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"Destroyed Records of Pre-911 WTC Estimated Asbestos Removal and Demolition Plans"

A quote from the above link indicates that wtc 1 and wtc 2 had aluminum-steel electro-mechanical failures occurring and were scheduled for decommissioning ...

quote[[ The building was bid at $750.M, and cost$1.2B to build. It was worth about $4. to $5.B at its peak., but, would have cost nearly $15.B to un-build it in 2010 dollars, or as it neared its 1/2 'safe' life. Obviously, it was Imploded, because there was never going to be a 'break-even' point for either, the current, or future owners!

Recently I heard from Tommy Malley, who claims his family are involved in New York City construction. Mr. Malley's testimony sounded very professional as he revealed knowledge of pre-bid information pertaining to the "Decomissioning of the Towers." (A phrase only he and myself have ever used.) Mr. Malley encouraged me to revise my figures, which brings forth a startling, and potentially critical new discovery, which I will quote:

"The owners were fully aware of the problem and had been given the ultimatum that they could not 'implode' the buildings. They received the report stating that: Decommissioning was required by the EPA by no later than 2007, at a projected cost of $20.B" ]]unquote.

----> The above link/forum comment, by Thomas-Scott Gordon, Architectural Photographer, also seems to have other TESTIMONY from that photographer who apparently was contracted to photograph the wtc buildings in 1987, testimony about a suspicious meeting that he was inadvertently ushered to attend in the wtc buildings in 1987.

----> Throughout that forum page, with the comment by Thomas-Scott Gordon, there are also indications that the insurance companies / asbestos companies may have saved money, with the 9/11 demolition of wtc 1 and wtc 2 ?

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