CIA Threatens To Kill Pres Trump On TV
Sat Aug 31, 2019 05:07

In a TV interview former CIA Director Warned President Trump that he was about to be killed

The CIA/FBI Pigs then promptly erased the TV Interview and anyone showing the TV Interview.

Pray WHATDOESITMEAN.COM is brought back online immediately

Then the Pig Brennan went to a huge Demon-Crat Party at Obama's New Estate in Mount Vernon

Will somebody please go to Camp David (Shamballa) and point 3 WW2 US Army radars Systems (1940 Vintage) into the ground and take out the Underground city of Shambala - Home to Sanat Kumara (Lucifer)???

VIDEO: (342) Cia Brennan Threatens To Take Out President - Then Parties - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


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