The Day After The Dollar Collapse - What Happens?
Mon Sep 23, 2019 02:22

The world is in the process of a reset.

The elimination of the Gold Standard to allow the CIA to become the biggest Drug Cartel in the world -- through Murder, Wars, blackmail and outright theft -- destroyed whatever credibility both the US Dollar and the US Government had.

Now the world is in the throws of the fall of the dollar and perhaps all FIAT currencies.

All are now completely unstable and ready to fall due to nations across the world flooding their nations with Printed Money.

Money Printing Machines are flying of the shelves as orders for these Specially Build machines are through the roof.

So what happens the Day After the RESET is completed?

What happens to You and I when this Catastrophic Event is completed?

What will our world look like when the Elites are down playing games?

Already thing are unfolding which spell the death of the Petro Dollar.

VIDEO: (1378) The Day After The Dollar Collapses - What Happens ? - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount


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