Fairy Tale Economy Hiding Falling Economy World Wide
Mon Sep 30, 2019 05:02

This Fairy Tale Impeachment is hiding a most dangerous fact


As Congressman Adam Shiff creates Fake charges against President Trump he is exposing just how evil and horrible these Demon-Rats can be.

Hour after hour new charges are filed against President Trump in this Fake Impeachment Hearing.

The Demon Possessed Demon-Rats have made a mockery of our Congress and the United States

Be lucky Donald Trump is President because if I were President they would all be in jail for Treason.No external power produced by Lucifer could hold me back

Why President Trump has not arrested these Traitors is beyond anyone's imagination.

In the mean time - the US Economy is getting ready to IMPLODE.

The only thing holding it us is the Top Secret US Squirrel Fund - called Fake Money.

When the QE stops supporting every major corporation and Pension Fund in America their debt will cause them to collapse

VIDEO: (311) Fairy Tale Impeachment Hides Collapsing Economy - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B Mount


After The Reset Gold/Silver Will Be Money

Their Value Will Go Through The Roof

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