Pelosi Announces Impeachment, Trump Fires Back Bigtime
Wed Sep 25, 2019 03:45

The Demon-Rats Are Scared

Today, as our President fires back, he has enough evidence to hang over 20,000 Globalists for Murder and Treason.

We just need to pray

1) First - for Trump's Safety

2) Second - that he has the guts to arrest all 20,000 Murderers and Traitors.

His life depends on it

So In response to Pelosi's announcement of the Impeachment Hearings continuing - as they have been going on for 32 months now -

The latest garbage is Pelosi wanted to know what President Trump said to the new Ukrainian President -

Preaisend Trump is releasing this week:

1) The transcript of the phone call

2) Horowitz IG Report.

Further - it is surfacing that while the Obama Administration was causing a Ukrainian Revolution to steal the mineral COLTAN the Obama Administration was gutting the finances of the Ukrainian Governement - including stealing 33 tons of their gold.

Further- there is now the $17 Billion Dollar Loan from the IMF to the Ukraine that mostly ended up in the Clinton Foundation through 12 Ukrainian Banks that are closed and all records mysteriously destroyed to fund:

1) Democrats running for office

2) The caravans to bring in Trump Assassins

3) Payoffs to force Vaccinations Nation Wide as the profits are funneled through the Iraq Health Department and into ISIS to kill American Troops

4) And we will find dollars transferred here to the Jefferey Epstein accounts

Further - is is being exposed through a former Ukrainian Secret Service man that nation after nation funded the Clinton Foundation - Such as:

a) Ukraine $10 Million, the list goes on and on

b) Enggland $8.4 Million

c) Saudi Arabia $7.3 M

d) Germany $7.6 M

e) Ireland $6.5 M

f) India $5.0 M

g) Canada $4.5 M

h) Argentina $2.0 M

i) UAR $1.4 M

j) China $1.3 M

k) Australia $1.2 M

These numbers are expected to grow as the investigation unwinds

All those Demon-Rats using this money are guilty of a Felony with a minimum Jail Time of 20 years for Treason under USC 18 & are required to sell their personal assets to return the money

Since the President's life is on the line now - we shall see if he acts to follow the laws.

All 20,000 Epstein Murderers and Pedopheliacs and Treasonous Demon-Rats must be arrested immediately.

More Tomorrow.....

MORE ON VIDEO: (94) Pelosi Announces Impeachment, President Fires Back - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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