"Terror Rights Defeat You. It's All Deadly False Legal Proce
Sun Sep 22, 2019 08:07

"Terror Rights Defeat You. It's All Deadly False Legal Process. Pat Showed They're Idiots, Pull Them Out!"

To fool us, our parents and all our other family that came before us and sell us the atomic war-fighting state of America. Now that Judah has left themselves get caught attacking us with thermonuclear tipped missiles have they not proven that they are idiots enough that ordinary workers will not remove the prerogative of the sovereign, the authority to issue our money?

6 months until the end of the Druid peoples existence. Have some not heard of this yet? Some may be heard it but don't believe it is true? That's all the time we have left to stop the war and put ourselves into a peaceful relationship with the rest of our family on earth. Can we do it? To prevent the loss of our life form must we not do it?

If we look into our Bible what does it tell us? That sad tale of us dying out because we have a lack of knowledge. Of God letting us and our children go because we lack the knowledge to keep ourselves alive.

Hosea 4:6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

Isn't there some way around our passing out of existence now? Will we not pray to God to not ignore our perishing children?

Will the majority of Americans not act and prevent us from being part of the one-third of the human predicted in the Bible to die off now? Will we not end funding this Jewish hot electricity megadeath die upon ourselves? Will workers not build the cold electricity free energy power that was noted and named by Tesla in 1899?

Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke, and brimstone that proceeded from their mouths. 19 For the power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; indeed, their tails were like snakes, having heads with which to inflict harm.

The power that comes out of the mouths of the Jews who spread lies that are designed to hold ordinary people frozen and prevent us from getting together to mutually aid one another. The tales they spread with their snake-like behaviors. Their heads they use to inflict harm.

The atomic fire that is coming out of our mouths from inhaling the invisible smoke from the hot Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE. The third of us that is set worldwide to die out now from breathing brimstone from only one Jewish electricity plant thousands of miles away from our shores. Is there some understanding that the good book, our Bible, has provided us with extraterrestrial computer simulations of how the Jews are perishing us?

"Roast kidney disease," the congressperson said years ago that Bitch related to everyone. Can we only wonder, was that what stole Willie Velasquez (1944-1988) away, roast kidney disease? Gone at only 44 years of age. Willie founded the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project. His group popularized the motto Su Voto Es Su Voz (Your Vote is your Voice).

With us all inhaling radioactive waste from the continually burning Jewish dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that the Jews refuse to shut down might some of us now get cancer of the kidneys as Willie died from? "Roast kidney disease," as the congressperson said in reverse facial speech many years ago?

Is there not some understanding that Jewish dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE was not an accident, negligence on the operators part or a lack of competence, rather it was and is an atomic cannon that was designed to destroy Americans with a nuclear brimstone waste plague?

Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis
Sep. 19 04:15 pm JST 52 Comments
By Mari Yamaguchi

A view of the central operating control room of the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at Tokyo Electric Power Co's tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Photo: Pool via REUTERS

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Norman GoodmanSep. 19 04:21 pm JST
The courts will not give us justice. So how do we get justice?

Norman GoodmanSep. 19 04:29 pm JST
It was unclear if they could have completed preventive measures in time for the tsunami.
According my knowledge and understanding, the entire disaster could have been prevented by simply ensuring that back up generators could not be flooded out. The lack of electricity meant they could not manipulate machinery in the core to prevent a meltdown. The problem was design, not new measures. They put the generators underground in a non-waterproof room despite being next to the ocean....despite having hills on either side of the plant. These people just don't take their jobs or nuclear power nearly seriously enough.

zichiSep. 19 04:38 pm JST
According to the Nuclear Liability Law, TEPCO liability for the costs of the nuclear disaster to a maximum of ¥120 billion. The costs will be paid by the central government and will amount to more than ¥100 trillion in the end, excluding the long term costs of storing nuclear waste.
TEPCO is guilty of corporate professional negligence and corporate manslaughter.

expatSep. 19 05:37 pm JST
Japanese judges are in place to uphold the social order, not to uphold the law.

DisillusionedSep. 19 05:47 pm JST
It should be noted that nobody went to jail for the Minamatta mercury disaster either.

SatedayaSep. 19 05:56 pm JST
Its going to happen again. Anyone who follow news knows that there is another mega-quake coming (Kanto or Shikoku area). If it hits Shikoku there is nuclear power plant in operation. History will make a circle

ozziedesignerSep. 19 07:16 pm JST
Joke of the day !

since1981Sep. 19 09:38 pm JST
51% owned by the government. Did anyone really expect a different verdict?

Could there be a difficulty accepting a point of view that the explosion, meltdown and subsequent poisoning of our air, fields, and water was not negligence, incompetence or an accident, rather it was a well planned nuclear attack on us all? At Pearl harbor in 1941 it was easy to see the Jews start the war. Is it false words that are keeping normally intelligent people from seeing the nuclear war the Jews are waging against us using their atomic cannons that they have put into our midst to die us all away?

That the Jews have refused to stop the atomic fissioning at their atomic cannon at Hitachi-GE for over 8 years now. Should that singular fact not inform an ordinary mind Hitachi-GE is the prime site from which they are waging nuclear war against us?

Now Most Dreaded Weapon, Cobalt Bomb, Can Be Built

Chemical Compound That Revolutionized Hydrogen Bomb Makes It Possible
By WILLIAM L. LAURENCE. (New York Times, April 7, 1954).
The new chemical compound that has revolutionized the production of the hydrogen bomb now makes it certain that the most dreaded weapon of all–the cobalt bomb–also can be successfully built.
The cobalt bomb is a hydrogen bomb of the type tested successfully at the Eniwetok Proving Grounds in the Pacific March 1
and 26. The principal difference is in the material of the shell surrounding the active ingredients.
Instead of a shell of steel, which becomes only mildly radioactive as it turns into a cloud of vapor, a shell of cobalt encases
the fission and fusion substances. On being vaporized in the explosion, it is transformed into a deadly radioactive cloud 320 times more powerful than radium.
This cloud can travel with the prevailing winds over distances of thousands of miles, destroying all life in its path. The bomb could be exploded from a ship in the Pacific, for example, hundreds, even thousands of miles from the coast and the cloud would travel with the winds toward the United States West Coast and the rest of the North American Continent.
It Cannot Be Tested
It is this type of hydrogen bomb of which Albert Einstein said: "If successful, radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere, and hence annihilation of any life on earth will have been brought with in the range of technical possibilities."

A cobalt bomb, incorporating a ton of deuterium, according to Prof. Harrison Brown, nuclear chemist at the California Institute of Technology, could be set on a north-south line in the Pacific about a thousand miles west of California. "The radioactive dust," he said, "would reach California in about a day, and New York in four or five days, killing most life as it traverses the continent."
"Similarly," he added, "the Western powers could explode hydrogen cobalt bombs on a north south line about the longitude of Prague that would destroy all life within a strip 1,500 miles wide, extending from Leningrad to Odessa, and 3,000 miles deep, from Prague to the Ural Mountains. Such an attack would produce a 'scorched earth' unprecedented in history."
Prof. Leo Szilard, of' the University of Chicago, one of the principal architects of the atomic bomb, has estimated that 400 one-ton deuterium-cobalt bombs would release enough radioactivity to extinguish all life on earth.

New York Times. April 7, 1954.
Copyright © 2015 by Patrick Scrivener

And what have the nuclear warfighting Jews and their nuclear war-fighting collaborators in finance, industry, and government done other than build and install the 400 atomic bombs needed to destroy all life on earth? And how did they get away with installing the 400 atomic dirty bombs needed to wipe out all life on earth? Was it any other than disguising them as Jewish electricity plants?

Perceiving nuclear waste war are we understanding why Father had the Federation send 14 civilizations into earth orbit to beam up those Father considers worthy to survive this final exterminating war the Jews are waging against us? Rapture!?

"We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free energy," Dr. Mallove (1947-2004) said announcing that good news to the world. And only days later was stolen out of our world by a gun.

Might we recognize that the assassination of Dr. Mallove was an act of war against us by the same group that is waging nuclear waste war against us today?

Atomic war that the Jews have waged and are still waging against us with their genocidal dirty bomb shot against the children of God on earth. Can we not praise our glorious good God who is dying the Jews out of existence now? Must we not end holding them in here?

American children, grandchildren, could it be true that they are already massively poisoned out and will not be reproducing ourselves? Generation MOX. The 400 cobalt bombs needed to kill all life on the surface of planet earth.

Are we noticing instead of cobalt, in its place they are using MOX? Why MOX and not cobalt? Might it be because MOX is deadlier than cobalt and it doesn't need an atomic explosion to spread the radioactive poisons? And a plus for weap Judah, instead of a half-life of 12 years as radioactive cobalt has, some MOX poisons will remain for centuries and even longer.

The survival instinct we need to survive. Will we not turn it on with a STRIKE? The polio epidemic in the 1950s. Is it not something to think about it only showed up after open-air testing of atomic bombs went on in the pacific ocean? Might the breathing in of small amounts of atomic waste have set us for the invasion of the virus that gave us polio then?

Will American workers not hear the thousands of warnings from God Almighty to stop the war and take over the issue of money from the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews who are pressing us out of existence as they go their tomb in tunnel death as God has decided for their dangerous useless cipher?

Multiple UFOs caught in Yuma, Arizona and in Las Vegas! Sept 18,2019
2,330 views 32 Comments
•Published on Sep 20, 2019


Video 11.03 at

Next month, October, and it will be 8 years since Bitch was alerted by Mercury of the nuclear missile attack the Jews and their Berlin, London, Moscow, Washington DC cohorts attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to destroy the American breed in the lower 48 with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast heat and radiation force. And the 8 years since then that Bitch has posted numerous pictures of thermonuclear warheads bursting in our skies because of the love of God our Father who sent His Martian angels in to pull off the nuclear warheads the Jews keep shooting at us.

The spike that Sir Casper drove into the nuclear warhead blowing it up 40 miles before it hit Chelyabinsk sparing our family living there from nuclear devastation. Can we not hope that enough of us have developed the facility of mind to identify a nuclear warhead in a controlled burst or burn off?

Are we not seeing in the great balls of fire seen in the skies over Las Vegas and now Yuma Arizona a Martian controlled burn-off of nuclear warheads? Yes, we are, that is what we are seeing there.

For those that watch that entire 11.03 video of the warheads in a controlled Martian burn off over Yuma, Arizona, you will see a passenger plane that has a small ufo buzz it at high speed. With the right developed facility of mind might we surmise there were some nuclear warfighting guys and gals on that passenger plane that was buzzed by a UFO?

At 8.53 in the video this UFO flys near that passenger plane:


Are Americans perceiving we long ago were consigned to be turned into nuclear waste?

The brutal, cruel, heartless, vicious, prison camp building industrial strength investment grade genocidal nuclear warfighting hobbyists that have done all they can to extinguish our existence. Can ordinary Americans not respond to their ways, their self claimed rights with a STRIKE?

The grand juries that Mercury advises we bring in to right ourselves and close the tyranny model out.

Our family in Japan that never has had a right to a grand jury or jury but we have. Will ordinary workers not recognize the most precious rights we had as Americans and put them in again? Who do we want to decide who owns our cars, houses, bank accounts, a hybrid transplant look alike Replicon Fornian on the bench or a jury of 12 ordinary people?

Who do we want to decide if a person should be charged with a crime, an official of the state or a grand jury of 23 ordinary people?


Is that not quite a menacing threatening sight to see the masked person who is backing purple-clad young Greta?

As that was a staged photo opp for Greta, might we wonder is there hidden there a message to be delivered to the subconscious of the viewers? If so what might the message be? Maybe beware and don't cross Greta or else the masked supporter may make a visit for free?


The dolls with a noose around their necks that the Jews have been hanging over the power lines in Chicago.


Are we not aware that is more of Jewish childish mental psychological warfare though backed by deadly nuclear biological and chemical-physical warfare against us all?

Will workers not step the menacing threatening ones out of issuing our money and get them out of management?

This showed up and prevented posting the link on Facebook when Bitch tried to post this link with an article about the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime event:


Two Senate Dems behind Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax?


Continues at

The article reveals

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