyard workers or Judah who knows photographs of his work might ruin his burlesque?

With unjustly convicted boys in do we see it takes away the impetus to find out who really did the murder?
Might we note Judah did even better with his federal courts with Brendt Christensen, in that no one was killed, the Chinese hybrid transplant Fornian Jew young woman skipped out and Brendt was convicted for her murder? How is that for a really nice frame and a ghosting operation at the same time? And a young Druid scientist taken out of circulation by the Jews. Might Judah have spotted Brendt as one of our brightest in science?

Can we only wonder was his purported girlfriend at the time who recorded him saying wild things, have made lunch for him with some crazy talk chemicals in them?
We Druid people who are being fooled around by these Jews to the point that we are losing our life forms now. Almost the entire white breed about to go out of life form in the Jew wars we are continuing to hold in with our labor money.
"Foolish to do nothing," Mercury elder has said to us for years. Do some recall that elder also said: "You have the right to die?"
The absolute and utter destruction of nuclear war the Jews have forced in with their lies.
If only Bitch did not have his fault of stupid that insulted the white guys might the white guys have rejected our right to die?

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"Insects, vegetables," the Jews call us as they smile reading their news to us.
"You'll forget my name," one of them said whi

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