[ Preliminary Verdict: accusations of blood-lust for Iran ?
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[ Preliminary Verdict: accusations of blood-lust for Iran ? ]



According to the following Link, an Informal "Preliminary Verdict", such as in a "Court Case", has been publically issued accusing Iran of having a "blood-lust" ( It should perhaps be noted that this "preliminary verdict" is being done after the jews recently did 3000 homicides on 9/11, and is being done while the jews are actively genociding the Palestinians in Gaza ) ...

"Trump accuses Iran of 'blood lust' in U.N. speech"

Of course, it is a Preliminary Verdict.

And of course, before passing out any final verdicts against Iran, I would suggest that a Diplomatic Party perhaps be sent to Iran, to openly discuss and share the COURT ROOM EVIDENCE with Iran, and to get Their Side of the Story, and to listen to their Expert Witnesses, and to listen to THEIR historic opinions about what is being orchestrated in the Middle East and elsewhere pertaining to the ongoing 9/11 jewish crime spree, ww1, ww2, usa petro-dollar, non-federal non-reserve bank of 1913, et cetera. ( Warning: Iran may be "holocaust deniers" ) ?


And according to the following Link, Iran is once again being forced into the "COURT ROOM" to DENY THE CHARGES ...

"TENSIONS RISE: Iran Dismisses US Allegation It Was Behind Saudi Oil Attacks On World’s Largest Refinery"


Perhaps someone should take the Initiative, and personally put each of these Iranian disputes into their own personal "COURT ROOM SETTING", perhaps Appointing themselves to be the Keen JUDGE, who will then preside over the PLAINTIFFS, the DEFENDANTS, the EXPERT WITNESSES, the RULES OF EVIDENCE, et cetera ? ( An impartial Arbitrator perhaps ? )

For every accusation against Iran, it can be presumed that Iran has THEIR side of the story to tell.

For anyone who is interested in reviewing the EVIDENCE (or lack thereof) against Iran, it may perhaps be best to review any particular piece of EVIDENCE, as a piece of EVIDENCE in a COURT CASE.

And as with any COURT CASE, the competent JUDGE will consult with many LAWYERS, AND EXPERT WITNESSES, in addition to listening to BOTH sides of the COURT CASE.

Typically, when there is a COURT CASE, the PLAINTIFF (namely the 9/11 jews) will file a COMPLAINT, and then, the DEFENDANT (namely the victimized Iran) will review the COMPLAINT, and then, the DEFENDANT will file a RESPONSE to the COMPLAINT.

COURT RULES are the norm in COURT CASES, and are generously applied and used to RESOLVE THE CONFLICT.

In History, it can be presumed that the fair application of COURT RULES developed from centuries of bloody conflicts, involving various parties who had personal conflicts that needed to be resolved without getting the guns out and going to war.

In this situation with Iran, the PLAINTIFFS (namely the 9/11 jews) do not want a COURT CASE involving any issue, unless the jewish controlled SOVIET UNION COURT RULES are applied to the COURT CASE ? ( similar to the tainted and corrupt nuremberg trials against White Germany ? )

Typically, a competent JUDGE, in a COURT CASE, will seek, and perhaps demand, that BOTH the PLAINTIFF and DEFENDANT both prepare and file their COMPLAINT AND RESPONSE AND OTHER PAPERS, et cetera, and then, the JUDGE will want to review all the EVIDENCE without any prejudice toward one party or the other party, because THE JUDGE WANTS JUSTICE ?

( And, the 9/11 criminals do NOT want justice ? )

Presumably, Iran has:
(1) their SIDE OF THE STORY,
(3) EVIDENCE, and,

about all those WARTIME TACTICS AND PLOYS being orchestrated in the Middle East after 9/11 ?

( p.s. Does Iran still need to review all of the 9/11 evidence, from "the 9/11 truthers" ? What is the opinion of Iran about all the REAL 9/11 EVIDENCE ? )

Is it possible to use existing (domestic) "Court Rules" to review the accusations against Iran ?

Should all the time-honored and historically acceptable "Court Rules" and "Rules of Evidence" be completely ignored, whenever the "incident" is "international" ?

What if Iran is a potential ALLY ? ( The opposite of what the international jewish CHOIR has been singing for years ? )


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The White Colonist Minute-Men FOUGHT for the political process called the usa constitution.

What would the White Colonist Minute-Men say about using Initiative Petitions to get state laws on the ballots to FORCE their state and federal legislators to IMPROVE the usa constitution ?



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