"Precious Martian Theory is Trying to Hook Us Up. Pull Them
Mon Sep 30, 2019 10:10

"Precious Martian Theory is Trying to Hook Us Up. Pull Them Off For Sky Brat."

Those a couple of Tele receives. Will, we not keep praying for the 30-minute breakthrough where American Labor will take the organizing principle of society into its fair and safe hands?

And as for Sky Brat, does it not seem smart to take away the authority to privately and secretly issue checks by the sport Jews against American workers labor so the Jews can no longer buy Sky Brat shots?

Prime Minister Imran Khan's Plane Makes Emergency Landing in New York - Reports
© REUTERS / Mary Calvert
08:51 28.09.2019

The head of the Pakistani government had previously arrived to the US for a week-long tour, which included a speech at the United Nations General Assembly session.
The aircraft carrying the whole Pakistani delegation, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, had to return to New York and make an emergency landing due to a technical malfunction, Geo TV reported on Saturday.
According to the report, a fault was discovered, when the plane was near the city of Toronto, Canada and the aircraft was forced to fly 700 kilometers (around 430 miles) back to New York. The officials will spend the night in the city and will return to their country when the plane is repaired.

During his tour across the United States, Khan met numerous politicians, including US President Donald Trump, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad. He discussed various issues, including escalation of tensions in Kashmir, and the situations in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

2.34 am Monday, September 30, 2019

Can we only wonder what type of technical issue brought the pilots flying the prime minister of Pakistan to turn around and fly 430 miles back to New York City?

Not a serious enough issue to make a landing in nearby airports in Canada, but easily able to fly the 430 miles back to New York City.

Can we only wonder might the pilots have detected a sky Brat issue in their computers ready to turn on at a critical time in their flight path?

Or did Mercury elders signal a communications failure as a way to warn them that Sky Brat was turned on? Are aware that is the way that Judah plays politics, falls those who do not follow his orders so that he can install people into office that are more pliable to Judah wants and needs?

Kashmir attack: Bomb kills 40 Indian paramilitary police in convoy
14 February 2019
Police told the BBC that a car filled with explosives had rammed a bus carrying the troops to Srinagar.
Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammad said it was behind the attack.

It is the deadliest militant attack on Indian forces in Kashmir since the insurgency against Indian rule began in 1989.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said Jaish-e-Mohammad was "Pakistan-based and Pakistan-backed" while Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said those responsible would be given an "unforgettable lesson for their heinous act".
However in a statement the Pakistani government said it strongly rejected "any insinuation by elements in the Indian media and government that seek to link the attack to Pakistan without investigations"

Who are Jaish-e-Mohammad?


Started by cleric Masood Azhar in 2000, the group has been blamed for attacks on Indian soil in the past, including one in 2001 on the parliament in Delhi which took India and Pakistan to the brink of war.
It is also said to have introduced suicide bombings in Kashmir, with the first such attack taking place in 2000.

That suicide attack upon Indian troops that gave India Judah in his hybrid transplant look alike Replicon shell his rights to begin a new terror against our family in Kashmir.

Might we guess the finance for that attack upon Indian troops that killed 40 Indian paramilitary guys came from Judah free money we give him? Certainly. Are we aware that is the basic of Judah, using our cash to foment wars throughout the world?

Bitch spent some time reading the reverse speech of the leader of the Islamist group that did that bombing that killed those 40 Indian soldiers. Here is some reverse facial speech of Masood Azhar, the leader of the group that claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed 40 Indian paramilitary guys:

"I'm Allah made superhead. I'm an Allah predict on my surety."

What are we to think of those reverse facial speech? Here are some more of what Massod revealed from his subconscious that showed up in reverse facial speech:

"I toss you in beddie."

Though does that not sound like weap Judah in his creating terrorist sleeper shells in all terrains? Here's some more of his RS:

"Stage a tyranny true. My stupid in Pittsburgh ass my age."

As it was Pittsburgh Judah that attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads to wipe us out, and Mansoor reveals his stupid assed his age, might we read Mansoor as a Fornian Jew in a Pakistani shell?

As China, India, and Pakistan have allowed Mansoor to operate, that those the countries are controlled by hybrid transplant Fornians in their look-alike shells, might we consider that the Jew is directing Mansoor?

Are we seeing his terrorist attacks give India its right to build up its war machine and do attacks on our family living in Kashmir? Here is another reverse facial speech of Mansoor that caught Bitch attention:

"I mola-date insure-ancy."


Masood Azhar

Does that smile of Masood not look familiar enough that we can we not claim it is of Judah in love with war and fooling us?

Can we only wonder, the 40 Indian troops that died in that blast back in February what sort of insurance package was on them? The arrests, transports, and killings of our family in Kashmir the Indian Jews did using the rights generated by the attack that killed the 40 Indian soldiers. Can we only wonder what sort of insurance packages was on them?

The start of the First Jewish World war was financed by London based insurance companies. Is it not interesting to find insurance packages involved in terrorist bombings in India today?

Here is a reverse facial speech found in an Indian leader who was condemning the deadly attack upon the Indian soldiers:

"I'm bossin' temporarily; when the British go mud will tackle me."

What might that sort of an RS from an Indian leader suggest? Might it suggest the palace in London with insurance operators have planned that suicide bombing that killed the 40 Indian soldiers? Might Mansoor and Indian leaders both have fattened on insurance collections from those soldiers deaths?

But how can such things go on? Is it any other than American labor bourse that holds it all in? That is what it is. Do we see why our good God Almighty is speaking to American workers to issue our money?

Do we see it will take the deadly insurance force out and will end war in our world? Once American workers are issuing our money are we aware we will be able to clearly see the terrorist activities that are funded by the insurance sports crowd?

"Here is another thing that the Indian leader said in reverse facial speech:

"A STRIKE will kill our hatch."

Are we seeing a general STRIKE that leaves workers issuing our money will bring an end of Jewish terrorism, war and genocide on our planet?

Lockheed Martin reportedly set to build all F-16 wings in India
U.S. defense giant Lockheed Martin is moving F-16 wing production to India.
Manufacture is scheduled to begin in Hyderabad from late 2020.
India and the United States are to begin bilateral strategic talks on Thursday.

In 2016, the United States declared India a “major defense partner” and this week sees the beginning of “2+2″ dialog on strategic affairs between the two countries.

The U.S. state department’s spokesperson for South Asia, Helaena White, told CNBC via email Friday that the talks indicated a “deepening strategic partnership between the United States and India, and India’s emergence as a global power and net security provider in the region.”

India is buying 6 Jewish electricity nuclear power plants from Russia. Are we seeing the Jews are looking to nuclear blast and brimstone waste our family in India out as they tried to blast us out and are succeeding in Jewish electricity brimstone wasting us out in America?

While checking Bitch notes found this reverse facial speech from a Judee reporter that was speaking about Mansoor:

"We formed this shell for a homerun."

Are we understanding the world's terrorists are all Jews in their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells in all terrains? The home run that Mansoor was formed for. Might it be to provoke a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan?

Will American workers not help us to stop the Jewish war in our world? Will Americans not end funding the Jewish terrorism, war, and genocide?

Are we seeing how Judah is using Lockheed Martin to transfer warfighting equipment manufacturing to his hybrid transplant shells in India to build a new war machine in South Asia? Are we understanding Judah plans to use India to start a nuclear war as he used America to start a nuclear war?

Will we not turn to our good God Almighty and get the Jews genocidal machinery out of God's village on earth?
Bitch read a little of Morris Jessup's 1957 book last night, The Expanding Case For the UFO


Here is an icefall in Vermont that Morris wrote about in his book :

"In the summer of 1951, the city of Bennington, Vermont, was battered for ten minutes by large hailstones which caused much damage. In the center of each ice particle was found a bit of black metal which has completely baffled meteorologists. While the fall of ice from space does not necessarily prove the existence of UFO, it does prove the existence of vast amounts of ice and water in space, along with other miscellaneous debris. Would you agree that such materials contribute support to the case for space life? Our contention is that when an impact is noted or damage is done by something from the sky, and no object is found, there has been a fall of some volatile substance such as ice."

Are we perceiving that what Morris is showing us is evidence of communication of high-level powers that are speaking to us? What might the high-level powers be trying to tell us by dropping ice with black metal particles in it into Bennington, Vermont in 1951?

"Meta-transiliatory communication," is the term that Mercury said to Bitch years ago to describe what Bitch calls "MARKING." So what were our elders MARKING in Bennington, Vermont in 1951?

Bitch looked at that city in Vermont and was looking for evidence of industries or persons involved in the genocidal nuclear destruction of us and what did he discover?

From wiki:
There are 22 places of worship in Bennington, 21 Christian and one Jewish, and at least 18 denominations.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Bennington, Vermont (Latter-day Saints)
Congregation Beth El (Reconstructionist Judaism)
First Baptist Church of Bennington (American Baptist Churches USA)

Are we recognizing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are the sports Mormons who are collaborators with the Jews in perpetrating genocide against us?

Bitch discovered the Mormons opping through the Federal Building in downtown Chicago in the early 1990s. And the Baptist church, are we aware that is where the Rockefellers hang their hats?

So might Morris Jessup's perceptions have identified our extraterrestrial elders MARKING for us to help us close out these deadly genocidal threats to all of us?

And what are the Mormons doing today? Maybe handling court records for the Jews?

In handling court records have we not seen cases where a person is pulled over for a traffic ticket, a computer search of the driver is run and warrants show up on the driver? Have we seen where the driver is arrested on the basis of faulty warrants and only later it is discovered it was a mistake?

But those few days of eating jail food and drinking jail water and then terrible cancer the misidentified driver suffered and died from about a year later. Will workers not get involved in civics and end their sports on us here?

No rights, so no jury to decide about the error of putting an innocent guy's name up for an outstanding arrest warrant. Are we getting some idea of how the Jews and their collaborators use the courts to fool us and steal our lives?

While on the subject of courts, a court in Tennessee issued an injunction against the striking workers at General Motors.

GM granted restraining order against UAW workers in Tennessee
Michael Wayland@MIKEWAYLAND

A court in Tennessee has granted General Motors’ request for a temporary restraining order to prevent United Auto Workers members picketing outside its Spring Hill Assembly plant from blocking the entrance, among other alleged “unlawful conduct.” The 3,300 workers at the Tennessee plant are among the roughly 48,000 UAW members who have been on strike for a week.

The order follows local media reports of damaged property and run-ins with local law enforcement that have led to the reported arrests of a dozen or so union members.

After dialogue failed to stop the incidents of harassment, violence, and vandalism by a few people, we had to take necessary actions to protect everyone else.”



Bitch read some reverse speech to try and get some ideas what the management strategy is there. Here is some of what he found in RS:

"My STRIKE is going to force you into Federal because I'm dumb. I'm going to package you now for loss of image so a HUGE senti dries up. We're set here to fall you right with violence. We threat you to keep you off of a true mental aspect. Eventually what will happen is a right goose rate. It's not ever going to go back once I Fed you. Boston to Europe East easily win."

The reports of workers doing damage while picketing the GM plant there. Might we surmise that Judah has his Fornian look-alike union workers working to take the image of the workers down? Are we seeing Judah wants to Fed the workers so it never goes back?

Are workers in all occupations not seeing that it is the issue of money that workers must control if workers ever want to get a truly fair deal in all lines of work? Are we seeing there is a deeper plot in the strike at GM than just wages? Are we seeing they plan to use violence to take away the senti of the people who support workers?

Is that not precisely what they did in 1886 when they threw a bomb and shot several policemen to death in Chicago? Did that violence not set labor back? Yes, it did.

As a note, are we seeing they are using the same lying strategy with Bitch, accusing him of violence when he has used violence on nobody, it is the Jews and their terrorist collaborators in the churches and courts that have been using the violence on us here?

Can we not pray that all labor will come in now and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from the Geneva Jews and issue it yourselves?

Continues at

While this strike goes on and workers get nothing from the Geneva Jews except some paid Fornians in the ranks to deface the workers, might we see that management continue to get checks from Geneva to hold workers to a bad situation to step GM and

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