Why Is The IMF Now Trying to Kill Putin & Trump
Wed Sep 4, 2019 05:50

Why is Thee International Monetary Fund (IMF) now trying to destroy President Trump?

What s President Trump doing that upsets the International Bankstas?

Would you not say funding Rogues Nukes headed to DC, Moscow, Paris & Other Cites amounts to Attempted Murder?

The IMF goes in tow with the Fallen Angels at the UN and they have announced the destruction ff Humanity in a:

"Grand And Glorious Celebration We Will All Ba Proud To Participate In 21-29 December"

They Have 110 Days To Create:

1) Hyper Inflation

2) Depression

3) Economic Collapse

4) Full Scale Nuclear War

5) Total Destruction of Humanity

6) Complete Desertification of the Earth

These Demons will not rest until the Earth looks like Mars

And President Trump says - NO!

And yet - those trying to openyl kill our President are not in jail

So - something is amiss ---- no arrests?????

Wee also discuss what is coming in this video:

VIDEO: (512) Why Is The IMF Trying To Destroy Pres Trump? - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


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