"Authorize Yourself and This Siege Will Be Out" Is that all
Wed Sep 25, 2019 07:42

"Authorize Yourself and This Siege Will Be Out"

Is that all? Merely by American workers authorizing themselves to take over the concession to issue American labor bourse and the violent siege of America and with it planet earth will be over? Yes, in God's love the terrorist siege will be over then. Peace will finally arrive.

Are we seeing we then may have a chance to survive the industrial pollution of brimstone that has been forced in to our air supply?

"Bitch had time for you, he's a nice Bitch. I finally leave, H----- said I'm abusive. They stumbled my horshment," Judee say.

Harshment combined with horsement and we have horschment of the Babylonian cipher guys and gals.

How many can we only wonder perceive that we are alive due only to the love of our good God above? The attempt to perish us all in a 3-hour thermonuclear blast war in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, using 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast heat and radiation force of the atom. How many have given any thought about that?

The atomic dirty bomb waste war scientists that are serving the alliance and are reporting they have scored the American breed out of reproducing ourselves using the high background radiation from their Berlin science shot from Hitachi-GE.

The attempt to push God aside and wipe out His creation of us on earth. What might explain why we have failed to protect our children from these most dangerous ciphers that issue our bourse privately? How have they been able to harm us so badly and keep us from acting to save our lives when their fingerprints are on all of the bad in our world?

Their reverse facial speech is revealing they are admitting they are completely out now. And yet they have succeeded in sterilizing the children of the richest breed on earth, Americans. How did we ever fail ourselves and our families so badly?

Better yet what can be done to save what is left of us here?

The radioactive waste poisoning of our products set to wipe income sources out. Poisoning of our environment, something that does not happen in a day. Takes years to be fully realized. If only we think of others that are losing their income sources might it come back to help us this time?

The highly organized and extremely well-boursed genocidal fiends that decided long ago they would fight against God and so they did. God who has now silenced them forevermore of having a thing to say about what His children will do any day.

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives," our good God Almighty of heaven and earth, our precious sweet Father who loves us all said to His simian children living in His village on planet earth. Will we not pray that the ears of God's children are opened to hear the love of God and will bring workers to act to try and save our lives?

"I got a dog and Chevrolet to leave you right. Because we died you real Auschawits' Bitch off our rate. Our capture in the sale led us to overrate our forgery leading us to fail. Your witless failed, seized you right," Judee say.

Those are some thoughts from the subconscious mind of weap Judah about what is going on at this time. Bitch full of outrage from the circumstances he faced acted so witlessly and failed to make a settlement that would have prevented our children from being sterilized. And now still no settlement as we are soon to be cancered out of life form breathing the hot radioactive nanoparticles put into our air and environment from Berlin Judah fissioning his atomic waste pile at Hitachi-GE.

"I'm a Jew mopeful, a cash bond's my favorite," Judee say.

The bail bond companies that have been putting their customers in. Will workers not close the bench out that have been perping these sins against Americans?

The funniness, hilarity, the silliness which the Jews and their collaborators have as they have been and still are destroying human beings, the simple children of God. And now the days of truth as they have lost their big shoot to the guardian angels that our good God sent in to save us from the Jews on Berlin nuclear warfighting scientists.

The Jews with their most famous invention, atomic bombs. Used on our family in Japan to test how they would work against the rest of us here. Berlin Judah scientists determined that 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast, heat and radiation force was all that was needed to kill us all off.

And so with unlimited free bourse provided by American workers in their hands, they set about to build the extinction force to use on us here. The force they attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

And so there it stands.

Americans, seemingly unaware of our passing out of life form here. Judah nuclear waste warfighting scientists reporting to him that the white minnow has already been wiped out of existence never to return due to losing his reproductive ability.

"What happened here?" Do some recall that God asked Bitch that question over 7 years ago when he insulted the white brand?

Is there not some way to bypass Bitch errors and authorize yourselves to get this nuclear war off of us here?

"The nuclear waste we're breathing in now, the Jews failed us and how." 5.09 am

"A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic." Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

That we are facing just in America 200 million deaths from breathing, drinking and eating radioactive waste the Jews forced in with their electricity strategy. Might war funding and fighting American workers be remembered Stalinesquely merely as a statistic?

Have we given any thought to the fact that by 1920 it was known by the scientists that radioactive material was mutagenic, carcinogenic, and lethally harmful to the unborn? That our good God Almighty held the punching bag Bitch in to inform his simple children of how we are being destroyed will you not try to wake yourself to you and your children now being forced out of existence?

Bitch, who totally gave up alcohol after his Maxwell civic's lesson in 1991. And yet it took 6 years more years until he finally got the true picture here.

And what is the true picture here? Is there some understanding the true picture is the genocidal destruction of the human race using atomic force as the killer here? Can we only hope that the simple workers mature enough to realize what the Jews and their alliance partners think about us here? Is there some understanding they tried to destroy us with nuclear blast and are succeeding in destroying us with nuclear waste?

Will Americans not repent, stop the war and get right with God before our war funding lives are destroyed here?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels God sent in said to us all here.

The Wall Street War investors and the other elements of the merchant sports now closed out for their nuclear blast. Might the ostrich get next what the dodo bird got a few centuries ago? Must labor not act and assert your rights now? If not now are we aware there may never be another chance in this lifetime? A few hours is all it will take. Will workers not make the time for peace great? Is it not clear these guys and gals don't love us a bit?

Is there a comprehension that there is no escaping this nuclear waste genocide now except by beaming up in the rapture or stopping the war?

Tele receives:

"You're a perpenizer. 5.26 pm

It's tore out.

You're welcome.

False is out.

They shot thee, Krishna.

It's your circuit that's weaping us out. 7.32 pm

The boy's got the molest off of you.

Your settlement won siege.

Pat, it's apparent its the end of their falsing. 8.35 pm

I'm cold.

A true diaper was my fist.

You talk too much. 12.01 am

I established you right, I established you lethal.

Stage you all make you desolate.

I raise you up out of this place but in the end, Jew seems too hard. 2.34 am

STRIKE peaceful and end cyclops.

Authorize yourselves and this siege will be out.

The company death weird.

You missed it and he tossed you gold fiend.

The whole establishment is Baltimore fight.

Authorize your self.

They roll people with a scientist.

They image us spitefulous.

Minusly they fall us out.

The nuclear waste we are breathing in now, the Jews failed us here.

They get us with hosiery.

Syndicate fold." 6.42 am

"You're a perpenizer. 5.26 pm

Thank you, Patrick, for helping us." 7.02 am

Bitch is not a guy that seeks people to harm. He is not a guy to harm anyone even a guilty one. He is not a perpenizer. One fellow accidentally lost his life because Bitch suffered from "oppression of mind," as Father said as to what caused Bitch to fail that guy.

But might we consider that Judah is so effective at falsing people that many think that Bitch is a bad boy, despite the fact he is a nice boy as Father said?

How about this Judah Tele receive?

"It's your circuit that's weaping us out." 7.32 pm

Bitch was experimenting a decade ago with plugging right into the socket of our house power lines and putting a signal in that would cause an over-unity reaction to pull in some free energy. That was when Mercury gave him a frequency that would work and not burn up electric motors.

There now are numerous companies selling these devices that use a capacitor to smooth the electricity to run motors more efficiently that can reduce motor operating costs. Not over unity, just smoothing the power line source allowing the motors to run a little easier. No added frequencies that might damage a motor.

While thinking of the cold weather coming up, with a heater coil, frequency is not important, because a coil is producing heat and can use AC or DC power. No motor to worry about burning up.

While thinking about this last night, Bitch was thinking of what oscillator devices operate at 120 volts, find one and wire it into a capacitor in the house power line that is used to power heaters. The reason is for looking for a 120-volt oscillator is because to use a low voltage oscillator requires proper protective circuitry to put a signal into a 120-volt line.

Then it jumped into Bitch's head, don't know why he didn't think of this before, do some recall years ago when it first came out where we could put a radio signal in our house power lines and plug into any 120 volt outlet in the house and hear radio using the signal transmitted into the 120 volt power lines?

So simple, why reinvent the wheel? Bitch is going to search to see who manufactures those power line signal transmitters and buy one to see if he can put some frequencies in the power lines in the house to try and produce some over unity free energy in a heater coil.

7.05 am.......

8.23 am

Just in from a nice early morning bike ride. Here are some Tele receives from that ride:

"Oxycute. 7.25 am (Car mechanic)

Shrimp minus Jew bee.

Sarcasm rates us Judee. (Young guy walking to grade school)

High; boo. (Lady walking with a childl)

Careless cipher now went in. (Car driving by)

Genes war and wash you.

Missed your sale, huh?" 8.14 am

Ya, Bitch missed his sale for peace. And what can Bitch do about it? Maybe just keep praying we don't get knocked all the way out? Pray for Jesus to arrive and save us now?

"Careless cipher now went in." (Car driving by)

And so what is holding the careless cipher in if they have already checked into the undergrounds to finish dying us out? "Inertia? Why invite calamity in?"

Bitch, on his happy side, is really happy the genocidal Jews have closed themselves out right. On his less than happy side is so troubled by what has happened to us here now.

And what has happened to us here? Is it any other than we have lost our life forms in this permanent state of Jewish war?

The odds on favorite to destroy a third of the human race when God let them put themselves out. The cannibal cult kids with a Babylonian cipher of disgrace and waste.

Judah with his plans to oxycute us. Known by the computer simulation experts of the Galactic Federation of Light at the time of Jesus Christ. Simulations done again at the time of Abraham Lincoln and Judah predicted as most likely to succeed in dying off 2 out of 3 of the American breed as part of the die-off of a third of the human race on the surface of the earth.

"Occasionally," Mercury elder said when Bitch asked if they ever have a fail when transitioning a planet out of war into peace. That Jew is a "rare" life form that has always succeeded in killing the other guys and gals massively, might the Jews "rare" form be what convinced the Federation experts to prophesize that the Jews would score us 2 out of 3 die?

"High; boo." (Lady walking little girl)

Might the boo be from listening to the lies of Judee? Can we only hope that workers will take over the purse office so that we get some truth instead of lies here?

"They false you out sewer rate," an informed non-Judah.

Might that explain the Druid lady's boo to Bitch? Might Judah have successfully falsed Bitch sewer rate and it works with many listeners?

"I false Bitch terrorist nicely," Judee say

Can we only hope that ordinary American workers will realize that Bitch is not a terrorist but Judah is and Judah has falsed Bitch nicely?

"The purse office hike ya," Judee say.

The authority to hold our purse. Have the Jews not proven faulty enough yet that American workers will not get together and take the purse office into your hands?

"Common receipt is how I hold you failed right, I just hold you guppy," a high British judicial official said in reverse facial speech.

Might we conjecture that when the Jews are finally off of issuing our dollar the old line operators are not going to take it over again? Should be that way, shouldn't it? Sure it should. Did our good God Almighty not express His will clearly that it is labor that is to issue our money? Yes, that is God's will for His simian children on earth, that workers are to issue our money from this time forward now.

"I'd pitch you off if it weren't for shrimp rights," Judee say.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God almighty for giving His angels shrimp rights to save our lives from the nuclear blast destruction the Jews tried to do to us here?

"I pitched you true with noodles, I just couldn't take Bitch's challenge. I'm not cheers, that's why they fall us. I just can't deceive the Martian. My opp foolish Iowa set right," Judee say.

Bitch knew a nuclear blast war was scheduled and that is why he contacted extraterrestrials over a decade ago. Bitch in contact with an extraterrestrial telepathic computer for years before hearing directly from our elders. Then hearing from our elders for a few years before the night elder woke Bitch in October of 2011 with the information that Judah on Berlin nuclear warfighting industrialists had attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads they had launched from General dynamics submarines on the back of Seattle built Boeing missile airframes.

Have the Jews bubbles not been burst well enough that American labor will not now clear them out with a STRIKE?

"Our Reich Bitch scored so we're out now. We're just here for some free money. Our rights are communistic, all must fall. Because I was a big kid I ever injured you, now I go. My sales with Germany hurt you permanently in the United States. My force is now out because I deceived. Patrick actually fights my war and now I'm dead. I use beer to make you a fool. I did you with sauces and super cored me theft.

For our festival, your rights are a dead function. We ever burned you with right walls. That's it, pretty much for merchie. We cop a fortune by giving you the blues. I got some free energy. Patrick, I'm tombing him Saturday. We did hatches with police to make you cow. Our bloot is out because our threat was made. We put your rights in with a bullet.

Continues at

To foss you all rich we must Soviet. We're pestilizing income to ruin you. I have an income strategy. If you're

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