This Is Shocking - Holy Cr......
Tue Oct 1, 2019 05:26

First - Realize everything you have been told on TV, the Radio and in the Newspapers is a lie

The Federal Budget, State Budget, even your city budgets - all are lies.

the New US Treasury Department Z.1 reports states that since 2009 the US Treasury as purchased over $53 Trillion in Corporate Debt

That's $53 Trillion US Dollars - or $4.5 Trillion Per Year

Then - Another $60 Trillion In QE - that the banks have now re-invested at a 100/1 margin.

So where do you invest $6,000 Trillion Dollars?

the system has become do insane - so huger - that one little tiny computer virus and the entire system collapses - and that is what has invaded the IMF Computer as it goes insane.

This is why the New World Order wants Trump removed - they have designed an Illegal System to collapse and lead to a nuclear War and Anarchy world wide

President Trump and his Make America Great allies say NO!

So every time they try and kill him we protect him- like someone trying to fly a Commercial Airliner into trump 12 Dec and Noon this year - 12-12-12 --- THE END

As we move closer to this time the news will become more shocking, more chaotic as the Demon unleash evil upon ht world - Lucifer Trust Broadcast 10 Dec 2018

In the Lucifer Trust's latest broadcasts they discuss "Externalizing" the People form Planet Earth --- Killing Off Humanity --- so we can "Advance Spiritually."

This is going to get very exciting very fast -- so hang on and be ready folks:

VIDEO: (358) Secret Squirrel Fund Saves America Again + Intel Report - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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