"Oh My God They Have Penetrated Us Lethally. A Massive Risin
Tue Sep 3, 2019 11:02

"Oh My God They Have Penetrated Us Lethally. A Massive Rising Will Get Them Off Of Here."

What they have done, "penetrated us lethally," and what to do about it, "a massive rising will get them off of here."

Will we not listen to the voice of the people who sent those Tele receives and STRIKE THEM OUT to get them off of here?

Swedish 19-year-old Tove Johansson was attacked while the Israeli military stood by. Chanting "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too," members of the mob broke her cheekbone and spat on her.

The flight into Europe by millions of our family from the Middle East who have been driven out of their homelands by being shot and bombed by the Jews sport of war. Will American workers not fold this brutal violent Israeli colony up and put the real United States of America into operation again? Three hours they are telling us in reverse facial speech is all that it will take to close them and their war up.

The real United States of America that does not recognize the special rights of the Jews to kidnap, lie, perjure, rape, rob, and murder as the Jews rule allow. Will American workers not put the Jews and their unjust rule off of us before they kill us all with radioactive waste?

The Jews who use our money to first drive our family out of their homes by destroying the countries they live in and then play their propaganda news media about immigrants that assault us. Do we not see them playing the same game in America?

Shooting our family who lives in the Jew tyranny states south of the border and when they flee to America the Jews make propaganda and uses the propaganda as the focus of the Jew mainstream news.

Might the Jew be trying to make Americans hostile to the new immigrants by using his court system to fool with our heads?

The immigrant who purportedly shot a Druid young woman in San Francisco with a Federal government gun he just happened to find that accidentally went off killing that young Druid woman.

Gun conviction overturned for immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle death
By Theresa Waldrop, Sheena Jones and Dan Simon, CNN
Updated 10:04 PM ET, Fri August 30, 201
(CNN)A California appeals court has overturned a gun conviction for an undocumented immigrant acquitted in the 2015 shooting death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco.
The court reversed a 2017 verdict that found Jose Inez Garcia Zarate guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm, saying the court erred in not instructing jurors of an option to acquit him.
Garcia Zarate was acquitted in November 2017 of murder and involuntary manslaughter charges as well as assault with a deadly weapon in Steinle's death. Days later, he was indicted on federal gun charges.
Steinle's shooting death in July of 2015 sparked national debate over sanctuary cities and became a rallying cry for then-candidate Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

Might it have actually have been a sniper that shot Kate and an undocumented immigrant got caught with a gun Judee Fed gave so that Judah had an election-year issue to chaw about?

Can we only wonder did Kate really die from the bullet wound or was she done in by the Jewish medical team that was waiting to treat her? Are we understanding how the Jews get such a high score on us? Do we see how by privately having unlimited workers free money to do with whatever they want secretly it lets them buy the police, the courts, medical teams, and the news media to tell the story the way they want to tell the story?

Does it appear they are playing this story now to raise anger against immigrants? Might the favorable court decisions for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate be aimed to incite Americans against immigrants? Are we seeing why our extraterrestrial elders rate the Jews "rare" as far as cannibalistic predators go?

And all the time the Jews are playing their psychological warfare games against Americans, our extraterrestrial elders are still communicating with us helping us to get the real message. And what is the real message Americans should be getting? How about a message that if we understand it will help us save our lives?

Might it be the message that the Jews are still fleeing into their undergrounds to finish us off with radioactive brimstone waste?

Might that simple but true fact finally reveal to the most ordinary of us that we are being destroyed scientifically by the Jews on nuclear waste war?

Conspiracy Theorist Reports 'Real UFO' Grazing Active Volcano in Mexico

The UFO hunter argued that no one on Earth would risk flying an aircraft that close to a volcano’s mouth, not to mention that the object he saw allegedly uses some kind of alien cloaking technology.
"An unknown object flying through the plume of smoke" over the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.
"A white disk "with a dark hump at its lower center."

"There are no identifying marks on the craft. Also the second cam in the upper left corner caught nothing at all. It was invisible to that cam!" he wrote. "That sound like the cloaking technology of aliens to me. So I'm calling this a real UFO."

From the cloaking technology, our extraterrestrial elders used in this MARKING event at Mt Popocatepetl in Mexico are we seeing how they are communicating with us?

That is, by blanking out the one video camera and allowing the other video camera to see their 600-foot long spacecraft are we getting how they are speaking to us? Are we understanding they are showing us by that scenario how they can always be invisible to us whenever they want to be invisible to us?

That they let the one camera see them and the other to not be able to see them are we figuring they are telling us it is them and not earthlings that are flying that spacecraft over Mt Popocatepetl?

Mt Popocatepetl has been MARKED by our extraterrestrial elders for many years now. Can we wonder why they spend so much effort on MARKING that specific mountain for us to investigate?

Bitch reported years ago from reading reverse facial speech that the largest war sinners in America are planning to flee south of the border to the mountain shelters when their time has ended completely.

Bitch connect the dots with the war-making American politicians saying they are going south of the border to spend their money. While UFOs are flying over Mt Popocatepetl might that indicate that is the place they are going to spend the rest of their days with the other war sinners that fled?

Mt Popocatepetl is an active volcano. And how might that connect with underground hotels? Might tapping the free source of heat not provide the free energy for living comfortably in the undergrounds? Sure. Might we surmise there are some well built up and comfortable accommodations near that active volcano? Sure, obviously there are vast underground shelters that the Jews and their genocidal war collaborators are living in there now.

Are we understanding when we see our extraterrestrial elders spacecraft they want us to figure out what is going on here on earth in the end times?

UFO Captured on Camera over Jackson, Wyoming! Did it Use Its Warp Drive?

Video 4.07 at

Jackson Hole, Wyoming located over 6,000 feet above sea level. Do ordinary workers perceive that is where our nuclear war fighting elite are fleeing into their mountain hotels to sit out our die by nuclear waste? Are we understanding that is why our extraterrestrial elders recently MARKED that location?

The Deuce that holds the majority of the American population to make war so they can murderously assault us internally.

Jeffrey Epstein as a long time intelligence agent, might he not have told us some interesting things?

Can we not hope that American Labour has its awakening moment and will close all of the Jews and their nuclear war collaborators out and end the sin of funding war?

While connecting dots early today something crossed Bitch's minds and he invites you's to make your guess about what happened and why John Nolan, the unmarried retired construction worker was burned to death on a London street by Judee shooting him with one of his laser beams from outer space.

Here's the dots that Bitch connected today.

Margaret Thatcher: Seconds from death at the hands of an IRA bomber
It was the probably the most chilling political sound bite of its era.

Margaret Thatcher death: latest reaction
Hours after narrowly failing to murder Margaret Thatcher in the Brighton bomb, the IRA calmly announced: “Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once – you will have to be lucky always.”

The blunt language of the IRA’s claim of responsibility seems unimaginable in today’s world of carefully crafted political statements.

But it was a measure of the depth of hatred that fueled the most toxic of the political struggles Mrs Thatcher engaged in during more than a decade in Downing Street.

Although the prime target of the bomb that ripped through the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Conservative Party conference in 1984, survived, five others were killed and more than 30 were injured, many of them maimed for life.

And how might that horrible bombing event from 1984 be connected with the laser beam from outer space fire shooting death of retired construction worker John Nolan?

The bomb that blew up in the Grand Hotel had previously been installed by construction workers during some renovations in the hotel. Any chance John Nolan may have known something about it?

But how does that connect with extraterrestrials and UFOs?

The $55 million dollar remodeling of the Howard Street CTA El station in 2008-2009. And shortly after that remodeling, the UFOs that started showing up MARKING there.

Bitch just looked on the internet to get the specific details of those UFO sightings at the Howard street El station and couldn't find those reports at the moment, it might take some more looking. But it is a fact and Bitch has previously posted about UFOs MARKING the Howard street El station.

So how does it connect with retired construction worker John Nolan getting burned to death by a space-based laser and Howard street El station remodeling and the bomb that was installed by construction workers in Margaret Thatcher's hotel in England?

Might it be the hydrogen bomb that was installed by construction workers in the Howard street El station that brought our extraterrestrial elders to MARK that station?

Are we seeing the similar M.O. of the perpetrators here in the bombing of the Grand Hotel in London in 1984 and the installation of the hydrogen bomb in the Howard street El station in Chicago in 2008-2009?

Might we figure it was not the IRA that shot john Nolan from outer space with a laser beam, it had to be Judee on MI-5 and MI-6 that has control of the space-based War machine?

So, what's your opinion. Has Bitch possibly connected some dots that might give us some idea of how London on Jews and free Labour money plays politics?

Might we guess that Maggie was in on the plot and the bombing in London helped make her look really brave and tough then?

Aren't they really a cunning bunch? The Rhodes scholars at MI 5 and 6. Will workers not end funding their scholarships to learn such fiendishness against us?

But what about the CTA in Chicago? Would top-level management not have to have known about a hydrogen bomb being planted in one of their El stations?

October 1, 2013
Earlier this week, another substantial CTA train crash occurred, this time involving what investigators and others are referring to as a “ghost train” because the train was supposedly out of service and driver-less. Nevertheless, the ghost train exited the Forest Park rail yard and past multiple track switches before colliding head-on at approximately 20 miles per hour with a Blue Line train at Harlem Avenue.
Where were the safeguards to prevent an unauthorized CTA train from leaving the rail yard? Why didn’t the train’s friction brakes prevent the train from leaving the yard? Why didn’t the train’s “dead man control” stop this runaway train?
This incident also raises terrorism-related concerns, which

The dead man's switch that was overridden and the 5 safety stops that took two hands to bypass on that driver-less El train. And yet that hydrogen bomb equipped CTA El train reached Harlem Avenue to have a non-lethal collision. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to help us and showing us that hydrogen bomb equipped El train?

The military that is purportedly here to protect us and yet they have attacked us with nuclear missiles. Our construction companies that are to build the things we need and here they are installing hydrogen bombs in our trains stations in wait for us.

And our rail commuter lines that are to serve us and instead are installing hydrogen bombs in our train cars to set off in the most highly populated area of our cities.

So might we have some ideas of why retired construction worker John Nolan was shot dead by an orbiting space-based laser? Might he have known a bit too much about the Brighton bombing and was willing to share what he knew with us?


A man died after he burst into flames on a street in Hull, England, on Wednesday, two weeks after London police issued a plea for witnesses of another similar incident.

The bizarre incident comes a few weeks after London police launched a fresh appeal for witnesses to another man's death after bursting into flames in front of onlookers on a street in London.

The victim, John Nolan, a 70-year-old unmarried former construction worker, was engulfed in flames before being airlifted to hospital, where he died the next day from severe burns. There were no accelerants found on his body. On December 15, London police said Nolan's death and the reason to his catching alight was still being treated as unexplained.

APFN Post with pictures of a car that was hit with a space-based laser killing a 16-year-old Iowa girl.

While watching the news yesterday happened to see some labor day parades. One had a banner held up by workers extolling the benefits of their union. And it flashed by quickly but Bitch caught the wording that went something like this:

"Our union is fighting for the rights of our workers."

Not the exact wording on that union banner, but the word "fight" jumped right out at Bitch. Why would that word jump out at Bitch? Because it is a word that indicates a Jew put it up.

"Fighting poverty" the claim of LBJ. "I'll fight for you in Washington," the politicians say. That it was in a union banner in a Labour day parade using the word "fight," might it indicate the Jews hold that union pretty completely? Yes, as the Jews hold the politicians to make war they hold the key union seats by the force of issuing our bourse. And "fight" for their union workers they tell us.

The power to issue our money. Are we seeing that is the whole ball of wax in our economic, material world?

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"Because we did our ratchet right we committed suicide foul. We have some available lupus, my crummy's coming off of here. You're throwing me for fireman. Mickey Thompson collared us too Pat. We smear you goose right in your ass truthful. Io

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