"Their Scientists Killed Velocity, We're Dying Nest Egg. The
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"Their Scientists Killed Velocity, We're Dying Nest Egg. They Are Destructing Idious."

Egg Shaped UFO”s
POSTED ON APRIL 8, 2013 Author Orbman



The egg craft has been seen to fly with the long axis vertical.

Egg configurations ordinarily range in the 1 – 30 meter range and it is equipped to land with retractable landing gear.

Studies done on ground impressions left when an egg-shaped craft was seen to land revealed that it was 6 meters axial and 3 meters cross diameter. The weight of the craft was 30 tons.

The sound may be from a roar to a hum, buzz, whine or whirr at close quarters, which can rises in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during takeoff.

In flight it may have a light swish-of-air sound, or may run absolutely silent.

With few exceptions, there is no roar or boom when moving at supersonic speed.

The egg-shaped craft has been witnessed in a multitude of colors. These range from rainbow, silver, white, metallic and black.

The Socorro Landing – one of the most fascinating UFO cases in history, and perhaps one of the best-documented encounters ever.

This is a close encounter of the third kind that Project Blue Book classifies as “unexplained”.

Socorro is a small town located about an hours drive south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Friday April 24, 1964 at Socorro, police sergeant Lonnie Zamora was on duty.

The time was approximately 5.45 p.m. and Zamora was chasing a speeding driver in a black Chevrolet, north on U.S. Highway 85.

“At this time I heard a roar and saw a flame in the sky to the southwest some distance away.” It could be an explosion because it came from the direction of a local dynamite shack situated not far away.
Abandoning the car chase Sergeant Zamora immediately headed to the area to investigate what happened. Later that day, when interviewed by Arthur Byrnes, the F.B.I. Agent, Zamora said:
“It looked like a car turned upside down… standing on its radiator or trunk. Getting closer, he also spotted two figures. “I saw two people in white coveralls very close to the object. One of these persons seemed to turn and look straight at my car and seemed startled -seemed to quickly jump somewhat.

I don’t recall noting any particular shape or possibly any hats or headgear. These persons appeared normal in shape -but possibly they were small adults or small kids.” Zamora radioed police headquarters and reported that he was going to investigate a possible car accident.

Then he proceeded up the road to a gully, being a good observation point for him. Now he was about 75-100 meters from the place that interested him. The flame and smoke coming from the object, he observed earlier, had now disappeared.

He stopped the car, got out and began to approach the object. Now he realized that this was not a car he was observing… One of the figures looked towards the approaching police car and seemed to be astonished by Zamora’s presence.

Suddenly he heard two or three loud “thumps” resembling a door shutting hard. Another noise in the form of a loud sound with a high frequency could be also heard.

No smoke was seen but a blue flame turning to orange or yellow shot out from the underside of the vehicle. The beings were no longer visible. Afraid it was going to explode, Zamora ducked down over a small hill for protection, still observing the craft…

The legs he saw before were no longer visible. The craft took off from the ground and the high-frequency sound suddenly stopped. The now completely silent object flew, parallel to the terrain, towards the southwest, picking up speed while leaving the area. Then it disappeared…

Could this have been like the ufo Zamora saw?
This photo was taken in Cocoyoc, Mexico, November 3, 1973


(from the CIA report): The object was on girderlike legs, white…. and egg-shaped or oval. As he approached the object there were some noises and flame and smoke began to come from the bottom of the vehicle. The noise increased from low pitch to high pitch, was different from that of a jet or helo (helicopter) and not like anything Sgt. Zamora had ever heard.

The flame was blue like a welders torch, turning to orange or yellow at the ends.
Thinking that the object was going to explode he became frightened… He turned, ran back to get behind the police car, bumping his leg and losing his glasses on the way. He crouched down, shielding his eyes with his arm while the noise continued for another 10 seconds.

At this time the noise stopped and he looked up. The object had risen to a point about 15-20 ft. above the ground and the flame had ceased to come from the object. The object had a red marking about 1 ft. or maybe 18 inches in height, shaped like a crescent with a vertical arrow and horizontal line underneath. The object hovered in this spot for several seconds and then flew off in a SW direction following the center of the gully.

It cleared the dynamite shack by not more than 3 ft. He watched the object disappear in the distance over a point on Highway 85 about 6 miles from where he was standing. The object took about 3 minutes to travel that far.

Disappearance was by fading in the distance and at no time did he observe the object rise more than 20 ft. off the ground.
In his own report Sergeant Zamora wrote: “….It appeared about directly over the place where it rose from.

I was still running… (then) about 50 feet from car I ducked down, just over edge of hill… I stopped because I did not hear the roar.

I was scared of the roar, and I had planned to continue running down the hill.

I turned around toward the object and at the same time put my head toward ground, covering my face with my arms… When the roar stopped, heard a sharp tone whine (which) lasted maybe a second.

Then there was complete silence about the object. That’s when I lifted up my head and saw the object going away from me… It appeared to go in straight line and at the same height… The object seemed to lift up slowly, and to get small in the distance very fast.

It disappeared as it went over the mountain. It had no flame whatsoever as it was traveling over the ground, and no smoke or noise…

The sightings of 'egg-shaped' extraterrestrial spacecraft that have been reported for decades. The meta transiliatory messages to us from our extraterrestrial elders, can we make some educated guesses as to what they might be?

Might it be the nest egg that the Jews see when they look at a gentile? Is it not a curious way that our extraterrestrial elders have chosen to speak to us?

As our elders use velocity power sources to power their spacecraft that have no combustion process what might explain the three colors of flame coming out of the exhaust when that egg-shaped spaceship flew away?

"The flame was blue like a welders torch, turning to orange or yellow at the ends," officer Zamora said.

We have 'yellow,' the color of the Jews. And we have 'orange,' Judah's hybrid transplant look alike shells that came from the house of Orange in Holland and we have a 'blue' flame, the color of Jewish police forces. Might that be part of the meta transiliatory communication to us from our extraterrestrial elders?

That extraterrestrial spacecraft that Lonnie Zamora saw that day in 1964, are we understanding that was a staged event by our extraterrestrial elders to help give us a picture of what is happening here?

White Sands missile test range is 170 miles from Socorro and was looked into as a possible source of that spacecraft. Might we see how our elders were 'marking' that genocidal nuclear missile range for us to think about in 1964?

That the spacecraft missing the dynamite shed by only 3 feet. Might we read in that message the danger of an explosion?

Zamora was chasing a speeding driver in a black Chevrolet, north on U.S. Highway 85.

The speeding black Chevrolet that drew Lonnie Zamora to the location of that staged extraterrestrial egg-shaped spacecraft.

That we now know that Chevrolet has been a big sport operator for the Jews to get their nest eggs what might we figure if we connect some dots to a speeding black Chevrolet? Maybe Judah in his Fornian look alike shell that has been blowing heads in the neighborhood for Chevrolet?

The small men that were seen with that spacecraft who appeared startled when they saw Lonnie. Are we understanding they were acting? Elders were watching everything and they brought Lonnie to that point knowing he would make a report of the sighting. And coming from an officer of the law he would be believed and that sighting would be investigated well.

Are we getting some idea to what lengths our extraterrestrial family has gone to to try and spare us from the Jews on nuclear missiles and nuclear war?

The 50 to 500 reports of extraterrestrial craft sighted every month in the United States. Are we not aware that we are being perished by the Jews on nuclear war even with an extraterrestrial rescue mission that is here to try and convince us to try and save our lives?

Our extraterrestrial family who let the Jews build up a nuclear blast extinction force and let them attempt to use it on us to destroy our species. And when the foul Jews went for it, Sir Casper pulled a thousand missiles out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

50 extraterrestrial spacecraft from Mars pulled those missiles in the boost phase at 80,000 feet in the sky sparing Americans in the lower 48 our lives.

Is this just too fantastical for ordinary people to easily connect with? By the ways, our elders have responded to the Jews rights to perpetrate genocide against Americans have they not marvelously let us see the Jews attitude in regards to mere mortals such as we are?

NO JAIL for Cops Who Kidnapped Teen and Raped Her In the Police Van
Matt Agorist August 31, 2019
The two officers who admitted to kidnapping a teen and were found to have raped her will not be going to jail and will not be registering as sex offenders.

New York, NY — It has been nearly two years since then 18-year-old Anna Chambers accused two on-duty NYPD officers of raping her in the back of a police van on the night of September 15th, 2017. As emphatically as she claims she was raped and did not consent to having sex with two police officers, she asserts not only have the police continued to attempt to intimidate her but the very justice system she looked to for help was set up to help the alleged rapists. Now, her claims have been proven correct.


“It’s just outrageous,” said Chambers’ lawyer, Michael David. “It was a clear-cut case. She was kidnapped. There was DNA evidence,” he said.

Bitchie does not call for jail time for anybody including kidnapping rapist cops. Even kidnapping murdering cops Bitchie does not call for jail time for them. And why? Are we aware that jail is a Jews tool and not a tool of the children of God?

"The jails have ruined my children, Let the fishies roam free," Precious sweet Papa said. Will American workers not hear beautiful Father's words to us and help us now to let the fouls Jews off with a STRIKE?

But what about the guys and gals who keep assaulting us, how are we to deal with them? Might the answer to that be, retire them off of the active public payroll, please?

Are we understanding that the assaultive murderous mess we have in our land is due to free money in the Jews hands?

By attacking us nuclear blast extinction force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 and now genocidal nuclear waste force have they not shown us their attitude well enough that we will not now end funding their having fun with us?

And a civilian not on the public payroll, the Jews are holding with no bail for sexual acts done 20 years ago and have transported him out of Illinois to New York. Might it be hard to prepare a defense by what the Jews are doing to Mr. Kelly? if only his last name were not Kelly but Epstein, or Dershowitz might he not still be free out on bond?

And the race war inciting false police report filing hybrid transplant look alike Jew Jussie Smollett sent on his way after being sentenced without a trial to spending 2 days with Jesse Jackson.

Bitchie not calling for jail for anyone even those who truly do wrong, what he is calling for is the end of jail for the ordinary people out here. The end of the Jews in American management is what the call is for here. The end of Jewish sport war in our world. The end of the right to commit genocide that the Jews claim in the face of God as their own.

Has God not let the Jews throw themselves right enough that the Druid this time will not turn them out of issuing our money before they make us all die?

Bitchie always looking forward has been thinking about his great, great-nephews and nieces who are but little children now and how they will think of him when they grow up and can't have children because they were sterilized by the Jews on brimstone waste.

"Uncle Pat, whatever made you call the Druids a name that caused them to be angry with you and ending with me being sterilized and suffering cancer too?"

Bitchie wondering how he will respond to that if the kids live long enough to ask about it.

"Well honey, I was really only telling about myself. If I was not stuck with a fault of stupid due to the terrain consciousness I lived in I would have reversed it and said something like this:

"You've seen how well the felon perjury Jews have busted this stupid guy here so if you don't want the same to happen to you you'd better act to protect yourselves from these murderous genocidal Jews on unlimited free money they use to bribe as many fists as is needed to knock us down."

If only Bitch would have projected his anger inward instead of outward might he have been able to prevent the nuclear waste decimation of the Druid Slav people? Better yet, if only he had studied the bible earlier might he not of even had such anger?

But his wits did not allow him to perceive the higher truth of the bible when he was a younger man. Only now after decades of research does he see it for what it is, and what is the bible?

The bible is a gift to us from an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization that has the thought tools needed for all of us to live together in peace and harmony with no jails or war at all. Will American workers not listen to our extraterrestrial elders, get smart, strike them out, issue our money and put our grand juries in to protect us all from now on?

The dirty fouls they be because of their mothers' sad memories. Workers bring our best efforts to work for them, create great wealth and their thanks to us is to set us for insurance collections. "Ethically they're criminals," God Almighty our Father in heaven said of the Jews who Father is dying off now.

Must American working men and women not end accepting being managed by known criminals? Will, we not take the keys to management away from the genocidal Jews before we are set to go completely out of life form ourselves?

Quasimodo who rang the bells in the church of Notre Dame and in recent times Quasimodo's old perch in the church lit on fire by the jealous Jews. And in their firebug ways Boris is soliciting the royals to throw Parliament out so they can kindle a new fire in the Persian Gulf with no opposition. Will we not try to notice these war provoking actions before it is too far gone to do anything about them?

This beautiful nation, America, being burned down day by day. What day will it be too late to help us survive and when will we find out that we have been died off fair by the Jews?

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