"A Dumb Monkey Has Disabled You. Your Hostile to Vegetables
Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:54

"A Dumb Monkey Has Disabled You. Your Hostile to Vegetables Gives Us Excessive," Judee say.

Are we seeing that the Jews refer to Bitch as a dumb monkey? And do we note that Judah goes on to say that Bitch hostile to the vegetables gives them excessive?

Bitch looked at the Tele receive yesterday, "Vegetables have failed to receive us." 3.04 am, and he wondered about who it came from. Realizing that elders from Mercury would not refer to the people as vegetables, who does that leave other than weap Judah?

Bitch didn't know whether to post it or not and then he figured it might give the ordinary people an idea of what the Jews think of the ordinary people. WRONG! The ordinary people are offended by Bitch reporting what the Jews think about us. How could Bitch miss this again?

Here's what Judah said about Bitch:

"A Dumb Monkey Has Disabled You."

Bitch see it and he appreciates that he knows what the Jews think about him. He is glad to read their subconscious thoughts and so on that basis, he is happy to hear the truth from them, even if it is offensive. Even if they think he is a dumb monkey, he wants the truth even if it offends or irritates.

But when Bitch reports the truth to the people, he gets a big NO NO.

"Stupid!"6.19 pm

Might that be someone who just read Bitch's post for today?

Bitch found in the news reports on local and national that the broadcasters had read Bitch's post already. They are watching Bitch posts closely because they know just one winning post, and their boursed spell head fisting through the tube is over for good.

Bitch found an interesting reverse facial speech about something he put in his post early today, Here it is:

"Bitch, Jew rue you white sox war fictitious."

The tape that Judah has been playing for all to hear about the Israeli that lost his life in Chicago after soliciting Bitch's murder about a quarter of a century ago.

Might that have all been staged to fake Bitch out? Sure. Did Judee not do the same thing after Bitch talked hostile about the guy that burned his eye with a laser beam? Did Bitch not talk vicious about that and so Judee staged a guy getting hit with a baseball bat but it never happened at all?

Yes, Judee did stage that. Never happened. Just something to let angry stupid Bitch open his mouth about that brings Bitch down and make him appear to be the one that wants to harm someone.

So might we figure the Israeli that solicited Bitch's murder in Chicago and lost his life was all made up?

"Bitch, Jew rue you white sox war fictitious. You've been fouled stupid right force."

Does that not look like that answers it? Might we think about how extraterrestrials find the Jews trickiness to be rare even with their 87 million years of extraterrestrial recorded history?

So as cunning intelligent Judah has won almost every time that he has assaulted Bitch, how is Bitch supposed to get anything done here? Why does Bitch keep posting if the bible predicts a third will die out now because of the Jew rare hold on the mental of the people?

Might it be because the people will not act on Bitch word, but they will act upon the word of God when they understand the truth of His presence here?

The Jews are gushing, laughing uncontrollably and overwhelmed at how easy they have used their smooth false wits where Bitch they claim has talked assaultive to the people here. Look at these RS:

"We spring a bat forever flooring you. I set your psyche with Bitch tomb kids. We pitched the Bitch complete fell so we're going to take you out highness. I'm going to part you buffoon."

Those RS came from Judah hybrid transplant look alike Replicon shell politicians in England who were celebrating closing Parliament down.

Have we not noticed that Judah is using his naval military fist from the palace in the Persian Gulf to get a war started there? With Parliament out of the way might that give them some extra play?

"It's a minus; it's a scold here." 6.43 pm

Is that what Monday's post is rated at here?

Why is Bitch writing here at 6.52 pm on Monday night? Might it be the desolation that he sees coming in here and he is hoping for some help to get the war stopped before all hell breaks loose here?

But Jew with his once in a million years rare has the workers held firmly the Jews report to us here. So why keep on trying? Might it be that the workers will hear the truth about out merciful forgiving good God above and will act bravely and close the Jews out of issuing our money?

"I'm the right boy to fight you in desolate."

To be Continued 7.05 pm......

2.07 am

So Monday's post was a minus according to Mercury. This is Tuesday's post, might God have mercy on Bitch and give him the words that will bring American workers to halt war on earth? Is there a chance that the majority of Americans will be spared from passing?

Those troubling projections from the Galactic Federation of Light that were done at the time of Jesus Christ that indicated it was more likely than not that the Jews would exterminate the mild people of the north wholly when it was time for them to leave the mass of the human race and die off underground.

Sad but true, those projections are holding today true. The majority of Americans are set to die out now without trying even once to save ourselves from the Jews and their instrument tude.

A people that take over the government so they can get us into their room to "instrument" us they tell us in reverse facial speech.

An evil, fiendish criminal cipher that have been blocked from entering the universe by the extraterrestrials that continue to stand guard over us blocking the Jews thermonuclear blast shots.

Are some wondering that if extraterrestrials are blocking the Jews thermonuclear blast shots from reaching us, why then won't they block the Jews nuclear brimstone shot from reaching us? Why are they letting us perish massively inhaling radioactive waste from the pollution the Jews are putting in?

A cloud of invisible radioactive waste that may someday roll in on a guy or a gal and silently take those healthy persons life away in days or even hours. How is that for insidious? Sinister? Who could ever do such a thing to another human being?

That the Jews have corrupted our government so bad that we are facing this megadeath scenario now. Why won't the extraterrestrials guard us against the Jewish electricity nuclear waste now like they have guarded us against nuclear blast?

Might we figure that those that our good God Almighty loves and they love Him the extraterrestrials are guarding them against being poisoned by nuclear waste? Sure. Those that God wants to protect will be and are being shielded now as we are polluted out.

The superconducting bubbles that elders use to monitor, signal and control circuitry. Might we surmise they are attached to those that God loves so to prevent the inhalation of radioactive waste? Yes, that is what Bitch scientist surmise.

And if we let the war go on might we not see the rapture then? Yes, is that not what our bibles tell us is coming in during the last days of the beast in our race? Yes, it does.

The meta gorical transfiguration of our species out of earth life an into extraterrestrials ourselves. "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

So while Father will have His angels spare His righteous, are we seeing that for those who fail to listen to His thousands of warnings to stop the war, death is now at our door?

Judah who uses debt as a way to attach us so that he can die us and claim a deposit as an insurance collection. Are we seeing why the Jews need to control the government right? Are we seeing we why we need to take it away from them by issuing our money ourselves?

The science-fiction thriller of alien Beings from another world that shapeshift themselves to appear to look like us. And they spend their lives taking over government and then their offspring spend their lives killing us as a food and entertainment source.

The extraterrestrial level intelligence of a 15-year-old jew that weaves his way in among us to carry on their sport die of us here. Aware that sooner or later their cannibal cult practices will be found out and their time in government will end.

The solution they found to deal with the loss of their government rights to legally slay us? Extinction in nuclear blast war so that we could not reach them.

Life in a Jewish held terrain where the people are subjected to incessant mind degrading experiences. The stupefying events that are part and parcel of how the Jews rule. The dull dim effect the Jews have on a population when they get on top off us.

And how do they do it? Is it any other than war, imprisonment, kidnap, torture and murder? That's it.

The nearly unbelievable strategy the Jews have of breeding in look-alike hybrid transplant shells, "Replicons" our extraterrestrial elders call them. And using these look-alike shells to incite hostility among the ordinary unaware people of all lands.

Their insinuating themselves in as if they are helping us, protecting us. Have we noticed how they are now selling us the security systems to protect us from the gunmen that are shooting us in our schools and shopping stores?

Are we not figuring out their business model here?

Did they not sell their nuclear missiles as a way to deter us from being attacked? Yes they did.

That their plan all along was to extinct our race while they sold us their racket protection plan. Is that not quite a cunning deception to sell us the nuclear missiles that they planned all along to use on us to get us gone?

"They messed with your creatscious."

The mind degrading experiences the Jews put in as their way to mess with our creatscious when they get on top of us. Is that Tele sender not onto something here? Thank you, Sir, for spotting why Bitch has such a hard time finding the words to try and motivate workers to end funding the Jews war on the children of God on earth.

Might it be Bitch creatscious has been messed by the foul Jews successfully as to why he failed to do his best?

At the basic, might we look at the difference between Bitch and weap Jew?

Bitch who has lost his life several times to physical attack upon him from an assortment of cruelly manipulated poor people. Cruelly manipulated poor kids who only want to get some income to eat and are held by the Jews because the Jews have unlimited free money to issue from American labor. The vast impoverishment of a significant segment of the Druid Slav people who are then lured into error to serve the Jews sport of war.

The Judas goat that is the barn boss that leads his kinsmen into a lower way. While Judah has messed Bitch creatscious with this mind degrading experiences might we see that Bitch sees the problem here is how to get the violence stopped whereas Judah sees the problem as to how to get violence increased?

Judah who holds the memories of how terrible people were to his mommy and so he carries violence on as his way, his right. The vengeance, revenge of the Jews because people have been so mean to them throughout time. Do we see the opposite of Bitch to weap Jew?

That is Bitch has suffered personal death-dealing violence upon his body and yet he sees the violence must be stopped where the Jew imagines the violence and uses that as his motivating force to put violence on the rest of us?

"I'm a Jew boy who give you problems because I have them."

Will we not try to recognize the Jew boys do indeed have problems and step up here to help us deal with their problems, right?

The humane institutional setting that elders advise we put those into that want to instrument us in their room. The tens of millions of Americans that the Jews have put in during their full reign of terror in America since 1913.

Will we not keep praying that Labour will act wise and put our safety in once again? And what is our safety? Is it not our fabulous American bill of rights?

Tele receives:

"You're dying seamlessly here. 3.52 pm

I'm gonna die falsely.

It's an earache. 4.16 pm

It's too failed. 4.41 pm

They're dying us whole lot.

Our speak. 7.38 pm

I'm risen force.

Stupid. 6.19 pm

It's minus. 6.43 pm

It's a scold here.

Why am I so blind? 7.38 pm

A dog tossed it.

A dog horse fist this state.

Apologize clears us.

Will you leave your rooms?

We urge you RISE now.

Jefferey leaves you right for critics apps sight.

Martian be pretty big fair-a-wits.

Your old boys field is cadaverous.

Maintain your safety, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Easily they're weaping plastic.

For government fear STRIKE THEM OUT!

Assaulted you ricefully.

Fingers hatch kiss.

Russia's out obviously for great fiend.

Hoist them out. They work you imbe-soft way rich.

They slay you right confused.

The whole country imbe-side ya's.

Great birds of prey stumble you right.

STRIKE THEM OUT, they've obviously failed us.

They strip away better life forces.

You hear them, they clearly want to leave life dying off.

Predation failed to save us.

Capital strand you on a sand bar.

Bitch win it useless.

They cast you mental ways to suffer you complete.

Bitch hasn't bothered anyone but they bother lethal.

They shot the kids racers.

Peaceful inapathis.

See God and roll them out.

It's inadeqish

You're helpless thieved.

They messed with your creatscious.

Perfect they play with you.

Harsh fantastic.

Molester rights still rape us.

Hard speared us.

The tigress tossed you out.

They're Janious.

Great harassing.

You make us feel quite stupid.

Jerk deceive.

We embarrass you rightly Patrick.

Duel waste you with government rights.

Their falsey rich failed.

Uncle Pat's shanty muscle waste us pitiful.

You lost your right here for centuries.

Patrick RISE THEM UP HERE! 4.18 am

Rice is forcing out our window.

Hopeless settle brief.

Jew refused convention so they won't be solving anything else around here.

STRIKE EM, horse sale killing you.

Pat, make noise to wake us.

All so friendly despots.

The conquering cannibals.

You don't argue with a Swiss deal.

Target dreams.

They threw themselves out perish.

It's the classic crush.

The Celts initial fierce is the first official office.

The folks will leave us like crystal.


Everything forced dead because of their truth.

A great cylinder nails you closed. 5.39 am

Turkey's doing right to get the principles clear.

Jammer? 6.50 am

Absolutely NO jammer here. A humble simple working man as our good God Almighty described His shill Bitch.

"Jew refused convention so they won't be solving anything else around here."

The convention that our extraterrestrial elders from the Galactic Federation Light invited the Centers of Power of planet earth to in 1350 AD. The refusal by the Jews, royals, and Vatican to accept the extraterrestrial invitation to join in a world of peace and plenty for everyone.

And what are we to think today that the royals just closed Parliament down. Might that be so that Parliament is not around while they start a war in the Persian Gulf?


Can we only wonder could that be the day that they will finally get it started to bring Russian technology in on us to smash our wealth machine?

How do only 2% of the human population hold America to make permanent war throughout our world? Might we consider it all revolves around their ability to issue unlimited amounts of free money from American workers briefs?

The extreme levels of violence that the brutal vicious instrument us Jews have woven into our society every day and in every way. Can we not say a prayer of thanks that our good God Almighty had His angels let the Jews show us themselves in a fabulous way?

Continues at:

"A DP gives us leverage. I've got the white guy working you. Foolish my day goes corrupt. I had a nice passage here for GM. My assignment with Moscow Principal I'm going to do here. Jew truly fall you white ball with m

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