Repeated from Yesterday: EMERGENCY RAPTURE ALERT! Friday 6
Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:28

Repeated from Yesterday: EMERGENCY RAPTURE ALERT!

Friday 6.21 pm September 27, 2019

It was about a week ago that Mercury signaled Bitch with information of where the righteous will be heading if we let the Jews fire off Hitachi-GE and poison us out completely.

It was several months ago that Bitch found in Japanese Judah reverse facial speech that a new accident was planned for Hitachi-GE. This he reported to everyone at that time.

Then today at 11.18 am Father spoke to His shill Bitch: "I am going to leave this insurance state."

Bitch has been watching reverse facial speech for any information on when they are going to blow up the dirty bomb they have been stoking for over 8 years now at Hitachi-GE. A dirty bomb that has already sterilized our children out.

The ease that it will be to shut that fissioning dirty bomb down merely by poisoning the chain reaction with boron put into the cooling feed water. The refusal of the Jews to do that.

Why no word from Washington about this extreme threat, from Germany's industrialists and Israeli investors industrially poisoning us out in the hundreds of millions in America and billions worldwide?

Might it be because that when that dirty bomb Jewish hot electricity plant at Hitachi-GE explodes and burns, we won't find any of the politicians in Washington around? And where will they be? Has Bitch not revealed they all have their spots selected in the undergrounds already?

The reason for this emergency rapture alert is while watching the evening national news just found this in an informed Judah Fornian look-alike's reverse facial speech:

"I have a Judee 4th of July coming up to pitch you away."

What might that indicate? Might it indicate they have completed installing the bombs in that fissioning pile at Hitachi-GE?

Bitch will keep monitoring what they say in reverse speech to try and find out when they are going to give us their Judee 4th of July.

Wanted to put this up right away so every thinking person has a chance to know how close we are now to the rapture coming in.

We already have from some estimates the radioactive equivalent of 170 Hiroshima atomic bomb sized blasts in our atmosphere from the over 8 years of poisoning us from Hitachi-GE, and these poisons have died much of the insect population off along with radiating our children and sterilizing them already as children, are we not perceiving the Jews want us all dead and are moving right ahead with scoring us out?

If the Jews succeed in blowing up and burning the entire radioactive waste pile at Hitachi-GE some estimates are we will be facing 400,000 Hiroshima amounts of radioactive fallout in our atmosphere that will cover the entire Northern hemisphere and spread through the jetstream carried into the Northen latitudes poisoning out Europe also.

To be continued in Saturday's post.....6.47 pm Thank you.

2.32 am

The 40 minutes of thinking that Judah tells us is all that is needed to see what he is all about. The 30-minute breakthrough the Tele sender suggested that would happen to bring all labor to strike them out and take the concession to issue our money away from the jews in Geneva. Will we not pray it happens before the bombs go off at Hitachi-GE?

Our Bibles that tell us it is more likely than not we will not act in time and will now be perished out by the Jews on our dime. The "rare" of the Jews that appear only about once every million years. The rare that is holding us to fund destroying ourselves.

The Jews who specialize in wiping out wit, blocking wisdom from guiding our ship. The circuses, carnivals, sports and entertainment to deflect us from seeing the raw truth. The good life that has kept wit turned off and unable to see the catastrophe that is on you and me. Is there not some way to convince workers to stop the war before we and our children are no more? Can we not hope this Star Trek movie that never was written will have a happy ending yet?

And what is the truth? The truth is we have a good God above who loves us all and wants us to love Him and live in His house of love and peace.

All the folks that go church each week. Should they not be active for peace? The raw truth that is coming out, many preachers have been playing the mouse and some of the parishioners have been mousing too.

The vast number of slayings done inside America ever since the Jews took over the concession to issue our money. Rewards made available to those who will play the mouser game with the Jews. And now they are starting to be seen.

"Your mother's peace force hopelessly defeated us." 4.45 pm

Bitch put up the emergency rapture alert last night so that those who are interested in trying to stay alive will have the information that the Jews are set for a 4th of July event to attack one last time to wipe our breed out of space and time.

Bitch look at his own personal Facebook page and doesn't see anyone who is perceiving our die. Family and friends who are strong on cash eating well, partying and watching all sorts of sports and movie shows and traveling to nice places. But not a one seems to perceive the loss of life form for them, their children and grandchildren that is upon us now.

If the awareness of our die is as on Bitch facebook page nationwide, then for the awareness we must have that 30-minute breakthrough quickly now.

"Alcohol," Judee says is why so many do not see the plot here. Will we not pray for sober wits in these last days?

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.
John Adams

The authority to issue our money that has allowed the Jews to perfect a genocidal tyranny that wired us up for a 3 hours nuclear blast death shot. Is that all it is, who issues the money gets to call the shots? That's what it is.

As Judah is the one calling the shots are we aware that is why this nation and our world is a sport shooting gallery?

Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
John Adams

The claim that they want to protect us. The shootings at our schools. Are we seeing the investments they plan on selling school security systems now? Might that explain why they have been doing so many school shootings and stabbings, so they can sell us their security gear for schools? Will workers not give us a new business model that doesn't require shooting our kids down to sell us things?

When economic power became concentrated in a few hands, then political power flowed to those possessors and away from the citizens, ultimately resulting in an oligarchy or tyranny.
John Adams

From the observations of founding father John Adams are we seeing why our good God Almighty wants workers to hold the financial power in workers hands? The authority to issue our money held in workers hands. By God willing workers to hold that power do we see that God does not want the oligarchs and tyrants to issue our money ever again?

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
John Adams

In the past when the liberty of a state was lost it would eventually lead to an overthrow or collapse of the government, though it might take generations and centuries for such things to happen. The holders of power used war to maintain their hold until the collapse. Are we seeing the same strategy here with the Jews holding America in hopes to give us the biggest fall yet?

While in the past there may have been tumult in the land, with many dying due to tyrannical acts, the biology of the people could return because those that survive the tyranny would be able to breed new life in.

Are we seeing that is not the case with how the Jews genocidal tyranny is operating this time because the Jews finally have the high technology to sterilize our breed out of existence and poison our land for centuries or longer?

If we let the Jews shoot Hitachi-GE on us are we aware that Father will pick up His righteous children and weep for those that remain stranded on a burned-out planet to die?

He is a kind, Father. He has not punished the Bitch for failing you's and letting you and your children be destroyed by the Jews. Bitch wonders why his consciousness seems so different than most people and thinks it might be because of sleeping with and maintaining nuclear weapons for nearly 4 years when he was a kid.

17 years old in 1965 when he became aware of the atomic war we were set to be in. He was on board ship until December of 1968 and departed 2 months before he turned 21. And all these years later Americans and the rest of our world still menaced and threatened by Germany's scientific Jewish nuclear weapons.

Is there comprehension that if not for the love of God Germany's industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting oligarchs and the Jews would have already put us all in?

The love of God who wills that we have rights. Will workers not awaken, get smart and put these nuclear warfighting birds out of management in God's village on earth?

"Mercury watch you so it damage my theory."

And what was Judah theory other than he had full permission to kidnap, imprison and murder anyone who spoke about his depredations?

"We just push you out to bring Russians in because that's our way," Judee say.

Will workers not end the war on us here with a STRIKE? Will American workers not act and prevent the KGB from operating now in our beautiful land?

Will workers not close all of the Jew fists out of here now? If not now, when?

They pretend their intelligence is way above ours. Might we see that it would not be noticeably different if not for imprisoning and killing our one in a hundred that shows real big wits?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," precious sweet Father in heaven said.

The Jews in their communist disguise that built the Gulags and put our family in Russia in them. Will American workers not end their gulag state here now?

Tele receives:

"Shut them off! 1.55 pm

Sorry, you feel this way, you sold this beautiful.

They're burning us out considerably.

They're throwing you right mental exhausted.

Terminal. 2.27 pm

Thank you for couch insight.

Flawlessly they embarrass you.

This boy is scoring me hooks.

Total fade abusive.

Hyper mentals. 3.48 pm

Their genus heinous. 4.17 pm

Your threats here.

Inductive coupling. 4.25 pm

A failed shoot going off.

They're tight falsing us here. 5.21 pm

Patrick achieved, Patrick achieves.

Throw them off, throw them out.

You had contempt is what it was.

I shot your portion. 6.51 pm

My stupid is coming out. 7.15 pm

Patrick, my God you failed us.

Jew passport's abusive.

The police shot you in stupid.

You almost failed us.

You're all failed.

We're disappearing.

Through the sewer they cage.

They promise you sperm sludge.

Their fail leave us.

Through promise we fell your lives.

We've been socialized for idiot.

I made you finance ogles.

He seize us socially to crisp us.

With orange juice you're still blazing yourself. 12.39 am

Their use-a-tory died.

The rapist raped us fair.

He race you one and all. 2.26 am

Their take over was huge." 3.52 am

The late premier of Cuba, Fidel Castro (1926-2016) was a Judah hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shell. And why was Fidel installed in the top slot in Cuba? Looking back might we understand his function was to trigger a nuclear exchange between America and the Soviet Union? Do some recall the 1962 Cuban blockade, the Cuban missile crisis?

Are we understanding today that was a plan of the Jews to trigger a nuclear exchange between the Soviet Union and the United States? can we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels guarding over us and preventing the nuclear warfighting Jews from exterminating us then?

The many times the nuclear warfighting Jews have tried to start a war between America and the Soviet Union that each time was blocked by angels from Mercury and Mars. Can we not say prayers of thanks to precious sweet Father for sparing our lives from being wasted out by the Jews on free American labor bourse?

While watching a show on PBS about Cuba found a few facial reverse speech from Fidel himself. Here they are:

"Obviously we accomplished a rate."

Fidel said that in RS right after removing Batista from power.

Also found these from Fidel RS:

"I'm holding for Truman here. I'm a H----- obsolete."

Fidel was the son of a wealthy landowner in Cuba. He was well educated. Are we seeing that Fidel knew of Father and Fidel knew his brand was obsolete in Father's house?

The plan from President Truman that gave the Jews the green light to go ahead with the extinction of the American people using hydrogen bombs.

"I'm holding for Truman here."

Are we seeing that Fidel was a crypto-Jew that was put into office to facilitate the destruction of the United States by forcing in a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union?

Politically Fidel was themed a Marxist Leninist and a Cuban nationalist.

"Replicon?" That is what Mercury terms the Jews in their hybrid transplant Fornian crypto-Jew look-alike shells.

Has our good God not had His angels let the Jews expose themselves well enough that American labor will not step in here now and close their hell on earth out?

Just found one more thing in Bitch notes Fidel said in reverse facial speech. Here is it:

"You are some mice farm quite bad."

He said that while talking to the media in Cuba. A son of wealthy Jew in a Cuban shell. On a mission to burn the United States down with nuclear blast weapons. And he knew Father's name and that his brand was obsolete in Father's house. Will American workers not shake God's obsolete nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews off of us now?

"We pushed the Irishman right with abusive and he conquered us with the rapture," Judee say.

But why would God have such a lowly humble fellow as Bitch be a shill for Him? Might it be so that when God's children awaken it will not be to follow Bitch it will be to follow God's will?

"Inductive coupling." 4.25 pm

Might that Tele receive be from an electronic hobbyist who read about using powerline carrier technology to bring our free energy in?

MIght we think of inductive coupling as taking a CB radio antenna and taping it to the electric cord of a heater and pressing the microphone key of the CB radio and sending a specific frequency into the wiring so to go into the heater coil and cause a reaction with the standing waves of planet earth to give us our free energy?

Will labor not give us our peace so that we can bring the advanced clean free energy technology in?

Bitch happened to see a video of a purported battery researcher who used hemp to build a battery and claims it is more powerful than a lithium battery. And here are a couple of reverse speech that purported battery researcher said.

"We just put in a nice dog to dissipate you rage. This is to penetrate the circuit right."

With velocity instead of expensive lithium batteries are we aware we can use ordinary lead-acid batteries to operate velocity power supply circuit boards? By Judee talking about hemp batteries replacing lithium batteries are we seeing how they aim to penetrate the circuit? Are we aware a big part of their mental operation is by controlling the dialogue on every channel?

"I false Bitch terrorist nicely. Our Reich Bitch scored so we're out now."

Just found those RS while searching through Bitch notes.

There was a story on national news last night of a black girl who claims white girls held her down and cut her dreadlocks off. Here is some RS from that story:

"I'm a Smollem. I'm a bourse right for jep. We have Jew apps here delight."

A "Smollem?" A follower of Jussie Smollett?

"Always opp racial," Judee say.

And here is a non-Judah reverse facial speech:

Continues at

"On Wednesday your Savior made Jew fail."

Last Wednesday the Jew sent some gunmen to put Bitchie

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