EMERGENCY RAPTURE ALERT! Friday 6.21 pm September 27, 2019
Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:04


Friday 6.21 pm September 27, 2019

It was about a week ago that Mercury signaled Bitch with information of where the righteous will be heading if we let the Jews fire off Hitachi-GE and poison us out completely.

It was several months ago that Bitch found in Japanese Judah reverse facial speech that a new accident was planned for Hitachi-GE. This he reported to everyone at that time.

Then today at 11.18 am Father spoke to His shill Bitch: "I am going to leave this insurance state."

Bitch has been watching reverse facial speech for any information on when they are going to blow up the dirty bomb they have been stoking for over 8 years now at Hitachi-GE. A dirty bomb that has already sterilized our children out.

The ease that it will be to shut that fissioning dirty bomb down merely by poisoning the chain reaction with boron put into the cooling feed water. The refusal of the Jews to do that.

Why no word from Washington about this extreme threat, from Germany's industrialists and Israeli investors industrially poisoning us out in the hundreds of millions in America and billions worldwide?

Might it be because that when that dirty bomb Jewish hot electricity plant at Hitachi-GE explodes and burns, we won't find any of the politicians in Washington around? And where will they be? Has Bitch not revealed they all have their spots selected in the undergrounds already?

The reason for this emergency rapture alert is while watching the evening national news just found this in an informed Judah Fornian look-alike's reverse facial speech:

"I have a Judee 4th of July coming up to pitch you away."

What might that indicate? Might it indicate they have completed installing the bombs in that fissioning pile at Hitachi-GE?

Bitch will keep monitoring what they say in reverse speech to try and find out when they are going to give us their Judee 4th of July.

Wanted to put this up right away so every thinking person has a chance to know how close we are now to the rapture coming in.

We already have from some estimates the radioactive equivalent of 170 Hiroshima atomic bomb sized blasts in our atmosphere from the over 8 years of poisoning us from Hitachi-GE, and these poisons have died much of the insect population off along with radiating our children and sterilizing them already as children, are we not perceiving the Jews want us all dead?.

If the Jews succeed in blowing up and burning the entire radioactive waste pile at Hitachi-GE some estimates are we will be facing 400,000 Hiroshima amounts of radioactive fallout in our atmosphere that will cover the entire Northern hemisphere and spread through the jetstream carried into the Northen latitudes poisoning out Europe also.

To be continued in Saturday's post.....6.47 pm Thank you.

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  • "I'm Going To Leave This Insurance State." Tele Receive. 11.18 am Bitch had already prepared his post for today and was reading it when he heard Father say that to him: "I am going to leave this... more
    • EMERGENCY RAPTURE ALERT! Friday 6.21 pm September 27, 2019 — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Sep 27 11:04
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