"You Already Accomplished It, We're Set For A New Day. 2.20
Wed Sep 4, 2019 07:32

"You Already Accomplished It, We're Set For A New Day. 2.20 pm

The insignificant minority bent on creating an absolute State that is necessarily driven to oppression and terrorism. Will workers not take your support away from the Deuce and end their throw weight once and for all and for good? And what was the throw weight they attempted to extinct our breed with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

That attack in the middle of the night carried out with 1,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles with 3,200 three hundred kiloton independently targeted multiple reentry vehicles, (thermonuclear warheads). The throw-weight of 960,000 kilotons of atomic bomb blast, heat and radiation force. Is that not 960 million tons of atomic blast force? 960 megatons of nuclear blast force? Is it not curious that is 64,000 amounts of blast heat and radiation force of what was let loose over Hiroshima in 1945? How many remember the 64,000 dollar question game show in 1954?

Is it not something to think about, the Titan II missile that Judah attempted to launch from Damascus Arkansas on September 18, 1980, was 9 megatons? Might we guess that if our elders from outer space had not prevented that missile from being launched it would have burst over the capitol of, Russia, the city of Moscow?

Can we only wonder what would have been the response to that event the nuclear warfighting Jews tried to do? Maybe a volley of nuclear missiles launched at us from Russia as a retaliatory response then?

Disaster at Silo 7 & UFO Connection: What really happened that day September 18, 1980 near Damascus Arkansas?

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our kind and good God Almighty for sparing us from nuclear blast extinction of the Jews on free workers money then?

That Sir Casper had that missile software blocked sparing us all-out nuclear war with Russia. Might we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His diligent and vigilant Martian angels on guard to prevent our nuclear blast war extermination back in 1980?

The unique and rare love that precious sweet Father has shown for us. Can we not reciprocate and return our love to Father? The only reason we have not been destroyed by the eternal war-making nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews are we not yet aware is because of the love of our good God Almighty, our Father upstairs?

When we have but the will to do it, that very moment will Justice be done: that very instant the tyrants of the Earth shall bite the dust. Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921)

The will to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from the genocidal Jews who make war eternal when they get hold of a state. Will American workers not take away from the international Jews the ability to make war by issuing our money yourselves?

"The State is only one of the forms assumed by society in the course of history. Why then make no distinction between what is permanent and what is accidental?" Peter Kropotkin

Is it not interesting that our elders from Mercury did not say that the authority to issue money is the organizing principle of a nation, state or government, rather they used the term "society?"

"The organizing principle of society," is what Mercury elders said the authority to issue our money is.

Before there was a nation, a state, a government, there was society. Might we consider that when there is no state, there will still be society? But what type of society do we have here, this society, this nation that is involved in a state of permanent war?

Foolocracy: government or domination of society by fools.

Found that definition when looking up the definition of 'society.'

What would we call a government that would intentionally put the nation that they controlled by having the authority to issue the money of the government in their private hands, that would attempt to destroy that government completely using nuclear war to accomplish that end? "Foolacracy?"

Will American workers not put this foolacracy out of management with a strike to remove the organizing principle of society from their private unrepresentative, undemocratic hands?

What would you call a government that wages weather war upon the nation that it is governing? "Foolacracy?"

A government that sets chemicals upon vulnerable people who then use guns to spray the ordinary people in wild scenes of mayhem and death. "Foolacracy?"

What are we to think of those who run a government that allows a skin diving tour boat with dozens of people on board who enjoy a dinner that is chemicaled right so they don't wake up when the tour boat is lit on fire at 3 am. "Foolacracy?"

A government that hires weather war scientists to attack the nation with disasterpous outcomes for the inhabitants of that nation. "Foolacracy?"

What type of government would bring in atomic energy as a cover to install atomic cannons that silently pollute the air and fields of the nation with the result to massively poison out the inhabitants? "Foolacracy?"

And how can a Foolacracy hold itself in when it does such foolish things that while publicly unstated is actual policy? Is it not easy to see it is because the foolacrats hold privately the concession to issue the money for society?

Wealthy Americans about to discover just how seriously we have been harmed by the foolacrats that we have armed by letting them privately issue our money.

"Life is the push that gives me my forcing," Judee say.

Will American workers not end the free funding of the Jews who push life that give them their forcing?

The Jews who are intelligent enough to figure so much out and yet they reject the authority and will of God and destroy His children in genocide ways.

Can we only pray that American workers perceive the love of God and end funding the destruction that the Foolacracy of Jews on free Labour bourse are doing to us?

"Our violence sup you," Judee say.

The animus force the Jews establish as part of their way, their right. Can we only pray that God will guide His American working children to end this world of violence that is the way of the Jews?

"Jew people got white people too low and it backfired on me. White financial I'm folding outright. I just ever do right die white world. I always foul a white city fair because I'm lethal. Whenever we possess the white world we just foul war," Judee say.

"War is the usual condition of Europe. A thirty years' supply of causes of war is always on hand." Peter Kropotkin

Might we read Peter Kropotkin's lament of Europe usual condition of war was because it was the Jews that issued the money to buy the permanent war fist?

Though in that earlier time might Peter never have seen the Jews because of the mattress work they had done in Europe disguising their warmakers by breeding in hybrid transplant Replicon shells?

"Replicons," what Mercury elders call the Jew shells that are bred by the Jews to infiltrate society to get inside and take it over. And then once they take society over what is their plan other than to wage war until exhaustion and ultimately genocide?

"We have some Chinese morons coming," Judee say.

If they have some morons coming from China might we consider they are Jews in their Chinese shells? Will, the workers' society not take the war powers away from the Jews before they close us completely out?

Here are some more thoughts from the Russian Peter Kropotkin:

"Waste of time is the leading feature of our present education. Not only are we taught a mass of rubbish, but what is not rubbish is taught so as to make us waste over it as much time as possible."

In what Peter said might we be reading the strategy of weap Judah when he controls our education systems? Is that not Judah lethargy strategy to mal educate our children and prevent them from seeing the Jews evil hand of genocide that they are successfully waging against us?

Peter talks more about what the Communist rulers of his day were doing and ends by telling us that we can do something to change the situation if only we decide to act:

"Either the State for ever, crushing individual and local life, taking over in all fields of human activity, bringing with it its wars and its domestic struggles for power, it's palace revolutions which only replace one tyrant by another, and inevitably at the end of this development, there is ... death! Or the destruction of States, and new life starting again in thousands of centers on the principle of the lively initiative of the individual and groups and that of free agreement. The choice lies with you! Peter Kropotkin

Will American workers see that the choice truly lies in your hands of which way our nation will go on? Will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a society of peace and not sport war?

Peter was an anarchist, the people who believed in the end of the state that holds the people with prisons, capital punishment and war. Will workers not give us God's will for us here, to live in harmony, love, and peace with each other?

Here is some more of what Peter said:

"Of all parties I now see only one party- The Anarchist- which respects human life, and loudly insists upon the abolition of capital punishment, prison torture and punishment of man by man altogether." Peter Kropotkin

What are we to think that both American law since 1789 and English law since 1689 outlawed cruel or inhumane punishment of anyone? Might it matter not what our laws say if foreigners hold the authority to issue our money that is more fundamental than who writes or enforces our law?

Has it nor proven exactly that? Yes, it has. The most powerful force of society, the authority to issue money, and it is held privately by foreigner Jews that make war and perpetrate genocide against the majority.

Might foreigner Jews issuing our money explain why our good laws that are on the books are not followed and instead we have cruel, unusual and inhumane punishment in the Jews investment jails as the prelude to the extrajudicial executions for Jew percentages on Principal insurance collections?

The brutal violent insanely genocidal imbecility of the Jews on unlimited free American Labour money that they have used to buy the atom force to wipe out our breed. Will American workers not look passed the case they make against Bitch and act to protect yourselves and your families from the genocide they are succeeding with?

So they play a tape recording from years ago of Bitch talking violently and use it as their evidence why you should not STRIKE THEM OUT and take them out of issuing our money.

That the violent degrading Jews push a man into talking insanely violent after they abuse him to death repeatedly. Might we understand their own violent mental force they use against us is what they brag about?

As Bitch has never harmed any man intentionally, might we understand his violent words were a temporary state of mind induced by the vicious murderous genocidal Jews using every lever of their tyranny state to cage and murder the Bitch?

Do we recall the Chicago carpenter that gave a guy a ride, was pulled over by police and they found heroin on the guy, that caused the innocent carpenter guy to get locked up and lose his car and tools to the Jews ways and rights?

The Jew courts that operate on Sharia law and not American law that prevented that innocent workman from getting his car and tools back.

Will, we not pray that American workers will recognize the value of American rights and put them in to protect us from the framing, lying, thieving, murderous, nuclear-war fighting genocidal Jews on free American Labour bourse?

"But times and tempers are changed. Rebels are everywhere to be found who no longer wish to obey the law without knowing whence it comes, what are its uses, and whither arises the obligation to submit to it, and the reverence with which it is encompassed. The rebels of our day are criticizing the very foundations of society which have hitherto been held sacred, and first and foremost amongst them that fetish, law." Peter Kropotkin

The answer to Peter Kropotkin's questions whither and why we should obey the law, asking where is the sacred that holds the fetish of law in?

The cannibal cult of savages that are the Jews on free bourse, who have challenged and rejected God's wise laws as too restraining for their tastes. And so they put their "True law" in that allows them to legally abuse and molest the rest of God's kids on earth.

American law is our right here. But who is willing to invite calamity in to re-establish it here?

Our good God Almighty who sent His advocate in to share America's answer to Peter Kropotkin's question about our sacred laws and our God-given American guaranteed rights.

The elites of their time who understood the games the criminals that fester in government positions always play. And so they nearly bulletproofed our Constitution with a bill of rights that went farther than any other bill of rights in history. Jury and grand jury process plus no cruel or unusual punishment to anyone at any time.

And the enforcement mechanism? To be the grand jury to look into what was going on here.

So why has it all failed so sorely if the American elites were really that smart? Might the answer to that be it failed due to the constant applications of the international Jews True law forces of political assassination and our elites failure to secure our financial for us, the authority to issue our money?

The unfailing mission of the terrorist savages in our midst that have taken over planet earth with their cruelly manipulated poor hired fist, to destroy us completely. So what might we suspect caused us to fail to the Jews genocidal nuclear blast and waste extermination of our breed?

While our founding fathers, the state delegates, just would not let them get away with a deal without our rights in, might we see it is in financial that failed and let the Jews finally win?

The financial power of our society that the Jews hold privately. That our good God Almighty had His angels' counsel Bitch to share with American workers how the entire deal works and how to fix it for ourselves.

"ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY." The authority to issue money. Are we seeing that is where the real issue in our world is at? "ABSTRACT RECEIPTS OF LABOR." The true definition of our money elder from Mercury revealed.

Judah who has his workers selling the $15 dollars an hour game. Might we see in that clever ploy how the Jews are organized to deflect us from what will really help all workers, the authority to issue our money in workers hands?

By merely raising the wage might employers, not just speed in new technology to replace the workers? Yes, they will and are doing all they can to use robots to handle what workers do to create wealth. Might we see that with God's existence stipend in that robots can be workers friends instead of competitors driving down wages that we need for our income? Will workers not do God's will and put His existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Do workers not want to have a say in the conditions we work under? If so are we understanding that workers must have control of the issue of our money so that workers needs can be properly addressed? Might workers not also address everyone else's needs also once workers are issuing our money? Certainly, workers will care for everyone, unlike the murderous genocidal venom, spitting Jews.

The genocidal nuclear warfighting beast Jews that God is dying off. Will American workers not end bracing them up and instead just let them fall naturally?

Will workers not STRIKE THEM OUT so that we get some action to follow God's peaceful wise ways?

Tele receives:

"You already accomplished it, we're set for a new day. 2.20 pm

It's itch. 2.33 pm

I punish you doggy rich.

You let me, cannibal, seize you rightly.

Will somebody help this guy.

We challenge you wooky.

Do you believe this lunacy.

Continues at:

Your fail-a-puss hike us.

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