Fed Judge: WE Can Take Your Hunting Rifles
Tue Sep 24, 2019 04:35

A Federal Judge in California made a ruling that individual states can now seize your hunting rifles.

If you own a Semi-Auto hunting rifle California Federal Judge & CIA Operative has ruled that "Assault Weapons ... Are Indistinguishable Form The M-16"

The judge based her opinion on the fact that "Modern Weapons Were Not Popular." This lie stated in court by this Federal Judge allows the right to appeal her decision.

Last year alone more than 16 million Americans purchased a Semi-Auto rifle.

She also stated that it is OK for Law Enforcement Agencies (Corporations) and the Military (Dept of Defense Is A Corporation) to own them but WE THE PEOPLE (As Corporations) should not be allowed to own them - another reason that allows an appeal in this Corporate Court.

$100 says President Trump does not order the arrest Federal Judge "Josephine Staton" for treason.

This Federal Judge also misquoted USC 26, Sec 5845(b) which means her entire court case should be thrown out and also allows for an appeal.

$100 Says US Supreme Court Judge John Roberts will not throw this court case out - which is his legal responsibility - which automatically makes judge Roberts guilty of Treason for supporting a court ruling against the 2nd Amendment of OUR Constitution.

$100 Bucks says President Trump will NOT arrest Judge Roberts for Treason.

This decision will be appealed to the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals - the one President Trump just made Conservative.

More News In The Video: (55) Fed Judge: States Can Seize Your Hunting Rifles - YouTube

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