If These Are The Last Days, Where Is Jesus? We're Searching
Thu Sep 5, 2019 10:06

If These Are The Last Days, Where Is Jesus?
We're Searching 'cross The Sky, Being Watched By Angel's Eyes
Jesus if you love us, come and save our lives
On the last day I want Jesus on my side

If this is the last night, where is Jesus? Whoa-oh
We're looking through the darkness, we're blinded by the light
Now all across the whole wide world I hear the children cry
On the last night I want Jesus on my side

If this is the last time, where is Jesus? Yeah, yeah
We're counting every second outside of paradise
Sweet Jesus if you love us come and save our lives
For the last time I want Jesus on my side

As we are successfully being perished on nuclear waste will we not pray to have Jesus on our side in these last days? God is on our side. Will we not end our wandering in the world of war that is the root system that has been selected for us by those who control our food source, they lying thieving murderous genocidal satanic Luciferian ones?

And how do they control our food source other than by having the private authority to issue our money? Will we not pray that American workers will step up and take over the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money?

Tele receives:

"Beautiful right faulty kid.

They stage us harsh.

You are accomplishing throwing away the right boss.

They imbe-soak the sheep.

They tax horrible legal. 7.16 pm

Britain has seized you reckless.

I'm sorry for shitting you speechless, they fell us for it. 11.46 pm

He obviously falsed you out.

Toss you off the field deadly.

For percents we vape you.

Total molestive.

Get rid of them, they make us diesel.

Nicely you failed us getting them off.

They tell you not to sacrifice yourselves.

They're beautiful on a range foul mental.

Europeans zilch perceive us.

Race war defeat us.

Imbesode core thee mighty.

You're boursing out your safest.

Die fail. 2.38 am

They cash the white kids fist us.

An ordinary kid has no idea of how deadly Jew kids are here.

Mercury providential us gracefully.

Your business here financial is out.

Control of the people works because they have control of the food supply.

He con fist us.

He desolate with a puress sell.

Oh, STRIKE THEM OUT for crucial failure.

Heroin missile will cuff you. 3.12 am

Police forces racial us.

Their diabolical threats life. 3.39 am

You failed to STRIKE THEM OUT and they are hysterically foul." 4.12 am
Thanks for all of those Tele receives. The truth is there.

"Europeans zilch perceive us."

Did Mercury say that or Judee? What might explain why European kids zilch perceive Judee and our extraterrestrial family? Will we not just STRIKE THEM OUT?

"You failed to give the wise fish a view," Mercury said to Bitch years ago.

A few hours of a GENERAL STRIKE and Americans will be freed of war forevermore.

The secret of the Jews force, their power. Might we consider their force and power is based upon them keeping us from knowing the truth?

And what is the truth? Are we not aware that the truth is that we are a creation of an extraterrestrial power that has been with us from the beginning, the love of our good God in heaven above?

An advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization that created us in the image of God to live in peace and venture into the stars while loving each other. For the love of God and to preserve our existence will American workers not immediately stop this war?

Judas who collaborated with the fallen angels, Lucifer and Satan. Is it not seen that like those God fallen angels Judas is now God fallen too?

Could it be that the glory and majesty of God's powers are so immense that the ordinary cipher has just not been equipped to perceive God's truth? But how could that be for does God not always give us the ability to solve problems? Sure He does. So can we not solve this problem of war that has been inflicted upon us by those who rule planet earth? Sure we can. So how do we fix it?

The few hours of a general STRIKE until the demand is satisfied that workers will issue our money from then on. Is that all it will take to solve the problem of perpetual war in our world? That's it! So why have workers not given us the STRIKE to give us peace our world yet?

Might the answer be that the guy that is a shill for God is just not perceived right?

"Nicely you failed us getting them off. Your speech mentalize us failed Patrick."

Could those Tele receives be telling us why we exist in failure here? Does Patrick's speech mentalize in a way that workers do not want to try to stop the war? Why did Bitch nicely fail to get them off of here? "Too long at the front," as one Tele sender said?

Just watched the 6 am international news from Japan and here are what some of the worldwide top Judee guys and gals are saying in reverse facial speech:

"British fataled for my way. This guy from Michigan I just do over checks. Jew grease lets me bullet. We core sacrifice you people Memphis. I always apped you insurance for luxury. With a dog and a big gun I made you, I capped you sparrow right. I just genius you out shitty age. Jew problem is how to tumor and weap you away.

We just keep you afraid for our wits. This one kid see our jungle and broke our force. Our fraud the professor dead the best. To fail you rusive I insure police. Jew cite electricity wholesale hostile. A great Bermuda holds out checks for free. The temperature I put in bust humans basically. British guns will app you for Jew city.

Jew whoopee life intimate you to core complete. I want Buddha out. My way is obviously a bourse weap, that's how I can you. I give you a life of low-income sale. I will eventually dispirit you before I leap out. I keep spearing you Ruthie to spoil you out. Jew on sweets give you a vigorous time. We just bench fall minnows gently.

Usually, I just use you, that's why I threw your rights away. You are a figment of Jew, that's why I muscled you. It's obvious for micro-Croatia Jew is off. Mickey Thompson crowd is now boring me. I put in a gas state so I can rape your children, that's why they pulled me off. In the month of January, I got 5 boys. I waste you off with all the fire I have.

If I could win theory I would toss you. A wise guy mates you. Our impoverish you, cost you some money. Beautiful with babushka I'm washing them right. For fisting Jew be out, Saturn won. I'm free dale for luxury. We just sap, that's why we're removables. With my vicious state I slight you. We tyranny rich. I'm a boom-a-chow hopeless.

I'm out for my imbecile faults. I deface you foul on ten-a-lax.

Turkey sees how we are sitting on a topsy turvy way here. I shoot the Irishman off so he opp all states. It's Sussex here. Weap Jew ever failed big peace fried. Our weapist theory has a bourse analogy. I already have Bitch's house wretch. I'm now going to graduate to use Russia. I hold you threat opp Jew. My court will eventually death Bitch.

If you get your lifesavers in here my business be through. (Judee prison guard)

Jew is presuming a big Communist zoom. We spite nice guy Denver. I have a nest egg that is now bored out completely. We just defeat you infant bad. Our copper heads are now going out for all days. My parents ever bruise you is now severed. I storage you out to keep you baby Nessie. With our storage rental I score. For my great days, Jew hate you mumps.

For my mission, my storage is out. I'm insuring in my last moments. I just do real bad to shove you with rifles. I just debase you for memories. I app you great with factories, that's my source. I push you in a way to get West out. I'm big professor weapin over time. My pure is done, I'm obviously elipse. A dog yet will fault me.

Poochie apps made you die great innocent. Our fame-ious is now proved by a dog. We roughed you up so well Pat you made our roughest day stay in still. I bust Iowa informing you. We had a possess to right foul your family. I passed Casper management up. My soul effort is hate for me, it let me core contact. The scientist easily got rid of Judas, my future is blown away," Judee say.

While the scientist reported how Judah got rid of Judas easily, and Judas future is blown away, do we see there is no cheer here yet because Judas is letting us fund blowing ourselves and our own future away? STRIKE THEM OUT Labour, is it not seen that Bitch is merely a simple working man that has been beaten up grand by the Jews on free bourse operating a genocidal tyranny regime?

Is it not clear to those that have the facility of mind of critical thinking that the genocidal Jews are done here and are not coming back into management ever again?

Here's some non-Judah reverse facial speech. These from prisoners in the largest maximum-security prison in America:

"The war license has failed, that's why they want you failed. Jew atrophy bad push on me congress."

And a reverse speech from a demonstrator in India-Pakistan:

"Pompous is over, it's dead, it's fell."

The pompous Jews who took over planet earth using the purse of American workers. Will Labour not take our purse away from them and end their conquering ways?

And some Tele receives from yesterday's post:

"Will somebody help this guy?

Patrick, I think you have established us fair in love.

God saved you all from liable.

By scaring you's my Jews prove more fit.

You failed to save us, Patrick, the Martians failed us all.

You have to get some better way here Patrick. 10.26 pm

You already accomplished it, we're set for a new day." 2.20 pm

We're set by the love of our good God for a new day, will American workers not give us that new day of peace?

So sorry to be viewed negatively by so many, but is that Jew not a beautiful liar and smearer of others faces? Yes, the false Jew has shown the ability to make peaceful useful people appear to be aggressors. When the truth is, the Jew is the aggressor, the liar, thief, and murderer.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

That bumper sticker that Bitch thought would be nice, "Choose not to be fooled." Though since Sir Martin has gifted Bitch with some writing clues might it not better read: "Will you not choose to not be fooled, and STRIKE THEM OUT?"

Mercury elders that gifted Bitch with the psychic ability to read reverse facial speech. And has that gift not shown us enough of Judah mindset that we will not now take the most important desk of government, the authority to issue of our money, away from the Jews with a STRIKE?

The organizing principle of society. The authority to issue our money. And here is the definition and etymological roots of the word 'society:'

Society defintion
a. The totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals:

b. A group of people broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture:

c. an organized group of people associated for some specific purpose or on account of some common interest:

via Old French societé from Latin societās, from socius a comrade]

from French camarade, from Spanish camarada group of soldiers sharing a billet, from cámara room, from Latin; see camera, chamber]

[1585–95; < Middle French camarade < Sp camarada group of soldiers billeted together]

Isn't that curious, 'society' coming from the word comrade, and that is soldiers sharing a billet, a room? Might we think of Judah's room that he always wants to take us to?

from Latin; see camera, chamber]

Judee's camera he catches us with and his chamber that he tortures us in. Will Labor not let the real sick truly violent guys off right with a STRIKE?

"Patrick, I think you have established us fair in love."

The messages from God to Moses 3,500 years ago, "love one another."

Then 1,500 years after Moses God sent His only begotten Son Jesus in and Jesus repeated the message to us to "love one another," that's all there is to living in peace. And with such a great message what did the Jews do other than nail Jesus to a cross?

Martin arrived 2,000 years after Jesus and studied and learned the truth to save us. And what was Martin's prescription to save us other than the words from Jesus to "love one another and live in peace?"

The hate-filled vicious tyrannies that the Jews put in as their preferred economic model. Vast imprisonment and mass murder on our streets, permanent war to score us defeat. Are we seeing yet this is the preferred business model that they have forced into our beautiful nation?

Will Labour not do yourselves and the rest of us a favor and put our bill of rights in again for us? Will Labour not bring in again the thing that was the best of the West, a nation with liberty and justice for all?

"Jew cite electricity wholesale hostile," Judee say.

The dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE that according to Jew scientists has already closed the Druid peoples out of existence. Will American Labour not help us please?

If so will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, September 5 — Psalm 105:23–36
Jeremiah 34:8–35:19; Titus 1:1–9
Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice, and let them say among the nations, ‘The Lord is king!’ 1 Chronicles 16:31
At the name of Jesus every knee should bend, in heaven and on earth and under the earth. Philippians 2:10
Almighty God, we kneel before you in adoration and rejoice that you are our Lord and King. Thank you for the amazing gift of your Son, our Savior, and for the Holy Spirit who lives within us. Amen.
5.19 pm

"It's our hero wit suffering you falsely. 5.54 am

Pat, stooge them out of here.

Get out this hossing.

Dies fisty fistic.

Ban new insure, make it good, do it complete. 6.59 am

Fear not, their core court is done. 7.54 am

Pat, sewerage is burying us. 8.22 am

Jew law school lost to you.

They boss you, Autry. 11.08 am

You failed to forcing Pat. 11.31 am

Stupid jealousy fumbled you.

You praised it.

You completely closed their shack, their weap is done completely.

Their capture failed.

You're throwing their racial out completely.

Sealed tight receipts.

Jew must go challenges.

You die ale.

Jew just won it cash. 1.36 pm

Grease is wasted.

I waste you abjure.

The cows have fisted us to close us up.

Your phineas assaults.

Fertilizer is seriously out.

Vicious helping you out for sale tumors.

You've fallen a gift.

Polish fair day is coming out dubious.

It's root ported." 4.21 pm

"Without a STRIKE I'm abusive all the time. My legislate is how I clear you. I'm sure you guys will eventually receive and then I'm totally out," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Americans receive just how we are being made to die off inhaling radioactive waste and will act to save our lives that are being crushed out of existence?

Thank you. God bless.

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"In great numbers, Jew has truly pitched you in. My voice is muffled for my cagerous, you don't know it yet but I'm truly out," Judee say as Bitch is watching the 6 pm local news preparing to post this alert.


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