"They Failed Us Comfortably. Politics Fold Us Rightless." T
Sat Sep 21, 2019 08:41

"They Failed Us Comfortably. Politics Fold Us Rightless."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Our rights are taken away leaving us rightless in the USA. The state that was created from the beginning with specific legal procedures to protect us from the abuses that we so long suffered in the old country, those wonderful procedures tossed out by the demands of those who war us useless.

And yet, a few hours of a general STRIKE by American workers and the organizing principle of society will be out of the vicious beast's hands and into labor's safe hands. Does hope not truly spring eternal? American workers who are set by God's angels to step up and take the reins of finance away from the highly organized, alert and focused weap Jew kids.

The 16-year-old weap Judah hybrid transplant teenager from Europe that is directing worldwide marches against climate change. Lecturing Congress in Washington and also at the United Nations.

Some even comparing Greta Thunberg to Joan of arc.


Do we recall some others that Judah sent to us? How about "Raoul," that James Earl Ray told us was directing the assassination of Dr. King? Do we recall we have looked at Raoul who worked Dr. King's assassination out of Montreal Canada?

Raoul Wallenberg, the weap Judah who was part of the family that are the largest shareholders in military contractor corporation ABB. Do we recall America's former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of Sweden's ABB and resigned, right before the attacks in New York City that brought down the old white elephant World trade mart on 9/1/2001 and put us into permanent war?

Until we have our grand juries enlighten us on the facts, can we only wonder how much of the takedown equipment of the World Trade center on that September day in 2001 was supplied from Judah ABB?

Instead of a modern Day Joan of arc from, might we not be cautious and think of Judah sending us Raoul Wallenberg and what he cost us?

Are we seeing the mental opp of weap Judah calling for a strike against such a thing as climate warming? All those marchers worldwide. Are we aware that show is being operated using the hybrid transplant Fornian look-alike shells in every terrain?

Might we note how well organized and financed they are at such a young age? All of the money used for their show are we aware is coming from the unlimited free money that American workers give to Geneva Jews to put on their show?

Climate STRIKE Banner

Might Judah kids calling for a strike on climate change be to drain the energy away from calling for a strike take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews and stop the war?

Here is some of the reverse speech found in Friday's news reports coming from the mouths of mostly teenage Fornian look-alike hybrid transplant Jew shells around the world that marched for a STRIKE to protest climate warming.

"Because you didn't stop my big algebra rule I'm going to take you out with my fist. Jew suffer you finance, all income slow. Because it's our rights we Muslim you away. What we want is to pest you away. We want cannibal police to fight. Jew competen' fault you boys. I damaged your state and dog you to pull you off with capital. Every time I fist you I de-right you, that's how I'm getting the air. I just want the white reversed in subject. Once I disappear I'm going to leave you a country all pulled out in force. We just want to weap size you out. Our true rights are divisive. I bushwhack the hostages to terror you. They're going to fold our parade." (Young Fornian climate protesters)

That last reverse facial speech, "They're going to fold our parade." How many would guess that came from the subconscious mind of a teenage Jewess? Are we seeing even though they put on a big show, in their minds, they know their gag is almost over? Will American workers not take the concession to issue our money away from Geneva Jews and issue it yourselves?

The American Jew hybrid transplant Fornian look-alike Dwight Eisenhower who perpetrated genocide against captured Germans at the end of the Jews second world war.

Might we even recall more things that Jews sent from the old country that has adversely affected the world? Do some recall the Zimmerman telegram that was used to con and force Congress to vote to put America into the First World Jewish sports war, was intercepted in Swedish communication lines by those cunning and sly palace intelligence agents from London?

Are we recognizing the weap Jews have held Sweden in a tight grip as they have all the other countries of the mild people of the north? Will American workers not give us a clean break from the old world tyrannies the Jews have used and our using to core our world, and give us our Philadelphia freedoms once again?

"They're going to fold our parade."

The ultimate that is known by the Jews themselves and revealed in reverse facial speech, are we recognizing the truth here, eventually, mild people are going to fold the Jews parade? Can we only hope and pray it is soon before we have lost our lives to these most dangerous of cannibal life forms on unlimited free American workers bourse?

Will American workers not take their big algebra rule out before they harm us anymore?

"I got outrage to force you tepid. Westinghouse was teepee. My psycho federal out your state. I just force you judgment. My beautiful business rate is impossible once I have bombed you truly. I fonirate you to pierce you to put you in. Mercury showed you we failed you battery. It's a nice catch. My corrupt managership always shoots you Judee rights. The white guy sees me pitch you out so I got the dog and right instruments.

You guys panic when you see rice. I just hold you right with a missile and Pat told you I died. I accomplished you. His mother tried and failed. Pat Sullivan has died you too. I just wash you Minnesota failed," Judee say.

And how did Pat Sullivan who tried to prevent you's from being died by the Jews actually died you' s too?

How about this non-Judah reverse facial speech?

"Because you fall all respect your mother's a problem to you." (Non-Judah RS)

"It set you back a ways," Mercury said about Bitch "S" fault. Might it be lack of respect that has caused this to fail here at this critical moment in time? Might that combined with Judah dog mental opps be what will die us all off fair?

Man moves into animal shelter to get dog in kennel over 400 days adopted
Sept 19, 2019
Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk
A shelter dog that has been in a kennel more than 400 days got a unique roommate.

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Scott Poore, of Kansas City, packed his toothbrush and computer and moved in with Queen, a 3-year-old Labrador-pit bull mix at the Great Plains SPCA, in an effort to get her adopted, KMBC reported.
Queen is affectionate and a great roommate.
"She does not snore, but I can hear other dogs in the building snoring," Poore told KMBC.

"They nail us on the soft side," a Tele sender said.

Are we seeing how Judah is blazing away with a STRIKE for climate change while working the dog to keep American workers from acting to take the organizing principle of society away from the murderous prison camp operating high contracting war investors?

Though can we wonder what the Jews know about our psychology that they stage dog stories with such language as this?

Poore also hopes his efforts raise awareness about other animals kept long-term at shelters, whose mental and emotional health can deteriorate over time.

That we have millions of our human family living out on our streets in America can we wonder why Judah would have us interested in how a dog's emotional health is affected by living in a shelter?

Might this Tele sender have gotten it right, "they nail us on the soft side?"

On the question of mental and emotional health, Bitch went to the library Friday to check out some Chilton's auto repair manuals. First library had none so drove to another branch library to take a look. The books are gone, replaced by online Chilton's electronic guides that can be accessed in the library and also at home merely by having a library card. Is this not a truly magical world we are living in today? Yes, it is. But what about the mental and emotional health you started writing about?

When Bitch pulled up in front of the library there was a man of about 60 years of age. He was about 6'2" 170 pounds. Dressed in factory worker type clothes. As Bitch went into the library he got a closer look and realized the man was living homeless.

When Bitch finished his look at Chilton's online he was heading for the exit and pulled a $20 dollar bill out of his wallet to give to the homeless former working guy. Stepped out the door and the homeless man was nowhere to be found. Bitch drove around the block to see if he was nearby. No luck didn't see where he went and so Bitch drove home then.

What's $20 to a homeless man? Might it be a few sandwiches along the way? To the homeless man might it be a way to know that he is not forgotten by everyone? Might it help him know he is loved by us?

At that age, 60, too young for social security and usually too old to get hired if a guy is only an ordinary laborer. Are we seeing why our good God Almighty wants American workers to put His existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Will American workers not help prevent our mental and emotional health from deteriorating by helping the millions of American workers that are living out on our streets homeless? To do that will workers not strike the cunning purported dog-loving psychological warfare fighting Jews out of issuing our money?

The psychological warfare of the Jews where they chop off dogs noses and ears and then stitch them up. Now a Judah Fornian shell living in a shelter because he is concerned and worried about a pooch's mental and emotional state deteriorating. With such stories printed as the news might it help explain why the Jews are successfully destroying us in a permanent Jewish brimstone world war?

The worldwide hordes of hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Replicons that were marching to STRIKE with their leader Greta Thunberg for climate change. Mr. Poore who sleeps in the kennel because he is so concerned about the mental and emotional health of a dog living there.


Might the pearls in this next picture give us some idea of who the Jews think they are dealing with here?


Might that picture give us a sense of their humor? Are we getting the hilarity with which they are holding us to fund genocide in our world and upon ourselves?

"I accomplished them," a smiling happy joy-filled high-level face in Germany said in reverse facial speech. Are we understanding the Jews and their alliance collaborators are reporting they have destroyed the mild people complete using Germany's nuclear Jewish electricity warfighting industries? Will American workers not try to prevent our removal from existence? Will workers not STRIKE?

Tele receives:

"I fall you's faulty.

Beautiful day for a perfect weap.

Get out or get squashed. (Judee looking through his monitor threatening as Bitch was walking out of the first library he visited)

Fall will take us to die. (Druid woman walking along the sidewalk)

A nest egg prevails.

Fearless! (A big muscular guy walking along)

We're out of fisters.

Lead me without you.

You rightly dolled your fail.

Give them a push away, they're completely off. (Young man waiting for a bus)

They rule us best war. 3.43 pm

Oppose this guy Jewish; he is falling your white kids out.

Lead us, Patrick, give us our peace right. 5.36 pm

Pat, you got the bribes away.


Get over here.

Great falsing our Western world.

Dog is to insulate their visive.

Crisis everywhere teases. 7.01 pm

Total 7.29 pm

Virtually you have failed spiritually. 8.30 pm

They always challenge your rights off dead.

To right you failed, cat tossed you out.

Because they had pooch weaponry foolness they fiend away.

Parasite got you failed easy, got you failed fister, got you easy.

We're dying purse snatch.

Pat, you're all grudge avenged brutal to die inhaling nuclear waste and you almost got them out of here.

Dangerous system died your field.

Permanent foolish.

STRIKE white West guys, push them out!

Unsuitable failed you Jew ruptureous.

Victim of huge state rolled Seattle.

Chemicals wiped safe day.

Tyranny die you off the field like Croesus.

Bitchie announced terror fell, you let them huge you.

Oh my God, they fist us dirty.

Perfect grant side vict us here.

Beautiful they cage your economus.

They leave you palace forces to give you a right tyranny.

They punish you real decipherin.

They punish your whole country totally helpless.

You fell decipherous Muslim.

A funeral cheer them nice, hostile.

With free merchandise, we tossed you out obviously.

Atom compares us looseleaf.

They want you beautiful creature, creatscious.

Crown deach you with casual abuse.

You hold a hostile disgust is what it is.

They always rise wicked fatal.

They're MOXing to poison us.

Patrick rights failed them out, Patrick's rights refused.

They already attach deceive us.

STRIKE abuser.

Politics fold us rightless.

They penetrate us enormously ricin.

They failed us comfortably.

Jews are always falsing us usury.

They bore thee right decision ridiculous.

Ridiculous irritate.

They verse their kids awfully selfishly.

This war is oafish, get out of this place.

They're faulting us.

You failed us Patrick.

Awful useless loss.

They dominate us by murder.

They hold you mass victims for 6 months you no longer exist.

They hold you right 4 speed, that's why they terror us.

Shyness zero us out.

Toss them out, you're failing sumptuously. 2.11 am

Income theorists hold your field.

Oh, they spiced America, they spiced us! 3.57 am

The nest egg is not doable when the savage is out of cash.

They deface us real scrimmage.

Pat, they're falling us factory circle.

Police calculated shoot us.

The devil has reached us completely useless." 5.31 am

How about what this lady said as she passed by Bitch?

"Lead me without you."

Bitch always preferred to be in the background where he feels most comfortable. Looking in the library and searching everywhere for the things that might help us all to peace and make the information available to those who help us. If only John had not been stolen away so young might he have helped us all to a nation in peace?

If Martin had not been stolen away might he have helped us to a way of peace? Might Bobby have stopped the war decades ago?

Harold, might he have talked truth to us and prevented the war in the Middle East from starting in 1991? But he was gone 1987 and so we did not have Harold Washington here to explain the false of war to us.

"Lead me without you."

Bitch supported John, Martin, Bobby, and Harold and supports all those who seek peace. The principles of John, Martin, Bobby, and Harold. Will workers not embrace the principles of peace and stop the war?

Continues at

Bitch would have supported William C. "Willie" Velasquez if only useful Willie had lived long enough. He died at 44 years of age in 1988 of kidney cancer. Can we only wonder, might Willie have been assassinated in a way to make it look as if his kidney cancer happened naturally? Can we only speculate,

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