"No Matter What They Say, You Have Bust the Store Merchant."
Mon Sep 9, 2019 07:56

"No Matter What They Say, You Have Bust the Store Merchant."

Catching them red-handed attacking us all out with 3,200 three hundred thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might it be that no matter what they say, Judah has busted their merchants for every day? And what did Bitch do other than merely blowing the horn on what the Jews tried to do to Americans?

And what did the Jews on free American Labour bourse try to do other than extinct our breed with a surprise all-out nuclear blast war?

Americans informed of this most important fact 8 years ago in October of 2011, 4 months after the all-out nuclear exterminating attack happened. Now Americans going out of life form in the range of 2 out of 3 of us due to nuclear fallout from only one dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant that weap Judah refuses to stop burning at Hitachi-GE.

And this still goes on while Washington Judah tries each day to provoke new wars in our world.

September 4, 2019 Topic: Security Region: Americas Tags: IranBrian HookDonald TrumpNuclearQods
Hook, Line and Sinker: The State Department's Iran Hand Steps Up the Pressure on Tehran
NEW: Brian Hook is taking a swipe at the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Does he want to bring Iran to the table or overthrow its government?


“Today, the United States government is intensifying our maximum pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Hook announced at a press conference. “We are announcing a reward of up to $15 million for any person who helps us disrupt the financial operations of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] and Qods [Jerusalem] Force.”

According to emails leaked by U.S. officials during the press conference, Hook personally attempted to contact the captain of a ship carrying Iranian oil, offering him millions of dollars to steal the ship on behalf of the United States. After he refused, the Treasury Department designated the captain a terrorist supporter.

The millions of dollars offered to a captain to steal a ship. The 15 million dollars offered to make financial war against Iran. Will American workers not take over the issue of our money and end these aggressions to incite hostility in our world? Are American workers aware that the checks issued for this inspiration to mayhem all come from working Americans? Will American workers not end the Jews time at the helm of the American state?

A few hours of a general strike and that will be that, we will have a chance at a new life. Will American workers not give us a chance to live in a world of peace instead of a world that is in permanent sport war?

Our Savior who would not let the Jews trim us right. The nuclear war fighting Jews who now have no defensible rights. Will Americans workers not try to recognize that and put them out right? Will American workers not respond to the power of the love of God and hear Father's thousands of lifesaving warnings to stop the war?

The ayatollahs operating from Washington DC. Will American workers not end their wars of aggression on workers dollars? Will workers not end their breeze?

America clerk Brian Hook offering American workers money to pirate a ship on the high seas. Is such an act not more reminiscent of our childhood storybook tales of captain hook and his pirate ways? Can we not pray that American workers will awake from the fearsome spell and cast them out with their war mess?

Will workers not get involved in governance and end the delusions of those who have already lost power due to their nuclear blast and waste war fisting of us?

The Druid and Slave breeds set to now go out of life form in the range of 90% due to inhaling brimstone waste. Are there any who have not heard of this yet? Are there some who think it is just more Henny penny and the sky is falling sort of talk?

That our bibles report this to us. Should we not take a closer look to try and protect ourselves?

The Jews who occupy every slot on what is called the news. Their mind control perfected over thousands of years of lying to us. Their ability to hold the Druid people frozen allowing them to attack us all out with nuclear blast weapons. How do they do it?

"Fear," is what they tell us is how they hold the Druid to do nothing to save our lives. "Fear," the criminal terrorist Jews use to hold American workers into making war against other human Beings on planet earth.

The Jews, might we say, "not your ordinary fist?"

And what is extraordinary about the Jews fist versus the ordinary fists? Might it be their persistence in the face of God that they have the right to perpetrate genocide against the rest of God's kids?

Our merciful loving forgiving good God. Will Americans not speed us into His embrace before we are turned into Jewish sports waste?

The over 400 atomic dirty bombs the Jews have mined planet earth with to destroy us all over time. Does such a scenario not bring us to think of the frog in slowly heated water that doesn't notice a thing until he is boiling just fine?

The Trojan horse of Jewish electricity that the Jews are now using to wipe us out at the genetic level. If only we can get a view of their vast free energy powered underground shelters might we get a view of just how massively they are destroying us now?

Jewco who has been shooting down our free energy researchers while he has puzzled it out and is using it in his underground shelters.

Russia plans to set up above 20 nuclear power units in India in next 20 years
NEW DELHI: Russia on Wednesday said that it is planning to set up more than 20 new nuclear power units in India in the next 20 years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok earlier today, gave a joint statement.

The leaders, on the occasion, noted that the friendship between India and Russia is not restricted to their respective capital cities. "We have put people at the core of this relationship," the Prime Minister added.

And might we be certain the people they have put at the core of the relationship are all Jews in their hybrid transplant look alike Replicon Fornian shells in both India and Russia?

The purported nationalist regime of Modi. Might we not recognize by the atomic war machine they created that it is weap Judah on nuclear war for planetary destruction and genocide?

Will American workers not sweep these nuclear wars fighting Jews out before we are no more?

The zipper boys with their war mattresses in every terrain. Will Druid not end this frozen before they score us completely out of life form?

The Jews who control Russia as they do America and all of the rest of our world due to being smart enough to get hold of the authority to issue each nation's money.

And with the ultimate national authority privately held by the Jews, they are making trading agreements peacefully while they hold Americans as the bad guys only making war and destroying our family around the world.

Simultaneously putting us to weather war and also economic war to break our wealthy. The nuclear war from Hitachi-GE to get us out of our fields completely.

One nice whiff is all it takes to end a gentle man's life easy. The atomic Jews now pouring every breath we take to have their Hitachi-GE brimstone spite in it.

Bitch reading reverse facial speech of the top people on planet earth and they have reported that the American breed is going to be wasted out fantastic from only one Jewish atomic power plant on the other side of our world burning nuclear waste from Hitachi-GE.

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Get a new job Bitch," heard a guy say while food shopping the other day.

When the harm finally arrives on your doorstep will you say, "Bitch why did you let this happen to us? Why did you not get the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews off of us before they did this to us?"

Might it be useful for workers to consider that a mistake based on gross stupidity is a natural occurrence that heaven can forgive whereas the purported mistake that is found in the evil of bribery and corruption is not heavenly acceptable?

Our children and grandchildren set now by the Jews to be born with all the rights of peasants and not Philadelphians as was our rule. And the Jews themselves who have no defensible rights for attacking us nuclear blast genocide.

Will American workers not throw them over the side before they make us die atomic waste genocide this time?

The few hours of a general strike that will knock Jewish nuclear war out, both blast and waste. Will American workers not try it, the STRIKE?

The arrogant Jews who picked a fight with God Almighty and lost it all. Will Labour not let these Lilliputian resized bunch off now?

Reasonable versus unreasonable. The reasonable boy who insulted you's due to gross stupidity versus the unreasonable boy who is murdering you due to holding evil intent. Will workers serve the peaceful needs of the people or the war-making needs of Jews? Might we think of that long-time asked question concerning Labour, "Which side are you on?"

The majority of American people who have put themselves outside of God's protection for holding in the genocide of the Jews. Now firmly set to be destroyed massively in Jew ways.

The rights our grandparents had that gave them a chance to build a new life in this most promising land. Smashed on the rights of the Jews to make war permanently using the free purse of American labor. Will workers not listen to the angels God sent in, get smart, STRIKE THE JEWS OUT AND PUT OUR ABLE GRAND JURIES IN?

"The Martians noticed us and our hit so they got us out of here fit."

The Jews hit with one thousand of Seattle's best built Boeing missiles carrying 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear bombs that they launched at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will workers not respond to that truth with a STRIKE?

"Urethane always hold you right. Jew rights on furniture are winning these days. Because you slumber Jew holds in merchants wits to give you maximum die," Judee say.

That is some reverse speech just pulled from Judee in Asia speaking to us. Can we not keep praying for an end of the slumber to prevent our maximum die?

The merchant wits that threaten workers to keep them from giving us a STRIKE. Will workers not overcome their threats by acting with the power of God on our side?

The multiples of world wars that the Jews used in their attempts to extinct our race. Will, we not recognize the mercy and forgiveness of our good God and stop them now with a STRIKE?

How did the Jews accomplish a pattern of continuous world wars? Was it any other than when we were sold out in 1913 when Congress gave to the Jews the authority to issue our money?

The reason our planet has been built into an atomic waste bomb sure to die us off given a few decades more. And how did they achieve the planet of Jewish electricity? Was it any other than holding the authority to issue our American workers money?

The Jews who have succeeded where others have failed, they have finally thrown themselves out of here well. Will American workers not awake from the slumber and close them before all hell breaks loose on us here?

The unreason of insanity. Will, we not pray that ordinary workers perceive that they are doing what they have always done, destroy us for their fun and act while there is still some chance for some of us to survive this Jew nuclear waste extermination of us?

Father wants us to be saved but to do that do we understand we must as a group stop destroying our selves? Father wants us to love Him as He loves us. Will American Labour not stop funding the international Jews who are fouling His kids with war?

"You're involved in force." 7.39 am

Are we seeing that we Americans are involved in providing the force of Jewish sports war and genocide as to why we face perishing out now fair? If perceived will American workers not try to save your lives?

Tele receives:

"It was my best fall collie.

We definitely paste you. 12.02 pm

The guys opp brutal.

Thief folding this world.

The Jews are over rich fighters here.

An awful great force set us out mockery.

They saw us tumors.

You're not much of even a misdemeanor fellow.

With a seat belt they conquered.

Pat, your strategy is getting the poison out.

I fought arrowhead to waste you out. 2.14 pm

A heart attack.

Blowing your stack, organize, they're offs. 3.02 pm

It's feeble. 3.43 pm

It's catas.

It's a fatal.

You failed to wake us Patrick.

They polish you off with evasive racist field.

The judges you nicely failed complete.

Your life forms jail us now.

They fail you judges receipts.

They err cored guys here and you failed to save us here. 6.48 pm

Tuxedo come to push.

Hearing aid loss to die.

A better life is closing failed.

They core us wood to really throw us.

Sweetheart you failed.

Mercury let the Jew minnows force themselves, let's get them out!

No matter what they say you have bust the store merchant.

Vegetables have failed to receive us. 3.04 am

Oh my God wiping this field dusty.

Stupid field rights, you all have been spared and now you all have been slaved.

Our fairest seriously washed away.

I don't need the fused.

You've thrown them total. 6.35 am

Corpora-mental fail.

Put Jew out for fantatsic.

You're involved in force." 7.39 am

The force of war that is irresistible when the death of war arrives. Must Americans not get smart and take the death force of war away from the Jews? Will American workers not issue our money as our good God wills?

This small group using their mental to-do violence and lying and falsing to everyone everywhere and they continue to hold the American workers to making more war for them in our world. Taken away our precious God-given Philadelphia freedom rights and turned us now into legal slaves. Will workers not try to see the magnitude of the deception the Jews weave and close them out with a STRIKE?

"I made you fall dog for soup because you didn't do right and STRIKE. We head hold free to bash you witlessly and that's why I've fallen. My legend is Jew beast, that's why I'm out. We just have wrenches from foolitics to bash you off conspear. Germaness rights are coming out. Judious right cost you forever. I opp to be Hapsburgh and my onerous apped us out.

We brought hydrogen for Druid to push you's all out. I see you with 4 eyes to smoke you out. This palace recedes because you hit the palace good. Wolfheimers right I do all my catching with. Right now Western right racial is to set you out big. Our fall air sports is so fantastic that Wisconsin can't gauge it.

I was working for Mogen David for my hostile life. Our natural is Russia for zooming. Our pestal age ends when government closes our pages. I'm going to Nome to pass out of here easily. Iowa I'm stupiden with Jew booze rights here. I pork a Mason to set you rice to hos you. Jew has so much delinquency they challenge me to force you.

Our error takes minnow war room. With grease I boot you. You'll put me down with nation strike for my war and foulities. Foreman dench the air true. I hold you with the senate bourse shooting. Fear is holding to fold you out obvious. Jew mental core right with spinach and with attorneys we fall you out," Judee say.

Will Americans not put our rights in so that we can let the fall out attorneys off right?

Continues at:

Luke 13:5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

The gift of our lives from our good God. Will workers not try to perceive it? If so will work

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