US Navy Now Attempting to Destroy The Human Race
Fri Sep 6, 2019 03:29

The US Navy Is Now Creating Earthquakes and Bursting Methane Pockets In An Attempt To Kill Of The Human Race

So - if the US Naval Submarines are in full cooperation with Lucifer why the "HE#@" are they fully funded?

Either President Trump has never heard of this or he has approved this.

I suppose it does not matter as the bursting of all Methane Bubbles will result in the Entire Human Race dying off with what will appear like "The Flu."

Now these earthquakes being attempted by the US Navy - they appear to be disrupting the Fault Lines across the globe.

The Admiral in charge of the US Submarine Fleet is Rear Admiral Blake L. Converse - Commander Of Comsubpac.

Pray he either ceases and desists will all cooperation with the Fallen Angels or is removed from this planet Post Haste and replace with an Admiral with the Stones Below The Belt to stop this insanity immediately.

VIDEO: (589) Exclusive: US Navy Creating Earthquakes & Bursting Methane Bubbles With Sonic Waves - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount


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