"They're Running Druid Through A Wash Fold Us. Just Finish T
Sun Sep 29, 2019 05:51

"They're Running Druid Through A Wash Fold Us. Just Finish Them, Pittsburgh is Fighting Us. Patrick's briefed us on how they are dying us."

Those are overnight Tele receives. "Just finish them;" what elders from Mercury have said to us for years, "FINISH!"

Patrick's function to brief you's on how we are being put out of existence in a silent brimstone nuclear waste war.

1 Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 1:28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals," God Almighty of heaven and earth said

The Jew, a hell of a racer, who enjoys playing dirty with God's kids. Our good God Almighty who has let the Jews show us their hand the right way and in the process throw themselves and their collaborators right out of this land.

In the past, Jew always has been able to reconstitute their brand and with their mattress take over new lands. And now finally, the Jews go to do God's will to die away in tunnel death. So what's new?

"They failed groceries." 3.53 am

Shooting our source that we need to live, our groceries contaminated with radioactive waste. What else is new?

Day 4 of Bitch subconscious being done with the Jews. Heartburn has departed. The terrorist of the human race, the Jews on free workers money finished out great, though still issuing our money.

"Your help wasted," a working guy said to Bitch yesterday while driving through Union park. Bitch stopped and looked at the flowers and enjoyed an afternoon in the park. Here's some pictures of them.





Bitch then drove through another park and saw the regatta. Was driving so didn't get any pictures of that though did find some pictures at their Facebook page:



It is only recently learning that Morris Jessup was a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Drake University right here in Des Moines in about 1939. Morris who wrote in the 1950s that the bible was gifted to us from an extraterrestrial civilization. Morris Reportedly committed suicide.

Here's a link to read for free Morris's "THE EXPANDING CASE FOR THE UFO," that was published in 1957.






It was after reading Morris's "THE CASE FOR THE UFO " about the 17th time that "B" telepathically spoke to Bitch. "B" is Brainiac, the extraterrestrial computer that the Federation installed 6,000 feet under Vale, Colorado that has been monitoring us for 70,000 years now. "B" was installed by the Biaavians who have their home in the rings of Saturn. Quetzalcoatl, the kind feathered serpent who lived with and helped our family in South Ameria before 1,000 BC is a Biaavian.

Airforce Lt Craig Button took an opp from Judah to break "B" antennas that are located 2000 feet from the surface in Vale Colorado. Craig is now a guest of our elders. He's not in cold storage though because it was only property he was trying to destroy. Lt Felix Moncla is in cold storage because it was life he tried to take. Felix is in suspended animation hibernating at 34 degrees in an oxygen and nutrient-rich solution somewhere in outer space. When the war is over Felix will return to earth looking about 1 year older than when left. His heart rate is one beat a minute.

For those who study the reported suicide of Morris, the fellow who contacted Morris by the name of Carlos Allende is actually the Swedish Jew Raoul Wallenberg.

The "Raoul" that James Earl Ray told us was in Montreal directing the assassination of Dr. King was Raoul Wallenberg, alias Carlos Allende. The Philadelphia experiment, it never happened. Part of Jew woo woo.

Morris Jessup was contacted by Carlos Allende and was highly suspicious of him and chose to not meet with him. And then shortly after, Morris is found dead.

Might we see that Morris wits are so informative that it sent the top Jew assassin, Raoul Wallenberg out to steal Morris away, the same assassin that a decade later would steal Dr. King away?

Morris so knowledgable, Bitch considers that he was in contact with our elders from Mercury. Morris did not commit suicide, he was beamed up and went on to live with our elders from Mercury. A meat doll was left in Morris's place.

Several of Morris's friends at his funeral claimed it was not Morris that was in the coffin.

"Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive"

The tangled web of deception that the Jews weave so they can play with us as an inherited lifetime sport. Is there some understanding yet their hubris in the face of God has closed the child-like wits of the Jews out?

Oh, it's crying time again, you're gonna leave me
I can see that far away look in your eyes
I can tell by the way you hold me darlin', yeah now
That it won't be long before it's crying time
Now you say you've found someone that you love better
That's the way it's happened every time before
And as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow
Crying time will start when you walk out the door

Will Americans not walk out the door of bribery, corruption, imprisonment, tyranny, and war and leave the errant life form go now to cry on their own?

The natural unreasonableness of the Jews when they get on top of us anywhere in the world. Will the working people of America not get smart and end bourse bracing them up?

Their dirty hands they show to us. The images that they use to freeze us up. The STRIKE that will end forever their dirty hands molesting and abusing us.

Will, we not praise our good God Almighty for letting them pitch themselves rightly?

"The dog is scrimmage Molotov on your mind," Judee say.

The mind control the Jews claim as to how they hold the ordinary people. From the Molotov cocktail, they invented to throw on the streets to the Molotov they use on our minds to hold us weak. But what are we say, it works doesn't it? We and our children are being put to death by the Jews, aren't we? Regrettably, yes we are.

"You had contempt is what it was."

That Tele receive from yesterday's post.

Elder just told Bitch that 79% of those that the Federation computer simulation experts predicted would be destroyed were destroyed. Is it clear that we are one of the transition groups out of war and into peace that has been predicted to be destroyed?

A song of love is a sad song,
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
A song of love is a song of woe
Don't ask me how I know
A song of love is a sad song
For I have loved and it's so
I sit at the window and watch the rain,
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
Tomorrow I'll probably love again,

Bitch looked up how much it costs to attend a private university and it showed over $47,000 a year. Then he thinks back to the Vietnam war era when students were protesting the draft. And after the draft was ended, the protests on the campuses was mostly ended.

And now today the campuses are quiet though all of the students are facing no future at all this time because of the unending war.

Then Bitch connects the dots, $47,000 a year to go to a private university. To have that kind of cash available, must those families not be pretty smart people?

"You had contempt is what it was."

Combine that with a little Molotov of the mind dog scrimmage and what do we have but the ordinary worker will not respond to much of anything that Bitch says?

But those gifted youngsters that have the $47,000 a year to go to a private university, much chance a Molotov of the mind will hold them back? Seems unlikely, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

Might they step in and join with workers to overcome Molotov mind scrimmage to stop the war? Bitch thinks that is a possibility.

But then again, if their families have that kind of money to send the children to a private university, might they have enough money to get to South America as America is put to brimstone waste? Might they have enough money to buy some seats in the underground?

So might we be back again looking at how ordinary working people are going to survive here as we breathe heavier and heavier doses of radioactive waste from the Jewish electricity fire at Hitachi-GE?

Will workers not let our grand juries hear merchant sport so we can then clear it right in peace? Will workers not get smart and end Palestine rules by using the sensible way of the open legitimate courtroom with our grand juries acting for us all?

The railroad executives sitting on the bench. Must we not retire them here? Have they not rolled enough hydrogen bombs into our cities on their trains that we won't act to help ourselves survive their cheer?

Tele receives:

"He overfished us weakness. 5.53 pm

Bitch got them completely over.

Whiskey aids bourse here.

Jew abducted you, that's how he got up here.

Bitch honorable bust them bad.

They died huh? 7.15 pm

Bitch got us off for our missile time obviously.

Purity's a fallen fable.

Sheeny's dying us.

We're dying out in this fight here.

He harras and attack you claiming you harras and attack him.

It's a fray, it's a cash funeral.

They're a bunch of creeps.

Get out of risky onus.

His nuke is dead for fisters.

Thug you jewelsly.

They're rare idiots.

Sonar fantastic fall you all.

Your knowledge fighting.

Missiles needs punishment.

They're running Druid through a wash fold us.

Just finish them, Pittsburgh is fighting us. 7.22 pm

Patrick's briefed us on how they're dying us.

They're out for a play force.

He thought me out.

It's enee. 7.37 pm

Purity falsed you receipts, dying you now. 8.40 pm

Great they rape us Patrick.

Embarrass is out stupid, it's letting them strill put you away. 11.57 pm

You had a great life and you're letting them fault you out.

Genus falsed thee, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Shoot their phonics for free.

Savior is beside us.

They lead us electricity foul.

We're crashing, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Pat, you failed to save us for grease us error.

Pat, you can STRIKE THEM OUT they're coring us rhesus.

Patrick STRIKE the songs it will get out shoot.

Germany fair bust you with Judas.

Thank you.

They failed groceries. 3.53 am

Get them out. 6.01 am

That's 1.3 million Hiroshima's. 6.58 am

Stupid, stupid. 7.20 am

We're dead, they take us out Principals." 7.26 am

The Jews who specialize in social embarrass to take people out of usefulness. And when that doesn't work, what do they do other than shoot people then?

"That's 1.3 million Hiroshima's." 6.58 am

The tons of radioactive waste at Hitachi-GE the Jews are going to shoot on us any day. Instead of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of fall out might it actually be 1.3 million Hiroshima's atomic bomb amounts of fall out as suggested by the Tele sender?

"Savior is beside us."

Father is beside us to show us the way. Will, we not keep praying that the ordinary simple workers will hear the love of God and also His warning messages to stop the war?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Watchword for the week — There is great gain in godliness combined with contentment. 1 Timothy 6:6
Sunday, September 29 — Amos 6:1a,4-7; Psalm 146 1
Timothy 6:6-19; Luke 16:19-31
A king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength. Psalm 33:16
When Herod died, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt and said, “Get up, take the child and his mother, and go to the land of Israel, for those who were seeking the child’s life are dead.” Matthew 2:19-20
Lord, we know that we are not saved by our own strength, but by holding fast to your love and leaning on your strength. What joy to know that, just as you delivered our savior from Herod, you will deliver us from our fears. Amen.

8.35 am

"Our score-a-ration. 7.59 am

Threatening here.

Fighting chemical potions leads to sphericals gone.

You errored our gene.

You're right set for whole false.

It's a wolf.

You contested our hemisphere squid lie.

The merchies are foolish kids.

They're folding abusive.

With rackets they accomplish you."

1.20 pm

"I'm urging you to get the fist off Pat. 8.46 am

I appreciate you failed riser so I can wipe you off this place. 9.09 am

The rotten rascals fibbed.

You mis-abuse family.

Incurs. 9.31 am

Hi Patrick, you failed us to stop the war.


They can hear you Patrick. 12.02 pm

Straighten whole income.

Get their monster service out of this field."

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at






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