"Idiots are Folding Us Up. What They Have Is a Group Conscio
Sat Aug 31, 2019 05:08

"Idiots are Folding Us Up. What They Have Is a Group Consciousness."

Might that be it? That is rather than being smarter than us, might it be that they have a group consciousness that gives them millions of thinkers acting together that allows them to bore into us who do not have a group consciousness?

That their group consciousness perceives it is the authority to issue money in their private hands that is needed to be able to sport us. Are we seeing it is the concession to issue our money that they must have to prevent justice for us here?

Can we not pray for a group consciousness that is as smart as that, smart enough to get the authority to issue money into workers hands that we need to live Just lives?

Bitch got some negatives about yesterdays post concerning skin color and how it is related to how much ultraviolet is in our environment. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus have ultraviolet free lighting systems. That is why when they travel to earth and are exposed to ordinary sunlight it causes their skin to glitter gold.

Bitch has read of dark-skinned extraterrestrials that have spoken to a human on earth. What might that indicate as to color? Bitch guess is that they were extraterrestrials that still lived on the surface of their home planet.

And living on the surface the sun had ultraviolet and that is why they were dark-skinned. Given time, as species advance, it appears inside the planet is where extraterrestrials migrate into. The safety of the undergrounds where changes in weather no longer threaten life conditions.

Elders predict that in 30 years we will have space fleets. As we are largely surface dwellers there will be all the colors we are that will be traveling the stars. Might we note that Judah being aware of the conditions on the surface of our planet already has his undergrounds in operation?

With his nuclear brimstone waste war upon us, can we only wonder how many will have offspring that will survive until when we are extraterrestrial travelers ourselves?

Can we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough where American workers will step in and stop the war?

The 5 UFOs photographed hovering over the burning dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE in Fukushima Japan. Should an extraterrestrial team hovering there not alert us to the extreme hazard we face coming at us from there?

Extraterrestrials who have inhabited the earth in the modern era for the last 700,000 years. That is how long the Galactic Federation of Light has been here. And there has been evidence found that there were Beings who inhabited earth many millions of years before modern times. The prevalence of life in the universe. Might we surmise it is nearly everywhere? Certainly, it is.

Over 3,000 species that are in peaceful cohesion with the Galactic Federation of Light. Apparently, all living in the "Local Bubble" as it is called. A 300 light year long patch in our galaxy that the Federation calls "home."

From reading a large amount of literature concerning extraterrestrials that have visited earth along with light and dark skin, there are many colors of Beings that have been seen. Green Beings have been reported quite a lot. Blues Beings have been reported also. Orange colored Beings have also been seen. Can we American workers not love all of our colors and stop the war that we are funding on ourselves?

Our high-level intelligence animators are of a different species than us. They have shared their high-level extraterrestrial power intelligence genetics with us. The 223 genes that give us the vitamins and enzymes that fuel our high-level psychiatric powers. Will American workers not be the ones that bring an end to the harm of war that the Jews and their collaborators do to us?

"This is how extraterrestrials create replacements for themselves." That Tele sender said.

We now set to be part of the 4th Edition of Galacticans. Will American workers not take it upon ourselves to now retire the war makers on planet earth?

Are we going to stand down as the Jews blow Hitachi-GE one more time? Must we not act and get that dirty bomb shut down before the Jews blow it again and seal us out of life form now?

The Babylonian Jews refusal to stop the fissioning of MOX that is poisoning us out deadly. Are there any who do not know we are now at the end of the age of rice Jew on free money?

The nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews who thought they had us made and so attacked us with their atomic fist of thermonuclear blast extinction force and now are finished in God's village on earth. Will American workers not hear the thousands of warnings from our Savoir, our good God Almighty, to stop the war?

Tele receives:

"Our sport hurt you optery. 4.20 pm

You failed to reach us Patrick.

Your win helps us.

Wonderful, you failed delightful.

I damaged you. 6.16 pm

We harm thee fantastic.

Get the right words full to save us Patrick.


You did finish them.

It's tolerable.

You miss an earful.

Wretching our cow.

Arkansas falsed it out.

He's blowing you oppness fired.

You fouled it here complete roll.

Witless has fallen.

A die Jew day sort of absolutely awesome. 10.17 pm

Conner race creates a full weakness that out Jews.

Get your lifetime verses.

Fateful I'm pushed beam, serious I warred you.

Your baby's fouled because I shot grease-is.

You've been cashed Jew, many times he pushed you opposite of them.

Lousyish you falsed us Patrick.

They numb us. 1.47 am

Mentally they've been fighting us.

They're trying to reach us seriously.

They are discovered abusive and tearing us apart.

Great muse here.

You lead us Patrick crushious, you make us pay for this penalty here.

Patrick riser will full bust them.

Idiots are folding us up real fair.

What they have is a group consciousness.

My son they fault you obviously; fold spare-a-cus.

Thank you for scoring us consciously.

Gooniverse. 4.06 am

Their reign is over." 4.15 am

While their reign is over, any thinking person doubt it? The reign of workers has not started and there is a vacuum of power that is still filled with the genocidal cannibal complex crowd that is forcing the ordinary people out of existence.

Good bad or in-between, all funded by American workers who have no say in anything. Bitch, able to report how the Jews finished themselves off, but not able to bring those in who God will's issue our money. Is it not incredible how accurate are the Federation's computer simulations from the time of Jesus that informed us that in the last days one out of three human Beings will be perished out of existence by the beast?

The rope they are hanging us with that we have provided to them for free. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring American labor to act before they blow Hitachi-GE once again?

"We're just wasting your merry time. I just attach you and Dutch you all off insane. We just see dog technology. Screw right guy. It's purple juice that's imaged you right to fall you. Welfare gave me my best fail won. I'm going to possess your liberty because Jew has a nice race war. By the time you see my kid the nursery will be ruined.

Bitch waited until the Martians pulled my shot off to reveal my attitude to you. I analis police, we've always been sleepers. Liberty's dead in your union. Nice guy's ruining us, he out our police. We just sport you on tea leaves. I just base you yule. I'm obsessed to fail you police. The bomb of the scientist cleared us here. I'm leaving in November for my war, if I can't cage people I'm out.

I tossed your race to insure. My sex wars are fear, my Jew is leaving. It's full eruption taking my psyche out. We polarize you to offend. Misogynous please us often. For my luxury, I see a dumb state. Pat's right see all of our strategies, I won by f------ you up. I pitch you off racial life. My error is I'm now set to die.

Your steam is off, I capture jokes, I waste you. I evaporate your roots. Because genocide is our ous here we molest you. I think I fall your day.

Shitcology I used and threw the West out. We get peoples rights and then we hold you virtually and take your life. The psychic fell witless, that's why we embarrass. War powers give me all of my power.

My property gets big all the time owing fines. Bitch holds me right because I resent you. Shrimp told you about my course easily, that's why I wanted him out of here, they coursed the end of my nuclear. We punish you Mockracy City. My luxury experiment, as usual, blew my ment. I'm happy I fouled your rights, it let me murder a boy. The right source is chipping us in, we'll be gone in a few months," Judee say.

And what is the right source that is chipping the Jews and their collaborators in? Is it any other than the love of God for His simian kids that are living on the face of the earth? That's it.

The right source that let Judah with his baby scene go. Will American workers not reduce the time to make them go before they shoot us with Hitachi-GE once again?

On a technical note, for the last week Bitch has been using Linux Ubuntu and it has been staying online pretty well. Previously it would run great for a while and then start running slow and he thought it was due to Judee getting in and bugging it. So he used his other laptop with Windows 7 that works sure impressive. Nothing slows it down.

But that computer, the one with the Windows 7, has an overheat issue is over 8 years old and it could fall out any day and so he tries to use his other Dell Latitude e6410 because the Windows 7 computer is the only one that runs his cell phone as a hot spot. He has yet to get any version of Linux to run his cell phone hot spot.

He gets it to run where it will connect to the cell phone and search but will not load pages. No doubt missing a program somewhere but where?

But why has Ubuntu been running all this week now with no slowdowns? Just as an experiment Bitch took the fan underneath and the vacuum fan the laptop with the Windows 7 in it is using to cool it and put them with the computer with the Ubuntu running and it has stayed running now. Could it have been a heat issue all along that was causing Linux Ubuntu to slow down? That's what it looks like.

By typing the word 'sensors' into a terminal with Linux it brings up the temperature of the processors in the laptop. Checking them, they always were in range. And so Bitch did not suspect an overheating issue as the cause of the slowdown. So might we guess that an overheat in some other area of the computer than the processors is the culprit in the Linux system slowdown? That's what it looks like.

As to not being able to get his cell phone as a hot spot working, what about that? That is the one an expert would probably identify and correct in about 5 minutes or faster.

That is the one he is thinking about the "3rd computer," that has expert systems that could scan Bitch computer and determine what is needed to get the cell phone hot spot working. Another way came to mind, a dongle that has all of the communications packages programmed inside.

There are dongles for Blue tooth so why not a dongle for using a cell phone as a hot spot?

Windows 7 using a cell phone as a hot spot worked easily the first time. No security password was needed to run it. Oddly enough, Ubuntu requires a password be used for their cell phone as a hot spot to connect.

As to passwords, when Bitch logs into his Windows 7, he uses 1,2,3, as his password to get in right away. Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver is different, it requires a secure password to get in and must be a minimum length and it also rejected an easy to remember word. So Bitch had a 9 digit password that was so long he forgot what it was.

Bitch bought the computer and it was loaded with Ubuntu 18.04 when he got it and so the password was installed already. And it is 'password,' so that user password is easy to remember.

He is a going to try and set up a partition on the hard drive so that he can try other versions of Linux. It is really amazing that such a sophisticated operating system is available for free. And it can be modified to do with as you want.

And while on the subject of technical things of interest, have you seen the devices that plug into regular 120 volts house outlets that are advertised as giving lower electric bills?

Electricity Saving Box - (Free Energy?) Power Saver TEST
Published on Feb 16, 2017
Video 10.39 at

The video reveals that the device is a capacitor that is plugged into the power line. The video reveals no free energy is produced by it. So what is of interest here then?

That same basic idea is what Bitch was working on about a decade ago when he was putting signals into his home power line. Instead of just a capacitor plugged into the power line, also a transmitter with a frequency-controlled oscillator in the box that would transmit a specific frequency into the power line that will produce a reaction with the standing waves of planet earth.

Nicola Tesla had proposed such a device when he was alive. Use the power company's 120 volts and amperage to start the device and also the power company's 60 cycles per second frequency to control motors and other frequency controlled devices while we add another frequency in to cause a reaction with the standing waves of planet earth.

That was the frequency Bitch was looking for when Mercury elder told him what it was. The advertisement for the frequency-controlled chip that arrived in his email short while later from Taiwan that was of the frequency Mercury elder told him was needed to produce a free energy reaction. From memory, it was something like 72.65 MHz. MHz, is a million cycles per second.

Bitch thinking to use a CB radio as transmitter and put that frequency into the power lines. Though he never got that far into his experiments.

Can just a capacitor reduce electric bills? Why do some people claim their electric bills are reduced by that device if it has no frequency generator in it just a capacitor?

When Bitch started his first job as an engineer in a hospital he noticed that the power line that came into our building passed through a bank of large capacitors. He asked the chief engineer what the capacitors did and the chief said: "capacitors smoothed out the line and reduced electrical consumption."

Here is a comment found in that video:

5 months ago
It really can save money on one condition that you pay for reactive power. In my country, you do not pay for it at home, but when you have a factory and a lot of electric motors, capacitors are used in the electricity grid.

Bitch read a bunch of comments about those capacitor devices that are plugged into the house power lines, some claimed no reduction at all and others claimed they got a reduction in their electric bill. Some claimed their electric bill went up. So what is the truth?

The device itself, from looking at the video, draws about $3.50 worth of electricity each month to power its capacitor. So if it saves nothing, then it is a net loss. But could it be what the homeowner is using it for that might show a net reduction in power costs? That is if it is hooked into a line running an air conditioner all day and night might it smooth the load and actually reduce electric consumption? Bitch suspects it would and that might be why the companies are still in business after all these years.

If the purported power savers were running light bulbs or a heater as the load is already smooth, Bitch considers it would not show much or any power savings in those type of devices.

And Bitch did notice from reading comments on Amazon that it was air conditioners that purchasers claimed they had electric bill savings with.

When the war is over, we will create the CB type 72.65 MHz transmitter circuits that will produce real electric costs savings in all devices that will be hooked into them.

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