"I'm Going To Leave This Insurance State." Tele Receive. 11.
Fri Sep 27, 2019 06:48

"I'm Going To Leave This Insurance State." Tele Receive. 11.18 am

Bitch had already prepared his post for today and was reading it when he heard Father say that to him: "I am going to leave this insurance state."

The atomic dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that has piled up radiation equivalent to shooting off 20 Hiroshima sized bomb amounts of radioactive fallout per year now for 8 and a half years. Is that not about 170 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of radioactive waste that is slowly raining in on us here?

"You have a false nature," that telesender said to Bitch yesterday.

Bitch who reported from reading reverse speech the Jews have an accident scheduled to happen at Hitachi-GE. Do some not belive that Bitch has told you's the truth? Might that be why Papa said that He is going to leave this insurance state? Might the scheduled accident at Hitachi-GE that will wipe us all out be about to happen real soon?

The thousands of used hot radioactive rods that are sitting at Hitachi-GE waiting for an explosion to catch on fire and burn poisoning out our world dying the majority of Americans off as a part of the third of the human race that is set to be destroyed in the Jewish waste war that is funded for free. Bitch believes that we may get hit with an explosion at Hitachi-GE any day now and then God will rapture out His righteous and Americans will perish of radiosis, radioactive waste sickness over the next few years. Here is Bitch post that he had already prepared.

"Terror Keeps Wisdom Away"

"Terror keeps wisdom away." The terror that keeps ordinary people from getting involved in government because of the threat of being harmed by the kosher racket that privatized our government. Taking the concession to issue our money away from deadly Babylonian assaulters, are we not aware that will end the use of the surplus-value of labor from being used to terror us?

The "surplus value of labor," that Karl Marx often spoke about. A term that economists had spoken of before Marx picked it up from them.

And what is the surplus-value of labor? Marx theory of surplus-value is the excess amount over wages paid from workers production that is captured by the capitalist master. Some economists view the surplus value of labor as the money value produced by labor that is left after all the bills have been paid.

Though what we have in our system is somewhat different in that workers pay a tribute to Jewish extortionists, terrorists in Geneva, Switzerland in the form of a tax on American labor.

The forced taking of labor, income tax, the textbook definition of slavery. The day that American workers strike them out and take over the purse office and issue our money, are we perceiving that will be the day the Jewish genocidal war machine will no longer be funded by surplus-value or worker extracted income tax dollars?

If "Thou shalt not covet," and "Thou shalt not steal," were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society, before it can be civilized or made free.
John Adams

The international extortionist thieves that attacked us first with nuclear blast and are now successfully closing us out by sterilizing our children with radioactive waste. To be free and civilized will we not close them out now?

While many are watching the proceedings concerning the sexual behaviors of the late Jeffrey Epstein, have some noticed the claims that law professor Alan Dershowitz had sex with a young girl while visiting his buddy the late Jefferey Epstein?

Alan has been sued for libel by the lady that claimed she had sex with him when she was a young girl. Instead of a trial for libel might a grand jury not be a better idea yet to help all of us get the right picture of the hypocrites?

While sex is a big deal, might the transporting of Americans on to Moscow to be shot in a jail cell there not be an even bigger deal than sex? Can we only wonder what Alan might know about that? Do we recall that Jefferey was not bothered in his sex trafficking activity because he was rated as a secret intelligence operative? Might Alan also be a 007 type guy himself?

Will American workers not consider funding grand juries so that we can get to the bottom of the Jewish paper ruled tyranny society that has now slipped from their grip due to their nuclear blast and waste attacks on us to put us in genocidally?

Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good.
John Adams

That the banks funded building the atomic weapons to exterminate us and tried to do it in a 3-hour attack with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast heat and radiation force in the middle of the night of June,11 2011, will workers not now take over the authority to issue our money to end their genocidal hazard to us?

Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.
John Adams

Our safety threatened by the Jews resistance to ending the genocide of the children of God. Our prosperity being undermined by their termites taking down of our economy. Their weather war to harm our production and destroy property. Their Jewish electricity waste that is making us vanish now. Will the American workers not put our grand juries in so that we can sanely close this kosher nuclear warfighting genocidal tyranny out?

While making some spaghetti zucchini last night, zing, there it was. Just when Bitchie was getting relaxed knowing that Judah is done and gone now forevermore, the satellite microwave beam hit him in the head.

He ran to the stove and turned it off. Ran downstairs and opened his top drawer and sat on the floor with his head under the two car batteries he has in the top dresser drawer. As soon as getting the head under those batteries that beam weakened considerably. Maybe as much as 90%. It still is no fun though.

5.18 pm beam on. Full peak at 5.32 pm while watching the national news. 5.36 off-peak. 5.39 pm mostly off. 5.42 totally off. 24 minutes of Judah and his satellite microwave weap on Bitchs head. And here Bitch figured Judah was totally dead but not so. He still has free money from American labor to hire weaps.

When Bitchy wake today, bit his tongue seriously while he slept, he is not grumpy as he usually is when he wakes up. The thought this Jew is done is really great.

He only wishes to do what our good God wills. Bitchie sure is hoping God does not have to weep and prays that workers will act to end the failure here.

Judah telling us from his subconscious that he will have died our future out in only 4 more months of Druid funding sport war. Might some of us speculate that within 2 weeks from now, American workers will authorize ourselves, organize ourselves and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and issue it our selves?

Druid Slav vastly poisoned now, our population set to drop radically due to the sterilization of our children. If only we stop the war before we are sealed out totally, do we see we will have a chance to save ourselves in God's love?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives," our good and kind God Almighty said to us all.

I know the one in whom I have put my trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard until that day what I have entrusted to him. 2 Timothy 1:12

The day that Father has entrusted to Bitch to convince ordinary workers to stop funding the war that errant life forms use to enrich themselves while they destroy us here.

In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence. Proverbs 14:26

5.11 am and Bitch just stepped outside in the darkness and looked at the sky and said, "thank you, Father, for your kindness. I don't feel grumpy this day as I usually do."

Even though Judee still shooting Bitch from outer space Bitch is relaxed in knowing for certain the Jewish imprisonment, torture war disgrace is finally over.

"You fouled me," the son of the auto mechanic that Judah stole away said to Bitch the other day.

The economic loss of that auto mechanic who might of started an auto repair shop with his son. The earnings lost that caused hardship to his wife. Bitch sorry about that. The economic loss that will be made good after American labor puts the grand juries in. The loss of the love of father that can not be brought back. Will, you not have mercy on a sinner as Bitch? "Oppression of mind," Father said as to why Bitch did not prevent that Judee knowing that Bitch knew him.

Would it help if you knew my father was murdered by the Jews too? Dad sued a bank over an installment loan for home improvement and they had his cigarettes laced with neutron activated beryllium killing him with lung cancer in less than a year and a half.

Dad's lawyer that filed the lawsuit for dad was a relation by marriage. He just died at 100 years old. If dad were alive he would be 111 years old.

"You're a thug." That Tele sender said.

The bumper sticker that Bitch proposed many decades ago, "Choose not to be fooled." Judah who fools so many telling them lies about Bitch.

Bitch who does not own any guns. And we have many arguing about the 2nd amendment right to own guns when the important rights in our constitution are not the right to own a gun but the right to see a grand jury to hear the allegations before the state has any legal standing to do any physical thing. And if the grand jury agrees with the allegations, then the next right, a jury trial to give a final legal determination.

Are we seeing the grand jury is the big one because it blocks the state from softening a guy up by imprisoning him first?

The Jews who work their crimes by using the legislators to put in their perp. Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris who worked with Jussie Smollet to help pass their new anti-lynching bill. Can we only guess that the wording Cory and Kamala put in their anti-lynching bill was aimed to make it easier to arrest us?

When a guy or gal is in jail might it not be easier to steal your stuff than if you are free? Do we understand that the grand jury can see the crimes of the legislators and put them out in grand jury actions?

The criminal actors that fester in the national and state capitols and the county seats. The theft of our most valuable physical properties, our lands, farms, businesses, homes and vehicles. Will labor not put our rights in to protect us from the most dangerous of thieves, the political actors?

The Jews who move in to take over a state with a preformed plan to set it up for the biggest fall they can arrange. Bitchie feeling good today knowing Truman's plan failed great.

So it is all done here labor, the Jews are dead fish now. They picked a fight with heaven and have all fallen down sow.

If that is so then why is American labor still funding their war foul, their sin?

Will the fail here be laid at Bitchie's feet for irritating white guys because Bitchie woke up grumpy every day? This now the second day that Bitchie has not woke up grumpy. Without being grumpy might there still be some way to convince labor to step up and issue our money?

Our real labor leaders like Walter Reuther sent down in a wired airplane crash in 1970 at 63 years of age. If only Walter were here might he have the strength to convince workers to STRIKE to get hold of the authority to issue our money as labor leader William Sylvis advised before Judah put him in in 1869 at 41 years of age?

Maybe if we keep listening to what Judah really thinks might that get us to take over our economy before they put it into a complete sink? Here's some of their thinking from their subconscious revealed in reverse facial speech:

"Congress on Drupid forms our base of true false. Your place in time be out, tax them good. I fear boy with a death threat. Jew tattoo cipher wash you away great. We got our state collagen. Mickey Thompson roll me every day for my abusive. My life impossible I know I'm invincible. Our tumor ways exhaust us that's why we shot you. Pat, you're getting us out of here for sanity," Judee say.

Can we only wonder how many of our family traveled to the land of the free, America because their place in time be out?

"Your place in time be out, tax them good."

Labor that can give us our place in time by chasing these timeless raiders out of issuing our money. Will workers not bring us into time once again by acting to stop the war?

Tele receives:

"Beam on. 5.18 pm

Peak beam. 5.32 pm

Peak beam off. 5.36 pm

Beam mostly off. 5.39 am

Beam totally off. 5.42 pm

Jew all promise failed.

We won? 5.48 pm

You're pretty hefty. 5.55 pm

You out the demon threat.

You have a false nature.

They fold big anonymous.

Battery holds you out simple.

They fold aggressively.

Get them out of victiming us. 7.02 pm


He said he wanted 5000 to wipe you diaperous. 8.03 pm

I made you Boston and my function is off criminal.

You're fileted.

We're sold out lethal decency. 2.01 am

Racial has fallen down.

You win this impossible app true.

You failed municipals.

Chase them off of here.

Jew big portion homeless guys.

They degrade useless.

It's mosque shoot us rate here.

He force you menace so he's still scoring fish.

A harsh fall seized.

Save us peacefully, lead us Patrick.

Problem. 2.36 am

They're real wasting frauds.

You ridiculous us now." 6.17 am

The Jews big portion that homeless guys. With our advanced technology combined with labor, our abundance is beyond all of our needs and even wants. So if Jews needed a big portion, why not let the big abundance come in so that there would be no need to homeless guys?

In that one aspect of Jew psychosis might we see why they needed to exterminate us in a nuclear blast war? That is, they could have had all they wanted plus, but they would not give to God what is God's and so God let them throw their unreasonable selves out.

They desired with a passion to destroy the white man. While they destroy all human beings do we know it is the people of the north they have a passion to destroy most?

The people that will close the Jews out in 24 hours and stop the war. American workers who may act any day now.

The reason God let them throw themselves away fair and right. Are we aware it is because they intentionally harmed God's kids.

Our children that are now being destroyed in their genetics by high background radiation from Hitachi-GE. Why won't God save us? He said He loves us and wants to save us so why does He not have His angels shut Hitachi-GE brimstone generator down?

Might it be easy to figure, God's angels don't fight and they cannot get near enough to Hitachi-GE dirty bomb shot to shut it down? So what is the remedy? Is it any other than to take the good advice from the Mercury angels that God sent in, get smart, STRIKE THEM OUT, take over the concession to issue our money and put our grand juries in?

7.19 am Something Bitch just noticed. He has no tension on him the last 2 nights he slept. Usually, he wakes and he is tense. No tension now. His subconscious is truly relaxed now that Judah is finished here. The strike that will put workers in the economic driver's seat from now on. The reasonable people that will respond to the needs of other human beings and also our good God. Will workers not put real workers to the task of issuing our money? Will workers not be dutiful and accept responsibility to act and stop the war?

Continues at

"Iowa clear my chloro-state out because I max bubbles. My racketory is a cinch and now I'm out. I'm slow moe popped because I'm taking out your atmosphere. Ultimate grease won. Jew endorse your Principal fall. We merch you fully for l

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